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Iles Formula Hair Turban Towel Grey

4.7 of 40 reviews


4 instalments of $12.75

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4 instalments of $12.75

Or 4 instalments of $12.75 with LEARN MORE

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Dry your hair with less frizz and friction with the ILES Formula Hair Turban in Grey. This microfibre hair turban features an elasticised band for a secure fit, loop closure, and is big enough to wrap even long hair.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Frizzy hair

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Iles Formula Hair Turban Towel Grey Reviews

4.7 of 40 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

the best thing ever


everyone needs this! such a time saver and the towel material is so soft and absorbent

Most Helpful Criticism

Only okay

Not worth it/broken

I like how this keeps wet hair out of my eyes/off my back without the heaviness of wrapping it in a normal towel. I didn’t notice a change to frizz level or anything. I don’t think it was worth the price, especially as mine arrived with most of the elastic exposed.
  1. Total game changer


    Wish I had purchased one of these sooner. No more heavy, unravelling towels. Even with long and thick curly hair this stays in place and does not make my head feel weighted. Drying time is faster than regular towel and material is nice and plush even after laundering. While my long hair does fit in this wrap I will still search for one slightly longer. But overall this product has met my expectati...
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  2. the best thing ever


    everyone needs this! such a time saver and the towel material is so soft and absorbent
  3. great


    these are great for my curly hair, these help it to not get as frizzy as if I had used a normal towel
  4. Such a time saver


    So easy to use and dry hair a lot quicker when you are time poor. So glad I made the purchase!
  5. Only okay

    Not worth it/broken

    I like how this keeps wet hair out of my eyes/off my back without the heaviness of wrapping it in a normal towel. I didn’t notice a change to frizz level or anything. I don’t think it was worth the price, especially as mine arrived with most of the elastic exposed.
  6. Game Changer


    Never thought a towel would be a game changer, but if you have long thick hair you need this hair wrap! Not only does it absorb all the water from your hair, cutting down drying time (I leave my hair to dry naturally 9/10 times) it also leaves your hair so smooth. Can't fault it. Went and bought 2 more so I never have to wash my hair without one. Give it a go!
  7. Finally a decent sized hair towel


    verified purchaser
    I bought this as all the cheaper alternatives are always too small for my dense, long hair. This one doesn't come off while I'm wearing it and is super soft to the touch! I like to use this to absorb as much water from my hair before finishing off with hairdryer.
  8. Doesn't stay on


    verified purchaser
    The design of this is weird. The ends of the turban (where you would put your hair in) are elastacised down either side. So it makes it hard to twirl and button it at the front - it kind of raises at the back so that 1/3o of your hair down the bottom at the back doesn't get covered. If that makes sense..
  9. Worth it!


    So happy I finally spent money on this! I had been using another small head towel that was just made from normal towel material and making the switch to microfibre made such a difference for my hair. Less frizz, hair drying evenly and overall just a lot more comfortable and soft. Highly recommend.
  10. Worth the slurge


    verified purchaser
    I've always used a towel to wrap my hair after washing it. This Turban towel is a game changer. Its not heavy, easily secured, dries hair quickly and lets you keep getting ready without getting in the way. A little pricey but well worth it
  11. Works the way I expected it


    The turban made my hair care and skin care day very convenient. I just pop this in after shower to continue with my skin care and works wonders. Doesn't fall off and holds my long and thick hair very well.
  12. Convenient


    I have naturally curly hair that I air dry. This drys hair quicker and also keeps hair in place while it’s drying so that you can get dressed or do your make up etc. The price is pretty expensive though.
  13. Expensive BUT a lifesaver


    Yes, it's expensive for what some call 'just a towel'... BUT I've found it's really changed the texture of my hair for the better. No more roughing up my fine hair with a standard bath towel. I love that I can pop my hair in this post-shower and the button/elastic keeps it in place while I finish getting ready.
  14. Worth it!


    At first I was a bit unsure about this product, but it has seriously changed the way I feel about washing my hair. My hair is very long and fits perfect in the towel and I have noticed a significant difference with less frizz when my hair dries!
  15. Comfy and lightweight


    I'm so glad I took the plunge and splurged on this hair turban. It's so much better than using a towel to dry your hair! For starters, it doesn't feel like you have a huge weight on your head and it's heaps more absorbent than normal towel material. It's really comfy to wear too. I often wear it overnight when I've got a hair treatment working its magic, and I'm always amazed at how it protects my...
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  16. it's good


    i have a waist-length hair and it fits. i love the reusable packaging too. in term of reducing the frizz, i am not sure if i can tell (i do have a frizzy hair though).
  17. Great product


    This towel is fantastic, lightweight and seems to be helping my hair a lot. I have noticed less breakage since I started using it.
  18. Great for damaged hair!


