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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - 350ml 350ml

4.4 of 147 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo sets the standard for fast and effective toning shampoos. A cult favourite, this professional-strength shampoo quickly and easily removes yellow or brassy tones from bleached and lightened hair. Ideal for maintaining your perfect blonde in between salon visits.
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What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)
  • Dull, lacking shine

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - 350ml Reviews

4.4 of 147 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best toner!


I have fine curly hair so it’s prone to drying out. I reached out to the company themselves and they recommended to mix it with my regular shampoo instead of just using that it still tones beautifully, I never come out looking purple. And best of all doesn’t dry my hair out!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing spectacular...

L'il Miss Misfit

I bought this with really high hopes due to the positive reviews but compared to my other purple shampoos, this sadly wasn't really "WOW". I don't dislike it per se, it did help with curbing brassiness and maintaining an ash-y tone but it didn't perform any better than the Provoke Touch of Silver or John Freida purple shampoos which I have used previously. If anything, I was rather turned off by the weird smell in the shampoo.
  1. Effective but a bit drying


    My hair is ashy grey and I was recommended this shampoo by my hair dresser. It's been good so far but it can be a bit drying; so make sure you invest in a good conditioner and hair mask!
  2. Amazing


    Tones my blonde highlights nicely. It is a bit drying though so I follow it up with the restructuring mask.
  3. nothing special

    Kylie Deng

    my hair was blue grey, it is going to green and yellow after using it four times, nothing special , no effect on my hair, but like the smell and not dry
  4. Okay


    Not sure if its the shampoo or my damaged hair but i wish it would lather better. I have to mix with my normal shampoo so i feel like its actually cleaning my scalp. Otherwise, its okay, the colour is fading and my normal bleached hair is reappearing to a more ashy colour
  5. Best toner!


    I have fine curly hair so it’s prone to drying out. I reached out to the company themselves and they recommended to mix it with my regular shampoo instead of just using that it still tones beautifully, I never come out looking purple. And best of all doesn’t dry my hair out!
  6. Blonde must have


    I’ve used this shampoo religiously for years. I alternate with normal shampoo and this shampoo. Unlike all other blonde shampoo I’ve used this suds up meaning I don’t need to use bucketloads to cover my hair. Love it, the only blonde shampoo I will purchase
  7. Blonde must have


    I’ve used this shampoo religiously for years. I alternate with normal shampoo and this shampoo. Unlike all other blonde shampoo I’ve used this suds up meaning I don’t need to use bucketloads to cover my hair. Love it, the only blonde shampoo I will purchase
  8. Nothing beats this


    I have been bleaching my hair for the past couple of years, and since my hair is naturally quite dark, it gets quite brassy over time.

    This is a stunning product. It completely eliminates all brassy tones, and it does not dry up my hair like other products do. I am in love. The longer you leave it on, the more "brass" it kills. I will always buy this.
  9. Drying but gets rid of brassy tones


    This isn't my favourite purple shampoo because it can be so drying on my already dry bleached hair, but it really does get rid of any orange and yellow tones in my hair.
  10. one of my favourites


    absolutely does its job! completely eliminates any brassy tones in my hair even though it's bleached and had brown colour in before which left me ginger.
  11. Best purple shampoo


    Most definitely the best purple shampoo I’ve used. I have black Asian hair which easily turns coppery when bleached, but this shampoo keeps those orange tones at bay. A little drying though!
  12. Most effective purple shampoo


    Yes this is drying. But when used sparingly only when your colour needs a refresh, and used with other hydrating products, it is one of the most effective purple shampoos. I have tried many and this is the only one that works.
  13. Hands down best purple shampoo


    On purple shampoo I will ever use. Tried many others and this is the only one that doesn’t turn my blonde hair purple (I have basically bleach blonde hair)
    It is abit drying but I’ve found, the ones that do the job you want are usually drying. Easy fix with a nice leave on treatment or a good conditioner.
    This product has never caused damage to my hair.
  14. La la love!


    One of the best , little goes a long way !!
  15. Not what I expected


    I had such high hopes for that product but the only thing it did was to deeply dry my hair. Very disappointing.
  16. good product


    i used on my newly bleached grey hair, takes the yellow part away but not much lather...
  17. Great toner!


    I prefer the vegan version of this, I have curly hair and found this to be quite drying on my hair, however, it tones beautifully. I diluted this product with a cleanser to make it a bit more gentle so i could leave it on for longer.
  18. Blond


    I like this shampoo u can’t actually see different shade after one wash but makes hair bit dry so good idea used some hydration hair mask after
  19. No yellow at all!


