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Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift - White by Clarisonic

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The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift uses the most advanced smart technology to offer a customisable cleansing experience to prevent and reduce the signs of premature aging. This dual-purpose cleanser and microfirming massage device thoroughly cleanses skin of impurities as it massages the skin for a firmer look and feel.


Effortlessly adjusting to your skin’s needs, this device offers 4 speed settings, making it the perfect tool for congested skin, sensitive skin, and every skin type in between. The innovative device not only plumps and cleanses skin but also allows for all anti-aging beauty products to penetrate the skin more effectively for heightened results from your beauty skin care regimen.


Targeting 15 signs of aging on the face, neck, and body, the Smart Profile Uplift leaves skin looking brighter, smoother, and younger. Containing the ultrasoft Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head and the Firming Massage Head, the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift contains everything you need to kick-start your anti-aging skin care routine.


Key benefits of the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift;


  • