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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - 350ml 350ml

4.5 of 98 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.98

Or 4 instalments of $5.98 with LEARN MORE

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo sets the standard for fast and effective toning shampoos. A cult favourite, this professional-strength shampoo quickly and easily removes yellow or brassy tones from bleached and lightened hair. Ideal for maintaining your perfect blonde in between salon visits.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)
  • Dull, lacking shine

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4.5 of 98 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it!


I am blonde and I really dislike gold tones in my hair, so this works wonders for my hair.
I only use a small amount each time and don't leave it in too long before rinsing out.
It does leave my hair quite knotty and dry, but overall am happy with the results.

Most Helpful Criticism

Slightly dry but tones well


Left my hair slightly dry but tones my hair well
  1. Works, but is a bit drying


    This shampoo works well at toning hair, but is a bit drying. If you have dry and/or damaged hair, I'd recommend the mask instead. It's a bit more expensive, but works really well and is hydrating.
  2. Love it!


    I am blonde and I really dislike gold tones in my hair, so this works wonders for my hair.
    I only use a small amount each time and don't leave it in too long before rinsing out.
    It does leave my hair quite knotty and dry, but overall am happy with the results.
  3. Best toner !


    This product is definitely drying and I already have dry chemically treated hair. I use this and then a hydrating conditioner followed by olaplex 3. I swear by this! It definitely removes alllll yellow tones !
  4. Good product


    Recently went lighter with my hair and was recommended this product and it works pretty well. I had jet black dyed hair so it didn’t go a nice blonde at first and until I have my next appointment this product has definitely cooled it down a lot! Recommend.
  5. Amazing toner


    Removes brassy yellow tones from hair and leaves a fresh blonde crisp colour! I like that it doesnt dry my hair out and works without having to leave it on for too long.
  6. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    An amazing shampoo that tones my hair like I have just walked out of the salon getting my hair done. It does dry out hair a little but I use Revlon Uniqone spray that hydrates my hair well.
  7. this really works


    this really does work and gets rid of brassy tones. Only downside is that it is drying, but most purple shampoos seem to be like that.
  8. Slightly dry but tones well


    Left my hair slightly dry but tones my hair well
  9. i think its the best just some problems..


    look i live by this shampoo its amazing! it does everything you could ever ask for for blonde hair. but it does dye your hands purple for a little bit and does dry out the hair but that can be easily fixed with a hydrating conditioner.
  10. Very drying but does the job

    Bella J

    I have dyed blonde and long hair and this shampoo is very drying as it is so extreme however if it is used only every so often it works well and ensures my blonde is looking nice. It is good quality for the price.
  11. Best toner I have ever used

    Laura w

    As far as toners in shampoos go this is one of the best ones I’ve used. Its my #1! My holy grail!!! Though it will stain your hands it usually washes off after a busy few days..
    It gets rid of unwanted brassy tones, be careful though as it can leave your hair dry and I would recommend using a hair mask after to give your hair a nice moisturised hug.
  12. Bye Bye Brassiness


    My go to purple shampoo for sustaining a clean fresh blonde ! I find i only need to leave it on for 5 -6 mins max or my end can become dry. This product has halved the amount of salon appointment i make each year. Would recommend to anyone who battles with brassy tones.
  13. A great toner


    As far as toners in shampoos go this is one of the best ones I’ve used. It will stain the crap out of your hands and under your nails for a good few days so I suggest you wear gloves. It really helps unwanted brassy tones, be careful not to leave it on too long though or you made end up with silver or purple hair
  14. Leaves my hair a bit dry


    This is great for toning blonder, by far the best I’ve come across so far, but it does leave my hair quite dry so I follow with a super nourishing conditioner. Will stain your hands too!
  15. Works really well


    This shampoo works really well to keep the cool tones in my blonde hair for longer. Just be wary that it is very very purple and can stain towels and shower curtains if you're not careful
  16. Not my favourite


    I love the colour this shampoo gives and you don’t have to leave it on long but I can’t help but notice how much drier my hair is after using and I don’t get that with all purple shampoos. Probably wouldn’t repurchase.
  17. Love!


    Great blonde shampoo for toning. Use once a week to keep my colour as I like it
  18. Bye bye brassiness!


