Which Ingredients Will Help My Hair Grow?

When it comes to hair-growth products, there are no guarantees. But the following ingredients can increase the likelihood that such a product will work.

Hair loss can be profoundly demoralising, affecting your self-esteem and perhaps even your relationships. Whether or not a given hair-regrowth product will work is largely dependent upon the cause of your hair loss.

Once you understand why your hair is thinning, you can make an informed product choice. Below, you can explore several ingredients that combat different types of hair loss.


Which Ingredients Will Help My Hair Grow?

Minoxidil Is Your Best Option for Reversing Hair Loss

Minoxidil is one of the best-known hair-loss treatments. Famously sold under the brand name Rogaine, this drug has been around for more than three decades. Originally intended for male pattern baldness, minoxidil has also shown promise in treating other forms of hair loss.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of minoxidil, but this topical treatment won't work for everyone. If you don't see results within 4 to 6 months of treatment, it's time to try a different approach.

Oils Nourish the Scalp and Hair

Most natural oils lubricate the scalp and hair shaft. Oils will not combat male and female pattern baldness, but they can improve the health of your scalp and hair, creating the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

If you frequently bleach, relax, or perm your hair, your hair is likely dry and damaged. Oils such as argan and jojoba can restore moisture without weighing down your mane. Kérastase Elixir Ultime is a great option for anyone new to hair oils.


Which Ingredients Will Help My Hair Grow?


Keratin Strengthens Hair to Reduce Breakage

Keratin is a natural hair protein, the loss of which can produce breakage, damage, and bald spots. Keratin will not treat pattern baldness or medication-induced hair loss.

But if you want your hair to grow longer and healthier, give keratin-based products a try. Terax Crema + Keratin Original Reparative Daily Conditioner can steadily strengthen your hair shaft, offering longer growth and increasing thickness.

Biotin Supplements Can Stimulate Hair Growth

Biotin, a B-complex vitamin (B7), has been linked to improved hair and nail growth, particularly when taken with zinc. Topical application of biotin won't do your hair much good, but biotin-based supplements can work wonders. Try Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Supplement to enhanced your hair.

Caffeine May Wake Up Your Scalp Too

Caffeine doesn't just stimulate your mind and get you out of bed in the morning. This drug might also improve hair growth. Though research is in its infancy, early studies on the hair-thickening powers of caffeine are promising.

Topical application of caffeine has shown real promise for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness. Give Nioxin Diaboost a try if you want to see what caffeine can do for your scalp.


Derivatives of niacin, a B-complex vitamin (B3), may help boost hair growth, combatting a range of hair loss causes when applied topically. Studies have shown statistically significant increases in hair growth with the use of niacin derivatives.


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