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Dr. Bronner’s, an industry leader in certified organic and Fair Trade self-care products, doesn't stop at its cult-favourite castile soaps to provide you with ethically sound, responsibly sourced products. Although the brand's castile soaps can be used as shampoo in addition to facial cleanser and body wash, some users have more in-depth hair concerns.


Dr. Bronner's hair products are great options that work wonders for those dedicated to using natural ingredients. Not everybody wants to use soap on their hair, for a multitude of reasons: colour care, dryness, curly/frizzy texture, and so on. So what’s a guy or gal to use if they need to avoid soap suds?


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hair Care Citrus Conditioning Rinse works wonders to cleanse the hair without stripping colour or hydration. Utilising rich extra-virgin coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp oil to hydrate, and lemon oil and shikakai to cleanse, this wonder product leaves you with a happy head of hydrated hair that’s clean, bright, and soft.


Need some styling help? Try Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hair Care Styling. This light-hold styling product, available in Peppermint and Lavender Coconut, imparts texture, shine, and the light scent of your choice. Organic coconut oil provides shine and strength. Jojoba and hemp oils condition for softness and manageability, allowing you to achieve whatever style you’re looking for without synthetic ingredients.


Keep your hair looking great the natural way with Dr. Bronner’s incredible, clean haircare.

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