    Works amazing on my Asian hair - I left it in for 5 minutes and it got rid of all the yellow-orange tones in my balayage! I do find it a bit drying however
  19. great strong purple shampoo


    This shampoo tones hair really well and removes brassiness. One of the strongest purple shampoos I have tried. I do however find it leaves my hair feeling dry
  20. Best


    One of the best shampoos for highlighted hair and I have used almost all of them. I have thick,wavy hair and it doesn't dry them out and does a fantastic job at toning.
  21. A blondes best friend


    I have naturally dark hair that is bleached. This shampoo takes out any trace of yellow. I even put it in dry hair before showering for an hour and it will tone it ash! I also have fine hair so I do find it a bit drying but I rotate with a treatment shampoo which works for my hair perfectly. Will never use any other purple shampoo.
  22. Best Blonde Shampoo


    Really love this product, only a little bit immediately changes the color of your hair! I've used heaps of different purple shampoos and would only ever use this one now. Delivery was also amazing, received a free mini mascara and a Tim Tam with my order which made me a very happy gal
  23. great toner


    I use this shampoo once a week to keep my hair free from brassy and yellow tones. I only need to use it once a week and I use half this and half normal shampoo. this bottles lasts me forever. definately worth the money !
  24. Left my hair dry


    Great pigment and toning but for me, it left my hair feeling dry. Not my favourite purple shampoo.
  25. Blondes best friend


    Would not use any other purple shampoo. Keeps my hair fresh and toned between salon visits
  26. Very strong!


    The first few times I used this I couldn't understand why my hair kept turning purple! I later figured out that my hair takes this very well so I can only leave it on for 2-3 minutes max. It is amazing at toning blonde hair (not so much for brassy orange hair). I saved so much money by not having to go back to the hairdressers to get my hair toned too!
  27. Fresh blonde


    Keeps my hair looking fresh and blonde without the yellow tones in between colours
  28. Works!


    This blonde shampoo definitely reduces brassy tones in hair. It has a bit of a chemically smell and can stain any patches of dry skin I have on my hands. I am ruined for all other purple shampoos after using this, as none of them do as well! Can be pretty drying but using a leave in conditioner sorts it out.
  29. Best Blonde Shampoo


    I bought this as a gift for a friend. I have used it in the past and know how well it works. Super pigmented. Removed those yellow tones that appear between appointments
  30. A Very Good Toner


    Works very well but you need to scrub your hands after because they will be purple. I wouldn't leave it on too long either, 2-3 mins max.
  31. Goodbye yellow!


    I have tried numerous purple, toning shampoos and always come back to Fanola. This is definitely the most effective purple shampoo I have used, in terms of removing yellow, and lightening my blonde. The main downfall is how drying the product is, if used too regularly. In order to balance this, I use Moroccan Repair shampoo first, followed by Fanola. Sometimes I mix Fanola 50/50 with Moroccan Repa...
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  32. Lifesaver


    Such a good purple shampoo to upkeep the perfect blonde. It is pretty pigmented so be careful how long you leave it in for! I would definitely recommend
  33. Great for Blonde Hair


    This is a great product for Blonde hair works fantastic
  34. Very strong with great results but be careful


    This stuff really does get rid of brassiness, but if your hair is really light then you must be careful not to leave it in your hair too long. Your hair may get a slight purple tinge and it also stains skin fairly easily. Otherwise the product is great although it smells a bit yucky and makes my hair dry and feels like it strips the natural oils, however I just follow up with a nice mask and condi...
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  35. No brass ever!!!


    Have been using this product for a year now and I’m never turning back. I have been trying to grow my hair out so I’ve stopped getting my hair dyed, this shampoo has managed to maintain my blonde locks. I love it!
  36. Goodbye brassy hair


    I have gone blonde recently and still have some brassy-ness coming through. I have previously used this product when I was fully blonde and love hair it removes any unwanted brass or yellow tones from my hair in one go. Just make sure to not leave it in the hair too long as your hair will go purple. Can dry your hair a bit so make sure to use a strong protein and nourishing conditioner after.
  37. Great


    I purchased this product because of a recommendation made to me by my hair dresser. After using it for a couple of weeks now I really can't fault it. It leaves my blonde coloured locks looking so much more fresh and less brassy.
    I only use it every couple of washes when I feel like my colour needs a pick me up. I don't leave it on my hair for more than a minute or two. You really only need a...
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  38. Perfect colour


    This is so easy to incorporate into my hair wading regime being a shampoo and produces the most natural looking creamy blonde. It is a bit drying though on my bleached hair so I have to mix it with my normal shampoo.
  39. Brassy Tones Be Gone!


    This shampoo is great for toning out any brassy or golden tones however be careful not to over use as the hair may be overtone and look dull with a blue/purple tone. All in all good product and value for its price!
  40. This is it! Stop looking for the best...you’ve found it!


    I’ve used sooooo many blond toning shampoos/ conditioners and this is by far the ultimate. I would maybe wear gloves while applying next time because I have still slightly purplish hands/nails two days later. But Fenola is the best. Completely got rid of my yellow/ orange tones. I recommend this shampoo 11/10!!! The Best!!!
  41. Hands down the best toner!


    Stop looking, this is the dream purple shampoo for blondes! I’ve used them all and nothing’s works as effectively as this one!
  42. Great product ... when used properly


    Backstory: I was tried this product when a lady at a hair product retailer told me bluntly that my hair was kind of "brassy". She was right.

    First off, what's good about it: it's very good value. It took me the best part of a year to finish and I am not frugal with hair products. It deposits a decent amount of pigment and is therefore a relatively low cost, effective treatment to k...
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  43. Works, but don't leave in too long!


    This stuff does work. However, with my hair if I leave it in any longer than around 2 minutes it leaves purple patches in my hair.
  44. Works, but harsh.


    This shampoo does what it says it will do, however I found it very drying and harsh on my hair. I know a lot of other people like it however wasn’t for me.
  45. Very strong toner!


    I used this to prolong my colour for up to 2 years without having to tone it! My hair is black but I have balayage with lighter blonde tips. The only issue was that if I left it in for too long, my hair would go purple, despite my tips being not that light! I can't imagine how purple platinum blonde hair would go if you left this in! It can also be quite drying so definitely follow it up with a hy...
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  46. Best Purple Shampoo


    I was a Fudge addict until I bought Fanola when my local hairdresser made the switch. Fanola does not stain my hair purple and works much faster than any other purple shampoo I have tried without drying out my hair! Would recommend for girls who prefer a grey toned blonde. I wash my hair with this for every wash to keep my hair nice and ashy.
  47. The best for blonde hair!


    This shampoo is so so amazing! I recently got my hair died blonde and this shampoo is the only one that gets rid of all the yellow tones and keeps it looking blonde. It does dry out the hair a little so you have to make sure you are using a very hydrating conditioner after. Definitely recommend
  48. Quite a strong toning shampoo


    I'll start this off by saying - all in all its a good blonde shampoo.

    Now, for the nitty gritty... This shampoo is quite drying but if used sparingly and using a good treatment mask on your hair once a week, it should be fine. I use an ordinary shampoo first, then use Fanola + my normal shampoo 50/50 for the second cleanse. Fanola is strong enough to tone my hair really well despite ...
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  49. Not for darker blondes


    This shampoo is super pigmented, however it just didn’t work for the darker yellow I had. I had to use it on dry hair for half an hour to see any sort of result but it wasn’t a long term shampoo for me unfortunately. I gave it to my friend who is a pale blonde and it worked great for her so 4 stars.
  50. Strong stuff!


    Very potent purple shampoo which works as a great toner to minimise yellowness or orange shades in hair.. it cleans the scalp very thoroughly but can be drying on hair. it also stains fingers/nails purple so beware!
  51. Extremely good


    This is pretty good! You have to be careful though, it can turn your hair kind of purple if you leave it in too long! Really great and super intense toning!
  52. The best!


    Fantastic product! Can't go past it for a smooth, silky sheen and intensified blonde. Keeps my hair healthy and free of brassy tones.
  53. Amazing


    One of my hairdressers put me onto this, really good price and works just as well if not better than more expensive toning shampoos, it is a pretty heavy duty product so wouldn't' use every time I wash my hair, also leave on for a minute, changes tones very quickly.
  54. Stain alert


    This is like no purple shampoo I’ve ever used! Beware, this is like very potent toner. It stained everything it came in contact with purple - my hair, my skin, my fingernails, my white shower tiles. It definitely works, but I would recommend gloves and very gentle/conservative use. I recommend!
  55. Lives up to the hype


    Excellent toner that lives up to the hype. It’s keeping my blonde a silvery platinum with ease. Can be a tad drying though so make sure you have a good conditioner.
  56. excellent for blonde hair


    I have blonde at the tips of my hair, I use this shampoo every second wash at the ends of my hair and I can definitely see a different after I use it. it makes my blonde stand out so much more and gets rid of all the yellow and gold tones
  57. Great


    This was great when I bleached my hair, made it have a more natural look
  58. Beautiful toner


    This toner is amazing to clear our those brassy ends, It really helps lifting the yellow tones out.
    It’s a great product to put on with dry hair and leave for 5 minutes to get a real grey/ash tone, you can put it on towel dried hair for a couple of minutes to give a really good clean out colour or just use as a normal shampoo process.

    It can be a little drying but would just re...
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  59. Best purple shampoo.


    Best purple shampoo on the market. Tones hair really well when used in moderation. Remember the longer you leave it on the more it tones therefore it can leave a purple tinge to the hair. Also try not to over use as over time can be drying on blonde hair. Overall best purple shampoo on the market that actually works.
  60. Obsessed!


    Best purple shampoo ever. You can leave on for literally 2 minutes and the golden/yellow is gone! Be careful not to leave on too long as can overtone.
  61. Tones


    I find this tones very well but is very strong and can turn hair grey in a very short time. It is also rather drying and a deep mask is needed after. Not my favourite toning product
  62. 10/10


    This product is amazing... you don't need to leave it on for long and magically takes away yellow and brassy tones. I thought my blonde was doomed until I used this. My hair is so blonde and fresh now!!
  63. Amazing product!


    What an amazing product! I seriously love how my hair turns the perfect shade of Ash Blonde when i use this. No yellow or brassy hair. However be aware it can stain your hands or turn some parts of your hair a tinge of lavender if you leave it too long.
  64. Cya yellow brassy hair


    This product does exactly what it claims, rids all yellow/gold tones from my hair
  65. In love


    The best toning I have ever used that actually works!
  66. 5 stars


    Really happy with the results from using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo for the first time. It made my yellow blonde hair less gold from the first use, really impressed.
  67. Highly pigmented and Effective!


    This toning shampoo does exactly what it claims, effictively neutralising unwanted warm tones.
    Although drying, if used as directed and in conjuction with hydrating/conditioning product I found no issues.
  68. Great product


    Great product, worked great on my hair (I have highlights) and didn’t leave it feeling dry. Stained my hands slightly, but it came off with soapy water. You don’t need a lot of product at all which I loved and I have quite thick hair. Can’t wait to use it again !
  69. Ideal for yellow hair


    Ideal for yellow hair, it will remove the yellow tones from your hair.
    Unfortunately it can be drying though.
  70. The best!


    This is the best toning shampoo I have ever encountered. I don't like any warmth in my blonde, and this shampoo ensures it stays clean (as in NO yellow or brass) between hairdresser visits. A few reviews have commented on the drying qualities of this shampoo; I'd add that other shampoos either aren't as strong or pigment rich as Fanola, or dry the hair far worse that Fanola and cause hair breakag...
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  71. Amazing shampoo


    Loving this no yellow shampoo so far .
    I already notice a big difference.
    My hair looks so much better .
    It’s lifted the yellow and brassy tones .
    And also followed it with the mask .
    Now my hair I nice and soft , back to nice blonde
  72. Just be careful with Fanola it is very strong and very quick!


    I was so excited to try fanola after all the hype and all the reviews on social media.
    I wanted to love fanola but I don't. Everyone is different when it comes to purple shampoo but I had a disaster experience with this at the salon it started stripping my hair and even my hairdresser started freaking out and had to get it out quicker than they got it in. It also was very staining in my hair...
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    I find this product works really well at toning my balayage when it is looking yellow and dull!

    I leave it on in the shower for about 5 minutes and rinse and find it leaves my hair a really nice colour.

    The only thing I find, which I find with all blonde shampoos as they're very drying!
    I always follow up with a mask or super rich/hydrating conditioner! - The Go...
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  74. Game changer


    I've tried all kinds of blonde shampoos and toners (Nak ,Fudge, AMR, Redken)., and until now I haven't found anything that works as effectively as this shampoo. It's been a game changer - not only does it keep my blonde hair nice and creamy, but it works in a fraction of the time compared to any other products I've tried. I mix about a 50c piece sized amount with my regular shampoo (Wella Luxeo...
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  75. Best


    Such a great toner for blondes! Lasts for ages and removes all the yucky brassy tones
  76. 100% yes!


    So it does dry your hair out a bit and you Definalfy need to invest in a good mask to put the moisture back in but oh boy does it remove the yellow/brassy tones!..
    Does stain the hands but by the end if the shower it's all gone, doesn't smell too bad!
  77. Potent


    This is the strongest purple shampoo ive ever used. Dont leave it on for too long!! Youll end up with stained purple hair. I usually shampoo my hair first with my regular shampoo to clean the hair and then use a small amount of this to tone the yellow out of my blonde. Keep watching the hair as it changes colour so you know when to wash it off.
  78. The best I've tried!


    This shampoo made a difference after just one wash. I used it along with the mask and was really happy with the immediate result. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone with brassy or gold tones wanting to get a more ash look.
  79. Very drying to coloured blonde/bleached hair


    Since starting to bleach my hair again I have been using an expensive range, also sold here through Adore Beauty, but as they have not released their blonde range to the Australian market, I decided to try Fanola due to the hype I had seen online. The colour of the shampoo is a bright purple and the smell is not too bad, but once washed and I started to towel dry my hair for the mask it felt awful...
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  80. Works a treat!


    yep does what it says. All the hype is true. Eliminates yellow. I left on for probably a bit too long once and my hair went a bit too ashy..... but it was cool as I like the ash look sometimes. Dont need to use too much product. Also washes off my hands without staining. My hair is pretty dry and I find this isn’t drying unlike some other purple brands. Will be buying again
  81. My HG for toner


    I have finally purchased my first bottle and I have washed my hair with it 3 times and I just love how this brings my blonde back to life. After the first wash my hair was rid of yellow tones that my last purple shampoo was obviously not doing very well. I didn’t realize how much better my blonde looked until using this shampoo. My hair is so soft and shiny and I just wish I used this sooner
  82. Love this product, but masque is better


    Really love this product, but the masque version is more effective. This I have to use every time I shower, where as masque I just use once a week for the same effect.
  83. Great


    So amazing!I was so used to using the Fudge shampoo I thought I would give Fanola (no yellow)a go! I’m so glad I did!! My hair was going yellowish and then I used Fanola left it in for about 5 minutes and my hair has finally turned silverish!
  84. SOOoo good!


    This stuff is amazing for a shampoo toner! These best I’ve tried thus far and I’ve tried heaps. Obviously not as good as a proper mixed toner but for a shampoo it’s great!
  85. Strong but dry


    I like a strong toning shampoo but I feel like this shampoo is very very dry.
  86. Brilliant product


    I love this product. It works. I use it once a week and whenever I’ve used it I always get asked if I’ve lightened my hair. It stops my colour from going brassy and keeps it looking like I’m fresh out of the salon
  87. Best toner shampoo


    Great shampoo for ensuring my blonde hair doesn't go golden between hair dyes. Using this product when washing hair, would recommend to everyone who wants to stop hair colour from going golden.
  88. Intense


    So great that Fanola is being sold on adorebeauty, finally! if you have a platinum blonde or ash blonde hair colour, this shampoo is great for you to avoid brassy tones that develop after 6-8 weeks of a fresh balayage, however if your hair is more of an ashy brown, the no orange shampoo is more suitable for your hair. It's definitely a bit risky applying this product if you're not sure of its effe...
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  89. Best toner ever!


    My hairdresser recommended this shampoo when I went from my naturally brunette hair to blonde. It is so affordable and more effective than the expensive brands. My blonde hair looks lighter and fresher after using this.
  90. Very effective, but drying


    A very effective purple shampoo, I thought it was the most "ashy" shampoo I've ever used - and I have warm toned hair

    I ended up switching from this product to EVO Fabuloso purple conditioner because my hair is dry and I found this product didnt help that. But if that's not a problem for you I would definitely recommend.

    My hairdresser stopped stocking this product howe...
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  91. Overrated and over tones


    I have platinum hair and prefer it to be more creamy blonde than ash. I got recommended this product and I really didn't like it. I used it once, applied it and rinsed it almost immediately and it clung to my hair and turned my almost white hair blueish grey and dried It out something shocking. My hair is in good health and I get regular olaplex treatments to keep it that way but this shampoo actu...
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  92. The Most Powerful Blonde /Purple Shampoo you will ever find!

    Meike (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I heard of this cult shampoo from my hairdresser and friends as the best purple for toning.
    I am a platinum blonde -the first time used it for 1 minute due to the super strength!
    1 minute combed/wet brushed through was perfect. Anymore my hair turned alittle blue in sections.

    Only use 1 to 2 times in a fortnight !

    It is the most affordable shampoo/toner I hav...
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  93. My Favourite Purple Shampoo!

    Kristy (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have been a Fanola fan for over 5 years now.

    I have blonde hair that is prone to becoming brassy, so a purple shampoo is a must for me.

    In my search for the perfect blonde shampoo i tried every brand and version on the market, until i stumbled across Fanola.
    I still try new blonde shampoos as they are launched, however i always find myself going back to my fav!<...
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