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Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair 30ml

4.5 of 46 reviews

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4 instalments of $16.47

Or 4 instalments of $16.47 with LEARN MORE

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This waterless, Silicone-based moisturizer melts gently into sensitized skin to soothe and help repair damage from environmental aggressions.
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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair

Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair

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Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair Reviews

4.5 of 46 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

dermalogica ultra calming barrier repair


noticed a difference straight away with me dry skin.

Most Helpful Criticism



So light and fresh on your face but still moisturisers so well
  1. dermalogica ultra calming barrier repair


    noticed a difference straight away with me dry skin.
  2. Helped a lot!


    verified purchaser
    This barrier repair has really helped with my dry skin especially around my nose. I noticed a difference almost straight away.
  3. Great for sensitive skin


    verified purchaser
    I use this as my final step of my cleansing routine. This is a great for sensitive skin (I had a bad reaction to another product and this was great when my skin was recovering). It goes on the skin silky and light.
  4. Repairing barrier


    Personally loved this product. While facing the effects of having sensitive and combination skin I found this to be a wonder product. Best to use at night as the silicone feeling can be quiet odd especially if you wear make up.
  5. Not for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and this contains lavender. Lavender breaks out my senstiver skin. I had to give this moisturiser away to someone who didn't have sensitive skin.
  6. love love love


    Dermalogica make the best calming products ive ever tried, my skin used to be red and dry but not anymore
  7. Ultra Calming is spot on


    Recently used this after my skin had a meltdown as a result of using actives, climate, lifestyle everything really - my skin kind of has PMS. Anyway I used this after another ultra calm serum, and used this as my moisturiser before a BB during the day and as my final step at night. After 2 days using this it had calmed down significantly. Not my every day product but definitely worth having if you...
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  8. Perfect for creating a barrier

    Bridget B

    This product does what it says, it creates a barrier over the skin to protect any compromised skin and allows it to heal. I use this just on my very dry spots at night, but you can use as an all over product if you dont mind the feel of silicone on your skin.
  9. Good product


    Absorbs moisture really well and a great product for people with skin conditions!
  10. Great daily moisturiser for summer


    This moisturiser absorbs pretty quickly and works well under makeup. I really like using it during the warmer months but I use a thicker one during winter.
  11. Soothing


    At first I wasn’t sure about this product as the consistency and feel is different to any moisturizer I’ve ever used. This product was recommended to me due to my sensitive red skin and dermatitis on my face and neck. I do find this to be quite soothing and nice on those areas. This can be used all over in place of a moisturizer and makeup goes over the top quite nicely however I am still using my...
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  12. So gentle


    I use this in alteration or in combination with the ultra calming gel depending on what my skin is doing, just feels so beautiful - skin instantly feels calm!
  13. amazing!


    I love this in the winter time. keeps my skin protected from the harsh weather
  14. Good


    So light and fresh on your face but still moisturisers so well
  15. BEAUTIFUL product


    I love Barrier Repair. So good for my sensitive skin, it immediately calms and I love that my skin doesn't immediately suck it up like other moisturisers do. My skin feels hydrated without feeling greasy or overloaded. Sometimes I mix it with the calming serum for an extra boost. It feels like a silicone primer but doesn't dry skin and makeup sits beautifully over it.
  16. Great soothing product


    I love this product. Its soft, soothing and goes on easily. Its great for sensitive skin.
    I use it a lot in winter and when travelling. Less so in summer when I'm sweaty and oily.
    I find it soothes irritated skin as well. Its silky and not greasy, and a little goes a long way.
    It is quite expensive though
  17. Goes on super smooth


    This moisturiser was recommended to me by the Adore Beauty team as I requested advice on a daily moisturiser that wouldn't irritate my dermatitis. It definitely does not irritate it and just melts into my skin like a non greasy butter. A little pricey for the size though.
  18. Silken skin


    I was a bit surprised at how smooth and silky my skin felt after applying, it’s simply lovely on the skin, with a small amount going a long way. It is a bit different in the feel as it’s applied, I suppose due to its silicone base, but the results are great. Silken, hydrated skin with no issues for sensitivity or inflammation.
  19. Silky smooth!


    This feels incredible on the skin - like silk! It locks moisture into the skin and prevents it from escaping throughout the day. Perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. Highly recommend!
  20. super calming


    This a great to sooth irritated skin
  21. A lovely ‘calming’ product


    This product feels beautiful on your skin. I use this in alteration or in combination with the ultra calming gel depending on what my skin is doing. Feels very soft on your skin and sinks into your skin without feeling greasy.
  22. Great for when you’re peeling


    I was given this when I was sick with the flu and had my nose peeling. Just a day of putting this on over night repaired the skin and didn’t get redness or sores after
  23. Best thick face moisturiser I’ve ever used


    Awesome for my combination dry skin
  24. No frills - does exactly as it says


    This Barrier Repair does exactly what it says. It creates a very smooth calming barrier on your skin. I loved the feel and it eliminated all redness. I felt like I had to use too much to really moisturise for an entire day. That might just be me. However it’s a lovely product.
  25. This has changed my skin!


    For someone suffering from a red, irritated and sensitive skin barrier this is a god send. Yes the tube is small but it does exactly what it promises. My skin hasn’t been this good in ages. Don’t hesitate.
  26. So soft


    I have fairly dry skin on my cheeks and she started using this on me during my monthly facial. The difference is amazing. I put it on in the morning after washing my face and doing lotion but before my makeup. The way my skin feels is incredible and it is really making a difference in the moisture my face holds without being greasy.
  27. Amazing stuff


    I was quite stressed and ran out of my normal skincare so was using body wash to cleanse my face and then I got an irritation on my neck which became more irritated. regardless of what I used on it , it didn’t go away.
    I did a research and brought this.. initially the sensation was weird as it has a silicone/velvet feel to it and was unsure if it would help but within a few days my neck clea...
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  28. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I used Barrier repair whenever my face is feeling irritated or overly red, it immediately calms, cools and moisturises. Feels like velvet on skin and doesn't have a strong scent. Only downside is the small product size, but a little goes a long way.
  29. Silky smooth moisturiser


    This Barrier Repair does exactly what it says. It creates a very smooth calming barrier on your skin. I loved the feel and it eliminated all redness. I felt like I had to use too much to really moisturise for an entire day. That might just be me. However it’s a lovely product.
  30. Expensive but worth it


    In the height of my extreme eczema, this product is a lifesaver. With a compromised skin barrier and inflamed, itchy, stinging skin, this is like a light film that covers the issue skin and seals in moisture. I haven't found a better product to use on my eczema than this and although it is expensive it is really worth the money - I have to use a lot when I get a flare up all over my face, but it s...
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  31. very calming and hydrating to the skin

    perfecting skin

    i used it once and i am in love with this, i have dry and sensitive skin. i had a bit of redness on my skin when i tried this on and i was amazed that in few minutes this product made it go away. it also hydrates a lot. a little is enough for the entire face.
  32. Interesting texture


    This product feels like velvet on the skin - it really feels beautiful - I'm not too sure about using it as a replacement for a moisturiser (as a friend suggested) as it doesn't feel like that. It really does feel like a very smooth, protective barrier. I have sensitive skin and this is a great addition to my routine.
  33. Velvet touch


    its a very unique moisturizer as its a silicone, gel consistency with a velvet feel to it however once its on the skin in soaks in and moisturizes like a dream with no uncomfortable film or residue, i have eczema on my arms and it moisturizes it so well.
  34. Interesting!


    This product is interesting! It’s a gel like consistency, leaves no residue on the skin, absorbs quickly, has almost a silk like/silicone finish similar to primer. It doesn’t irritate the skin. I’ve never tried anything like it but I think I quite like it!
  35. An excellent moisturiser


    I have sensitive skin and this product does not cause me any irritation. It is a clear, gel like consistency that leaves a kind of matte finish feel, but absorbs quickly into the skin with no residue. It is very small at 30mL making it remarkably expensive, but a little goes a long way.
  36. Like velvet


    This cream feels like velvet, and although it doesn’t penetrate the skin like a regular moisturiser, it’s like it shields the skin from a harsh environment - especially drying winter climate.
  37. Thick texture


    I got a sample of this with my purchase. Its texture is so thick that it's more like an ointment than a cream. I feel it builds a nice shield against dry air and seals in the moisture of the skin. I think this one would work well for sensitive and dry skin.
  38. A barrier it is!


    I love the smooth feeling of this on my skin. It’s a silicone-like barrier that makes my skin feel soft and protected. Makeup goes on well on top but this alone leaves the skin looking less red and almost like I’ve applied a primer or CC cream. I have red and easily irritated skin with psoriasis and this works really well! It is pricey but not much is needs each application. I squeeze out the very...
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  39. Feels so silky


    I used the product when my skin was feeling highly sensitive due to using harsh products and it really did calm my skin down and act as barrier between my skin and my makeup but still allowed for a smooth application of my foundation as it leaves the skin feeling very silky.
  40. great for sensitive skin


    I got a tester of this from Dermalogica and its so hydrating and calming for red/hot/sensitive and acne prone skin, I'm saving up to buy a full size one because you cant go wrong with Dermalogica!
  41. Love!


    got this as a sample, and now purchasing the product! absolutely loved the feeling this left on my skin! sort of like a silicone feel?
    Works great as a primer or even just over the top of a serum.
  42. will keep using


    this product is eyewateringly expensive but it's the only thing that seems to do the trick for my hormonal acne on combination skin. I love the silky feeling it gives my skin and it basically works as a primer - my nars foundation glides over it evenly. My boyfriend has noticed significant improvement in his rosacea since using it as well. Only gripe is that it doesn't come in a larger size.
  43. Brilliant Product


    Glides on so easily but isn't greasy. A little goes a long way. Perfect as a make up primer.
  44. Fantastic protection for sensitive skin


    I've always suffered from sensitive skin which has a tendency to flare up in red blotches. This barrier repair cream is a life saver when it comes to calming the redness and irritation. I use it over my normal Dermalogica moisturiser and find that a small amount goes a long way. It glides on effortlessly and provides a smooth base for any make up to follow. I find it comfortable to wear in both su...
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  45. Amazing Protection


    I first used this product when my husband purchased the Dermalogica UltraCalming travel kit for me to test out. I had been suffering for a year with sensitive and red skin, after I'd spent a lot of time outside in the cold and wind for work. I would have dry, flaky, itchy patches under my eyes, along and between my eyebrows and along my hairline that were extremely red and sore to the point of lig...
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  46. Great Product


    Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair is a great product
    I have very sensitive skin and it forms a barrier on your skin against all the elements of the environment
  47. great product for sensitive skin


    This product comes in a small tube, but it goes a long way. The cream has a silicone feel to it which I find very soothing on the skin. I have sensitive skin, and I've found that this cream is good at reducing inflammation and is great in winter.
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