    I love this purple shampoo. Have been using it for over a year now for my balayage coloured hair, and I use it every second time I wash my hair. It's kept my hair free of the yucky yellow/orange tinge, even through this pandemic without access to a hairdresser for months! I haven't had my balayage done since at least 6 months ago, and my hair colour is still looking fantastic, all thanks to this s...
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  20. Love it so far


    Best toner shampoo for keeping your blonde tones looking there best. I had ran out and my hair was super yellow. First use toned it down a lot and I use this to maintain my colour. Highly recommend
  21. Good purple shampoo


    I use this once or twice a week and my hair is definitly on the more ashy/cool tone side. I really like the colour it makes my hair, however it is quite drying and i feel like I need to use hair masks a lot more regularly.
  22. Brassy Balayage

    Marissa De

    This was recommended to me by one of my blonde clients, its good!! So good that my hairdresser had to tell me to chill out on using it because i was toning my hair to the point of Ash blonde lol
    Maybe use once a week to prevent or remove any brassy blonde you may have... can stain hands too FYI :p
  23. Bye Bye Brassy Tones


    Recommended by my hairdresser to use in between sessions. Really love it, does dry out hair a bit so you need a good moisturing conditioner. I use it twice a week for best results.
  24. Literally says what it does... NO YELLOW


    Nothing will tone your hair the way Fanola does.. I do recommend mixing with conditioner to dilute a little as it is STRONG, but worth it!!
  25. Drying but worth it!


    I use this shampoo as a toner only. Although it drys my hair out tremendously, it gets me a beautiful ashy blonde that makes it all worth it! As long as you have a hydrating conditioner, this is your bestfriend!
  26. Not sold


    I was so excited to try this but in all honesty, it made my hair feel like straw after one use. Very drying :( It did take the brassy tones out of my hair hence the 3 stars, but I discontinued using it once I realised how brittle my hair had become.
  27. Perfect for blondes

    Laura W

    THIS WILL STAIN YOUR NAILS AND FINGERS!!!! Ok, now we've got that out of the way, this shampoo is amazing. I use it once a week with an extra moisturising hair mask because it will leave your hair a little bit dry.. Perfect for hair that's getting brassy.
  28. Perfect solution to coppery hair


    Be careful because this can stain your nails and fingers purple! this shampoo is excellent though, really gets rid of brassiness and orangeness and clarifies your scalp super well. Perfect for hair thats turning coppery.
  29. only shampoo for me!


    keeps my hair really blonde between appointments! my hairdresser is always impressed with how I've managed to keep the tone
  30. the best


    This stuff is the absolute best. I don't use anything else on my blonde and I love the violet sheen I get if I leave it in for a few minutes
  31. amazing


    I was really skeptical about this product after seeing a lot of ads for it on facebook. I assumed it was a gimmick and saw many reviews saying it left their hair dry. However, after trying it this is the best blonde shampoo i've ever used. It really tones out all the yellow and leaves my blonde much cleaner. Personally i haven't found it to be drying but I do use my usual hydrating shampoo, condit...
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  32. No yellow


    This is the best purple shampoo I have used for this price, it’s such a high quality and leaves my hair with no yellow tones
  33. Best purple shampoo


    Love this. Best toning shampoo I have used and I have used many - leave on for varying amounts of time depending on how much tone you need. It is very drying but you only need to use it every now and then.
  34. found this to be drying


    I found this really drying on my hair, make sure to have a good conditioner
  35. Amazing shampoo/toner


    Does amazing at toning blonde hair but don't leave it in for too long if you don't want silver/purple tones.
  36. Good but not worth the hype


    Fanola was another hyped up no brassy tones blonde shampoo. sadly for me it wasn't that jaw dropping. I found it very drying and didn't really work on my brassy tones.
  37. Purple Shampoo


    It does the job and smells good. But it is EXTREMELY DRYING.
    I would only recommend if you really need to neutralise brassy tones. The purple pigment is very rich and will do just that. But it will compromise the moisture of your hair and dry it out. Use a very rich moisture mask after using.
  38. Too pigmented and drying


    I have bleached blonde hair, normally I prefer my hair to be pearl-toned as it looks brighter on my skin and suits me better, and I avoid heavy ashy/silver tone as it makes my platinum look dull and dark. I bought the Fanola No Yellow shampoo because my colourist recommended using it on my roots, where it's a bit more yellow and I have some banding, on dry hair and leaving for 5 mins. It does help...
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  39. Nothing spectacular...

