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Experience the makeup removal revolution with Face Halo. Created by two busy mums looking for an easier solution to makeup removal, they developed the innovative dual-sided microfiber pad as a more sustainable alternative to traditional makeup wipes.


Featuring microfibers that are 100 times finer than human hair, Face Halo Original and Face Halo PRO easily remove makeup while cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin - using only water. Makeup, dirt and impurities are trapped and removed, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. The ultra-fine microfibers clean within the pores, ensuring your makeup is removed and skin is deeply cleansed.


Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, Face Halo will remove even heavy makeup and mascara - no rubbing, scrubbing or tugging required.


As well as being fast, easy and effective, Face Halo is also an eco-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes. Each Face Halo can be used again and again, and is designed to last for around 200 machine washes. Simply wash your Face Halo with soap and water after each use, and add to your regular laundry load of similar colours once or twice a week.


The recipient of awards including the Marie Claire Korea Smart Beauty Award 2018 and Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Award 2017, Face Halo is fast becoming a go-to in the makeup kits of celebrities, bloggers and professional makeup artists alike, with fans such as Naomi Watts and Chloe Morello.


Beginning with the original white Face Halo, the brand has also introduced a PRO edition, featuring chic black microfibers that perform just as well as the original and always look fresh.


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Face Halo Original - 3 PackFace Halo Original - 3 Pack
Face Halo
Face Halo Original - 3 Pack

One of the greatest beauty tools ever to be created

I'm so proud to say that I have stopped buying cotton pads and face wipes to remove my make up. Whilst it's advertised that water is only need, I still use a micellar water to cleanse my face and it's just as effective. Rinse out with warm water or toss it into the washing machine. So simple and great for the environment!
Face Halo - Cherry Morello 3 PackFace Halo - Cherry Morello 3 Pack
Face Halo
Face Halo - Cherry Morello 3 Pack

Soo cute and does a good job!

I have these in the black but the red is so cute I had to get it! These do a good job at cleansing your face without over stripping your skin!
Face Halo Original - 3 PackFace Halo Original - 3 Pack
Face Halo
Face Halo Original - 3 Pack

Versatile product

I’ll be honest I didn’t love the face halo for removing my makeup because to me it felt like I had to tug my skin to truly remove it. However it’s a great tool to remove stubborn face masks with and spot clean makeup brushes. Love how it’s better for the environment just wish it was more gentle on my face.

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