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HydroPeptide Authentic


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Want to know what peptides really do? Here's the skinny:

AC Collagen - helps smooth the appearance of lines around the lips
Aldenine - protects against free radicals and glycation (when sugar molecules cling onto fats and proteins)
Argireline - softens the look of lines around the eyes
B-White - helps the appearance of age spots fade
Dermaxyl - improves elasticity and boosts cell communication
Eyeliss - improves elasticity, strengthens blood vessels and enhances drainage
Haloxyl - firms and tones around the eye area
Matrixyl 3000 - reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles
Myoxinol - contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals
Peptamide-6 - enriches firmness and elasticity
Perfection Peptide P3 - improves hydration and skin renewal
Proharin - improves the fullness of lashes and helps prevent a loss of pigment in hair
Regestril - helps fade discolouration and the appearance of stretch marks
Snap-8 - softens the look of lines
Sympeptide 226 - Aids with enriching keratin for fuller-looking locks
Sympeptide 235 - helps improve the look and the fullness of eyelashes and eyebrows
Syn-Ake - effectively lowers the look of forehead wrinkles and assists with tightening the face's contours
Syn-Coll - enriches the growth factor that augments collagen, resulting in lifted and smoothed wrinkles
Syn-Tacks - enhances skin cohesion, organisation and communication
Thermostressine - helps to keep skin stable against shocks of hot and code, while fighting cell stress
Trylagen - helps improve smoothness, elasticity, collagen retention and reinforcement, and the look of lines


Learn to perform a salon facial at home with Hydropeptide:

1. Begin with a Hydropeptide cleanser and tone to dissolve dirt, make-up and sweat, while minimising the look of age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. This is the essential step in a good skincare routine as pH is balanced, cell turnover is stimulated and pore size is shrunk.

2. Treat any niggles with a Hydropeptide serum. The powerful blends of botanicals and active ingredients aid with correcting fine lines, pigmentation, irritation and sagging.

3. Finish by applying a Hydropeptide moisturiser. Not only do they add hydration but help improve your skin's tone, protect against sun damage, add antioxidants and plump.


HydroPeptide Power Lift

I'm 60 and finding a moisturiser that hydrated my skin was proving difficult.... read more >>

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