    L'il Miss Misfit

    I bought this with really high hopes due to the positive reviews but compared to my other purple shampoos, this sadly wasn't really "WOW". I don't dislike it per se, it did help with curbing brassiness and maintaining an ash-y tone but it didn't perform any better than the Provoke Touch of Silver or John Freida purple shampoos which I have used previously. If anything, I was rather turned off by t...
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  40. Drying and makes hair dull looking


    It is the worse purple shampoo I have tried. Yes it does remove the brasiness but it will make your hair very dull, dry and horrible
  41. You won't need toner as often

    Keeps blonde blonde

    It's a good shampoo for blondes it's extremely purple and your fingers and nails will go purple for but it doesn't last don't worry.
  42. Amazing


    I really love this to remove any brassiness from my hair. This is the best toning shampoo on the market and the most concentrated by far! Highly recommend!
  43. Platinum


    Really great for blonde hair!
  44. Love it


    I have only used this product twice and my hair is already significantly less brassy. I couldn't recommend it more for toning brassy or yellow hair! The only downside is that it can be quite drying, so you might need a good treatment to use afterwards.
  45. Perfect


    Silvery blonde instead of ‘grandma purple rinse’
    This stuff is magic, it’s a sophisticated toner and it’s impossible to overtone with. I have level 10 blonde hair and it doesn’t dry my hair out, I do use good quality conditioners and leave in oils though.
  46. Amazing value


    I bought this after my hair went quite yellow from dying it blonde at home and it's really helped get the brassy tones out in a short amount of time as well as lighten my hair colour. I'm really happy about the price too.
  47. Super effective but a little drying


    This shampoo is super effective at reducing brassy tones (maybe too effective - be careful not to leave it in for too long!). It leaves my hair a little bit dry after use but nothing a deep condition/mask can't fix. The temporary dryness is a small price to pay for the amazing toning effects!
  48. Great for toning, but quite drying


    All in all I would recommend this product however it took a few washes to work out exactly how to use it with my hair. I find that I need to use a normal shampoo first, then leave this shampoo in for 5-8 mins before using an extra hydrating treatment. If I don't use normal shampoo first, I find that the fanola shampoo doesn't clean my roots well enough, often leaving me with greasy roots and dried...
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  49. not a fan


    I was recommended this by a friend after lightening my hair from brunette however I did not read that it is not sulfate free. After using this my hair became very dry. As my hair is quite fine I found that I needed to use a heavy treatment after. I now use mr smith blond shampoo which has a nicer affect. This product may work for some however it just did not agree with my hair
  50. Best Purple shampoo


    The shampoo is quite strong but since I got my hair dyed and it had orange and yellow in it the purple shampoo has helped
  51. Works, but is a bit drying


    This shampoo works well at toning hair, but is a bit drying. If you have dry and/or damaged hair, I'd recommend the mask instead. It's a bit more expensive, but works really well and is hydrating.
  52. Love it!


    I am blonde and I really dislike gold tones in my hair, so this works wonders for my hair.
    I only use a small amount each time and don't leave it in too long before rinsing out.
    It does leave my hair quite knotty and dry, but overall am happy with the results.
  53. Best toner !


    This product is definitely drying and I already have dry chemically treated hair. I use this and then a hydrating conditioner followed by olaplex 3. I swear by this! It definitely removes alllll yellow tones !
  54. Good product


    Recently went lighter with my hair and was recommended this product and it works pretty well. I had jet black dyed hair so it didn’t go a nice blonde at first and until I have my next appointment this product has definitely cooled it down a lot! Recommend.
  55. Amazing toner


    Removes brassy yellow tones from hair and leaves a fresh blonde crisp colour! I like that it doesnt dry my hair out and works without having to leave it on for too long.
  56. Amazing


    An amazing shampoo that tones my hair like I have just walked out of the salon getting my hair done. It does dry out hair a little but I use Revlon Uniqone spray that hydrates my hair well.
  57. this really works


    this really does work and gets rid of brassy tones. Only downside is that it is drying, but most purple shampoos seem to be like that.
  58. Slightly dry but tones well


    Left my hair slightly dry but tones my hair well
  59. i think its the best just some problems..


    look i live by this shampoo its amazing! it does everything you could ever ask for for blonde hair. but it does dye your hands purple for a little bit and does dry out the hair but that can be easily fixed with a hydrating conditioner.
  60. Very drying but does the job

    Bella J

    I have dyed blonde and long hair and this shampoo is very drying as it is so extreme however if it is used only every so often it works well and ensures my blonde is looking nice. It is good quality for the price.
  61. Best toner I have ever used

