The 5 Best Toners For Blonde Hair 2019

Ensure your blonde locks stay luminous with the best hair toners to diminish unwanted brassy hues.

Whether you’re a natural blonde or you’ve had help from a bottle, using the right products for your locks is vital. Products for blonde hair can make the difference between a haystack and a bright and enviable do that’s full of radiance.

Blonde hair—especially processed blonde hair—is prone to brassiness and unwanted orange tones. Using a toner not only helps eliminate this discolouration but also ensures that your tresses remain vivid and healthy. Including a toner in your haircare routine is the best way to keep blonde hair looking fresh. At the same time, the right toner protects vulnerable, colour-treated locks from environmental aggressors, which can cause further damage.

A Toning Conditioner to Neutralise Brassiness, Soften and Amplify Blonde Locks

Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Intensifying Conditioner has a lightweight yet nourishing formula that’s suitable for all hair types. Fabuloso provides maximum hydration without ever weighing the hair down.

evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Intensifying Conditioner 220ml Tube

evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Intensifying Conditioner 220ml Tube is the perfect second step in your daily blonde hair care routine. After shampooing, reach for this nourishing, softening, and deeply hydrating conditioner specifically formulated for blonde hair. Evo Fabuloso in Platinum Blonde will eliminate brassy and unwanted tones while amplifying vitality in blonde locks.

This rich and emollient conditioner is formulated with rich purple pigments, which help neutralisation discolouration while promoting a crisp and clean finish to natural or dyed platinum blonde locks. evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Intensifying Conditioner 220ml Tube is also infused with Panthenol to smooth hair and manage frizz. Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil provide both instant and long-lasting hydration while strengthening vulnerable tresses.

A Professional-Strength Toning Shampoo to Remove Brassy and Yellow Tones

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and textures and is best for platinum blonde hair. It can also be used on grey and ageing hair to restore vitality.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - 350ml

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is a cult favourite haircare product, known and loved for removing unwanted brassy and yellow tones quickly and effectively from blonde hair. A high-potency formulation with strong violent pigments, this shampoo delivers instant results to brighten bleached and lightened hair, particularly between salon visits.

Fanola’s high-performance shampoo uses ultra-strong violet pigments to neutralise yellow and brassy tones, which can form when bleaching hair. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo leaves locks with a cool, ashy tone for a brighter and more luminous look. This nourishing treatment shampoo has also been infused with Hydrolysed Silk, which imparts a soft and smooth finish to hair, taming flyaways and frizz.

A Silicone-Free, Post-Shampoo Treatment to Refresh Cool Blonde Hues

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm is suitable for all hair types. Use it after every 2 to 3 washes, depending on your hair porosity. Instantly, cool blonde tones are revitalised, and hair is full of life and lustre.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm - Cool Blonde

Enjoy that ‘just-coloured’ feeling all the time. Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm - Cool Blonde has been specifically designed with bleached and lightened hair in mind. This conditioning treatment for blonde hair works to maintain and restore vibrancy between salon visits. Eliminating brassy, yellow, and other unwanted discolourations, this post-shampoo treatment refreshes platinum and cool tones for a brighter finish.

Shu Uemura’s silicone-free conditioning treatment is expertly infused with Linseed Oil. Linseed has been used for centuries by master painters to prolong the durability of paint pigments. Working in a similar way, the Linseed Oil in this product restores colour and provides an even shade revival on each individual hair fibre for a unified finish.

A 3-in-1 Haircare Cocktail to Recolour, Nourish and Repair Colour-Treated Hair

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in 1002 White Platinum can be used on all hair types. Apply the product as a hair mask to washed and towel-dried hair.

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème - 1002 White Platinum 270ml

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in 1002 White Platinum is a revolutionary and innovative hair treatment that provides all-around care to bleached and lightened hair. A rich and emollient formulation, this treatment helps:

  • Restore colour vitality

  • Eliminate unwanted brassy tones

  • Add softness and shine to lacklustre locks

  • Repair damage and rejuvenate lifeless strands

  • Provide long lasting hydration and nourishment

The perfect treatment to completely restore tresses, Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in 1002 White Platinum is ideal for using between salon visits to maintain a healthy blonde do.

This nourishing hair treatment is enriched with high concentrations of Ionic Pigments, which instantly interact with hair to reduce static and retain moisture. These pigments also add colour and sheen. So, whether you want to neutralise unwanted brassy hues or add a new tone, this treatment is the perfect way to enjoy uniform and fresh colour. This treatment from Revlon Professional also contains a blend of Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids, which work together to hydrate, soften, and detangle hair without weighing it down.

An Intensive Purple Toning Mask to Restore, Protect and Hydrate

Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet is suitable for all hair types and textures. Apply as a weekly treatment or whenever toning is needed.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet 200ml

Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet is a weekly hair mask designed with blonde, bleached, lightened, and grey hair in mind. Working to instantly eliminate yellow and brassy tones within the hair, the mask helps brighten and revitalise locks for a cool and ashy finish. Bursting with nourishing hydrators and antioxidants, this treatment also moisturises and protects vulnerable locks from environmental aggressors.

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring acid known to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, this deeply hydrating mask leaves hair feeling healthy and soft, and looking lustrous. Kérastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet also contains antioxidant-rich Edelweiss Flower, which works to protect hair from harsh environmental aggressors—particularly important for colour-treated and already damaged hair.