PSA: Here are All the Benefits of Using a Hairdryer Diffuser (For Every Hair Type)

You might be wondering what the point of a hair diffuser is.

And really, who needs something that makes using their hairdryer to achieve the perfect blowout more clunky and difficult?

However, when used correctly, hair diffusers can help define curly hair whilst keeping it frizz-free. Plus, a hairdryer diffuser can even give body and volume to both flat and wavy hair. So, there's something in it for everyone.

Although using a hair diffuser is time-consuming, it’s a great option to have. For some people, a diffuser is also completely essential for the perfect blow-dry.

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What does a diffuser do, and how does it work?

Diffusers are round plastic attachments that snap or clip onto the nozzle of your hairdryer, much like concentrators. These accessories are sometimes included with hairdryers but are also sold separately.

A good hairdryer diffuser works by spreading the airstream over a wider area in a controlled way. You use them by placing a section of hair onto the diffuser and pressing it up against your scalp as you blow dry.

A hair diffuser mainly benefits curly hair by keeping the curls' natural shape. A traditional nozzle can easily blow curls out of shape, causing them to frizz.

How to use a diffuser

Diffusers must be used with a low heat and low speed setting. Otherwise, hair can become tangled quite easily. Although the drying process is slower, this is one of the best ways to prevent frizzy hair.

Applying product beforehand defines the curl or wave even more. Try theMOROCCANOIL Curl Control Mousse, which is lightweight but still adds definition.

Here are our favourite hairdryer diffusers:

The Parlux Advance & Alyon Light Diffuser is a lightweight option that allows you to create movement in minutes. Compatible with all Parlux Advance and Alyon hairdryer ranges, this diffuser is designed to give you results. This difessuer distrutes heat evenly for heavenly looking curls and waves. Ideal for longer hair types, this diffuser covers a lot of ground with ease.

The Mermade Hair Diffuser is the perfect companion for the Mermade Hair hair dryer. This easy, lightweight attachment helps you to define curls and reduces frizz. With 18 air vents it will help to speed up dryng time. Plus, like the hairdryer itself, it's extremely affordable. Not to mention super cute.

The ghd Helios Diffuser Nozzle works perfectly with your favourite ghd Helios hairdyer, for effortless results. This salon quality diffuser creates smooth, bouncy curls without the frizz, with wide teeth that are gentle on the hair. It's the perfect way to keep frizz and flyaways in check, and is a great investment if you're already a Helios fan.

The Parlux Supercompact Ionic & Ceramic 3500 Hairdryer Diffuser Attachment is best buddies with your Parlux 3500, and is our favourite attacment for achieving natural, curly tresses. This fabulous diffuser helps to maintain frizzy, unmanagable hair. It's an excellent tool for extremely curly or coily hair types, and a great diffuser to use in winter when you don't have the time to air dry.

Do I have to have curly hair to use a hairdryer diffuser?

A diffuser can also be used on naturally wavy hair. Instead of concentrating the airstream on a small area, the diffuser distributes the air more extensively. Waves are enhanced, and the hair is left light and bouncy.

salt spray can work wonders on loose waves for a beachy summer look. We recommend the O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray, which is easily a favourite around the office.

For even more volume, you can try drying your hair upside down, but be careful not to create tangles try a detangling comb such as The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black.

Using a diffuser on a low heat with low power is one of the most gentle ways you can blow-dry your hair. If time permits, it’s a great way to ensure a beautiful hairstyle with frizz-free, defined curls.

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