    This is a great wa to stop me from damaging my hair by rubbing it in a towel! So easy to put on while doing makeup and starts to try hair quickly!
  19. Great towel, dodgy elastic


    Quite annoyed, I bought this and had only used it 3 times and the elastic broke. I think the towel in itself is great, helps dry my hair quicker and I noticed a lot less frizz. I just would have thought for the price that the elastic wouldn't break on me so quickly .
  20. Really enjoy using this


    I have used a cheap turban hair towel before. It was ok, I still have it and still might occasionally use it when this one is in the wash. This one is more expensive but it is heaps better.

    The shape is great. Once its secured, it just stays on. There is enough room for longer/thicker hair and the material is hefty enough to absorb quite a bit of water. In comparison, my cheaper hair...
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  21. Must buy!


    I was hesitant to buy this as other microfibre hair towels dont work well on my hair, but this one is amazing! Great quality and worked so well on my hair that is super long and holds an insane amount of water.
  22. Great for thin hair.


    Really excited to try this one out. Read the other reviews and it didn't disappoint. Dried my hair in no time and it didn't pull on my scalp, great for my fine hair.
  23. Great for hair breakage prevention!


    Stops me from rubbing my hair with a towel which ink own terrible for my hair! Can pop it on while I do my makeup without slipping!
  24. Bougie AF

    Sarah A

    Did I spend $40 on a hair turban? Yes, yes I did #joannamademedoit.

    I have super fine, super thin, super frizzy, coloured damaged hair. I’m going through the long process of getting my hair back to its natural colour and trying to get it long and luscious by momentarily avoiding heat products.
    This turban is amazing for that, simply wash your hair and pop it on. It is comforta...
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  25. Works a treat!


    After being told I shouldn't rub my hair dry with a towel, I purchased this. I have fine hair that sits just above my shoulders. I put it on straight from the shower and keep it on whilst I do my skincare. It takes out a lot of moisture and I usually just let my hair dry naturally for the rest of the night. I'm sure if I kept it on longer my hair would be dryer too.
  26. Great Investment


    This was quite expensive for a hair towel but I liked the look of it. I was not disappointed. This is an investment. It has plenty of room (still works for me with fine hair though). The elastic is thick, soft and stretchy. I particularly liked the colour. Great option instead of white. This is also thicker than other hair towels I have tried. 5 stars.
  27. The best


    Compare to the other similar product I've used for example Aquis, this one is the best and the tightest!
  28. Wonderful at drying my hair very quickly


    Love this turban, very very effective to dry my hair
  29. Love it


    I bought this after listening to one of the episodes from the podcasts. So glad I purchased it! Soaks up water from my hair and helps the frizziness as well. I have super long hair as well and it all fits!
  30. Soft


    Soaks up more moisture than others I have used. It is very soft on my hair and makes it less frizzy.
  31. Lightweight


    I have this in both colours and love how thin they are. not bulky like a traditional towel
  32. Wish I'd had this earlier


    I hate to thing about the damage I was doing to my fine, colour treated hair when I was wrapping it in a towel. This hair turban is a great way to quickly dry off all the excess moisture without putting too much stress on my hair.
  33. Convenient


    Super convenient and gets all my hair out of the way and dries it in no time. The microfibre is great because my hair doesn't look frizzy after.
  34. A must have!


    Perfect size and fits all my long hair in this towel. Cuts drying time in half!!!
  35. Quicker drying and less frizz!


    I have long thick hair that I prefer to dry naturally (which takes ages!) before using heat to style. The turban definitely speeds up the drying process and I found my hair to be less frizzy, which made for easier styling!
  36. A must for curls


    I have lots of long thick hair which curls nicely if I dry it right - the turban makes a huge difference to being able to do this naturally. When my hair is still soaking wet I liberally apply curl spray, then scrunch the water out. Pile the curls on top of my head and wrap in the turban. I leave it on for a good hour, then let my hair air dry the rest of the way. The result is curls without the f...
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  37. Highly recommended for frizzy damaged hair


    I love this! It helps dry my hair without heat which prevents the hair getting frizzy and drying out.

    I also use when I put a hair oil or treatment mask in the hair overnight.
  38. Helps with frizz


    I have very frizzy hair that is easily damaged from hair dryers, but takes a long time to dry naturally. This product allows me to dry my long hair quickly and helps minimise frizz. This has helped me save time and also helped the look of my hair after washing it.
  39. Reduces frizz


    Wrapping my hair is great to get out excess water as I just wrap the hair and leave it before using products and then drying. Reduces frizz as I’m not trying to towel dry my curly hair
  40. Better than a t-shirt

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I haven't dried my hair with a regular towel in literal years, instead I had been using an old t-shirt, as it caused less friction and frizz on my curls.

    This turban is better than a t-shirt!! For a start it actually stays on my head more easily and is simple to secure, it looks far less dumb than having a t-shirt wrapped around your head and it reduces my frizz.

    My hair ...
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  41. Yaaas

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've always wanted to try one of these turban towels and I finally got around to it with this one. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but this has changed the way I dry my hair. It's so easy to whip your wet hair into this thing, secure it away while you do your skincare and/or makeup, and it absorbs a lot of excess water from the hair (mine holds SO much water, it never dries naturally). It's much g...
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