    Laura w

    As far as toners in shampoos go this is one of the best ones I’ve used. Its my #1! My holy grail!!! Though it will stain your hands it usually washes off after a busy few days..
    It gets rid of unwanted brassy tones, be careful though as it can leave your hair dry and I would recommend using a hair mask after to give your hair a nice moisturised hug.
  62. Bye Bye Brassiness


    My go to purple shampoo for sustaining a clean fresh blonde ! I find i only need to leave it on for 5 -6 mins max or my end can become dry. This product has halved the amount of salon appointment i make each year. Would recommend to anyone who battles with brassy tones.
  63. A great toner


    As far as toners in shampoos go this is one of the best ones I’ve used. It will stain the crap out of your hands and under your nails for a good few days so I suggest you wear gloves. It really helps unwanted brassy tones, be careful not to leave it on too long though or you made end up with silver or purple hair
  64. Leaves my hair a bit dry


    This is great for toning blonder, by far the best I’ve come across so far, but it does leave my hair quite dry so I follow with a super nourishing conditioner. Will stain your hands too!
  65. Works really well


    This shampoo works really well to keep the cool tones in my blonde hair for longer. Just be wary that it is very very purple and can stain towels and shower curtains if you're not careful
  66. Not my favourite


    I love the colour this shampoo gives and you don’t have to leave it on long but I can’t help but notice how much drier my hair is after using and I don’t get that with all purple shampoos. Probably wouldn’t repurchase.
  67. Love!


    Great blonde shampoo for toning. Use once a week to keep my colour as I like it
  68. Bye bye brassiness!


    Works amazing on my Asian hair - I left it in for 5 minutes and it got rid of all the yellow-orange tones in my balayage! I do find it a bit drying however
  69. great strong purple shampoo


    This shampoo tones hair really well and removes brassiness. One of the strongest purple shampoos I have tried. I do however find it leaves my hair feeling dry
  70. Good


    good product, leaves hair well toned and healthy.
  71. Best


    One of the best shampoos for highlighted hair and I have used almost all of them. I have thick,wavy hair and it doesn't dry them out and does a fantastic job at toning.
  72. A blondes best friend


    I have naturally dark hair that is bleached. This shampoo takes out any trace of yellow. I even put it in dry hair before showering for an hour and it will tone it ash! I also have fine hair so I do find it a bit drying but I rotate with a treatment shampoo which works for my hair perfectly. Will never use any other purple shampoo.
  73. Best Blonde Shampoo


    Really love this product, only a little bit immediately changes the color of your hair! I've used heaps of different purple shampoos and would only ever use this one now. Delivery was also amazing, received a free mini mascara and a Tim Tam with my order which made me a very happy gal
  74. great toner


    I use this shampoo once a week to keep my hair free from brassy and yellow tones. I only need to use it once a week and I use half this and half normal shampoo. this bottles lasts me forever. definately worth the money !
  75. Left my hair dry


    Great pigment and toning but for me, it left my hair feeling dry. Not my favourite purple shampoo.
  76. Blondes best friend


    Would not use any other purple shampoo. Keeps my hair fresh and toned between salon visits
  77. Very strong!


    The first few times I used this I couldn't understand why my hair kept turning purple! I later figured out that my hair takes this very well so I can only leave it on for 2-3 minutes max. It is amazing at toning blonde hair (not so much for brassy orange hair). I saved so much money by not having to go back to the hairdressers to get my hair toned too!
  78. Fresh blonde


    Keeps my hair looking fresh and blonde without the yellow tones in between colours
  79. Works!


    This blonde shampoo definitely reduces brassy tones in hair. It has a bit of a chemically smell and can stain any patches of dry skin I have on my hands. I am ruined for all other purple shampoos after using this, as none of them do as well! Can be pretty drying but using a leave in conditioner sorts it out.
  80. Best Blonde Shampoo


    I bought this as a gift for a friend. I have used it in the past and know how well it works. Super pigmented. Removed those yellow tones that appear between appointments
  81. A Very Good Toner


    Works very well but you need to scrub your hands after because they will be purple. I wouldn't leave it on too long either, 2-3 mins max.
  82. Goodbye yellow!


    I have tried numerous purple, toning shampoos and always come back to Fanola. This is definitely the most effective purple shampoo I have used, in terms of removing yellow, and lightening my blonde. The main downfall is how drying the product is, if used too regularly. In order to balance this, I use Moroccan Repair shampoo first, followed by Fanola. Sometimes I mix Fanola 50/50 with Moroccan Repa...
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  83. Lifesaver


    Such a good purple shampoo to upkeep the perfect blonde. It is pretty pigmented so be careful how long you leave it in for! I would definitely recommend
  84. Great for Blonde Hair


    This is a great product for Blonde hair works fantastic
  85. Very strong with great results but be careful


    This stuff really does get rid of brassiness, but if your hair is really light then you must be careful not to leave it in your hair too long. Your hair may get a slight purple tinge and it also stains skin fairly easily. Otherwise the product is great although it smells a bit yucky and makes my hair dry and feels like it strips the natural oils, however I just follow up with a nice mask and condi...
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  86. No brass ever!!!


