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HydroPeptide is a leading medi-spa brand founded on the principles of epigenetics. The products are formulated by a team of geneticists with over 60 peptides which are gene-signalling ingredients that can influence genetic expression in the skin. Peptides send signals to genes to influence the way cells behave by “switching on” and “switching off” genes. The result is the cells act in a healthy way to deliver anti-ageing benefits.

Peptides are like little messengers telling your skin cells to behave in a certain way. Some peptides will help with microcirculation in the skin but peptides are very commonly used in skincare to boost the skin'€™s collagen production, creating more elasticity and helping to reduce the appearance of lines. Peptides are often combined with copper and this combination is particularly effective in triggering collagen production.

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HydroPeptide Makeup MeltHydroPeptide Makeup Melt
HydroPeptide Makeup Melt


Hydropeptide is the prefect makeup remover, its so smooth and smells nice too. Use it daily and love this new product
HydroPeptide Hydroactive Cleanse Micellar Facial ClothsHydroPeptide Hydroactive Cleanse Micellar Facial Cloths
HydroPeptide Hydroactive Cleanse Micellar Facial Cloths

Perfect for fragile skin

I bought these especially for removing make up while on a particularly rough course on retinol. They definitely soothe and cleanse very well but be warned - if you like your cleansing wipes sopping wet - these aren't for you. I like how they aren't, as I feel I'm not wasting product. Also, they are a little smaller than other wipes out there - but I'd still highly recommend them!
HydroPeptide Cleansing GelHydroPeptide Cleansing Gel
HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel

The Best Cleanser Ever

I have been using this cleanser for a few years, and after trying so many different cleansers, this is the one for me! I have sensitive, reactive combination skin and this gem leaves it clean, without drying my skin. A little goes a long way. It’s totally worth the price. I can’t be without it! I have one bottle ready to open as soon as I run out! Please don’t ever discontinue!!

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