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HydroPeptide has been a leader in anti-ageing peptide molecules for over a decade. Harnessing the power of messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to maintain the skin, Hydropeptide uses over 60 peptides, antioxidant-rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid for maximum benefit.
HydroPeptide is a prestigeous medical spa brand, found in prestigious spas and physicians offices. HydroPeptide aims to give flawless results, plumping and smoothing the skin.

Peptides are like little messengers telling your skin cells to behave in a certain way. Some peptides will help with microcirculation in the skin but peptides are very commonly used in skincare to boost the skin'€™s collagen production, creating more elasticity and helping to reduce the appearance of lines. Peptides are often combined with copper and this combination is particularly effective in triggering collagen production.


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16 products found
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Want to know what peptides really do? Here's the skinny:

AC Collagen - helps smooth the appearance of lines around the lips
Aldenine - protects against free radicals and glycation (when sugar molecules cling onto fats and proteins)
Argireline - softens the look of lines around the eyes
B-White - helps the appearance of age spots fade
Dermaxyl - improves elasticity and boosts cell communication
Eyeliss - improves elasticity, strengthens blood vessels and enhances drainage
Haloxyl - firms and tones around the eye area
Matrixyl 3000 - reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles
Myoxinol - contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals
Peptamide-6 - enriches firmness and elasticity
Perfection Peptide P3 - improves hydration and skin renewal
Proharin - improves the fullness of lashes and helps prevent a loss of pigment in hair
Regestril - helps fade discolouration and the appearance of stretch marks
Snap-8 - softens the look of lines
Sympeptide 226 - Aids with enriching keratin for fuller-looking locks
Sympeptide 235 - helps improve the look and the fullness of eyelashes and eyebrows
Syn-Ake - effectively lowers the look of forehead wrinkles and assists with tightening the face's contours
Syn-Coll - enriches the growth factor that augments collagen, resulting in lifted and smoothed wrinkles
Syn-Tacks - enhances skin cohesion, organisation and communication
Thermostressine - helps to keep skin stable against shocks of hot and code, while fighting cell stress
Trylagen - helps improve smoothness, elasticity, collagen retention and reinforcement, and the look of lines


Learn to perform a salon facial at home with Hydropeptide:

1. Begin with a Hydropeptide cleanser and tone to dissolve dirt, make-up and sweat, while minimising the look of age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. This is the essential step in a good skincare routine as pH is balanced, cell turnover is stimulated and pore size is shrunk.

2. Treat any niggles with a Hydropeptide serum. The powerful blends of botanicals and active ingredients aid with correcting fine lines, pigmentation, irritation and sagging.

3. Finish by applying a Hydropeptide moisturiser. Not only do they add hydration but help improve your skin's tone, protect against sun damage, add antioxidants and plump.


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