    Have been using this product for a year now and I’m never turning back. I have been trying to grow my hair out so I’ve stopped getting my hair dyed, this shampoo has managed to maintain my blonde locks. I love it!
  87. Goodbye brassy hair


    I have gone blonde recently and still have some brassy-ness coming through. I have previously used this product when I was fully blonde and love hair it removes any unwanted brass or yellow tones from my hair in one go. Just make sure to not leave it in the hair too long as your hair will go purple. Can dry your hair a bit so make sure to use a strong protein and nourishing conditioner after.
  88. Great


    I purchased this product because of a recommendation made to me by my hair dresser. After using it for a couple of weeks now I really can't fault it. It leaves my blonde coloured locks looking so much more fresh and less brassy.
    I only use it every couple of washes when I feel like my colour needs a pick me up. I don't leave it on my hair for more than a minute or two. You really only need a...
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  89. Perfect colour


    This is so easy to incorporate into my hair wading regime being a shampoo and produces the most natural looking creamy blonde. It is a bit drying though on my bleached hair so I have to mix it with my normal shampoo.
  90. Brassy Tones Be Gone!


    This shampoo is great for toning out any brassy or golden tones however be careful not to over use as the hair may be overtone and look dull with a blue/purple tone. All in all good product and value for its price!
  91. This is it! Stop looking for the best...you’ve found it!


    I’ve used sooooo many blond toning shampoos/ conditioners and this is by far the ultimate. I would maybe wear gloves while applying next time because I have still slightly purplish hands/nails two days later. But Fenola is the best. Completely got rid of my yellow/ orange tones. I recommend this shampoo 11/10!!! The Best!!!
  92. Hands down the best toner!


    Stop looking, this is the dream purple shampoo for blondes! I’ve used them all and nothing’s works as effectively as this one!
  93. Great product ... when used properly


    Backstory: I was tried this product when a lady at a hair product retailer told me bluntly that my hair was kind of "brassy". She was right.

    First off, what's good about it: it's very good value. It took me the best part of a year to finish and I am not frugal with hair products. It deposits a decent amount of pigment and is therefore a relatively low cost, effective treatment to k...
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  94. Works, but don't leave in too long!


    This stuff does work. However, with my hair if I leave it in any longer than around 2 minutes it leaves purple patches in my hair.
  95. Works, but harsh.


    This shampoo does what it says it will do, however I found it very drying and harsh on my hair. I know a lot of other people like it however wasn’t for me.
  96. Very strong toner!


    I used this to prolong my colour for up to 2 years without having to tone it! My hair is black but I have balayage with lighter blonde tips. The only issue was that if I left it in for too long, my hair would go purple, despite my tips being not that light! I can't imagine how purple platinum blonde hair would go if you left this in! It can also be quite drying so definitely follow it up with a hy...
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  97. Best Purple Shampoo


    I was a Fudge addict until I bought Fanola when my local hairdresser made the switch. Fanola does not stain my hair purple and works much faster than any other purple shampoo I have tried without drying out my hair! Would recommend for girls who prefer a grey toned blonde. I wash my hair with this for every wash to keep my hair nice and ashy.
  98. The best for blonde hair!


    This shampoo is so so amazing! I recently got my hair died blonde and this shampoo is the only one that gets rid of all the yellow tones and keeps it looking blonde. It does dry out the hair a little so you have to make sure you are using a very hydrating conditioner after. Definitely recommend
  99. Quite a strong toning shampoo


    I'll start this off by saying - all in all its a good blonde shampoo.

    Now, for the nitty gritty... This shampoo is quite drying but if used sparingly and using a good treatment mask on your hair once a week, it should be fine. I use an ordinary shampoo first, then use Fanola + my normal shampoo 50/50 for the second cleanse. Fanola is strong enough to tone my hair really well despite ...
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  100. Not for darker blondes


    This shampoo is super pigmented, however it just didn’t work for the darker yellow I had. I had to use it on dry hair for half an hour to see any sort of result but it wasn’t a long term shampoo for me unfortunately. I gave it to my friend who is a pale blonde and it worked great for her so 4 stars.
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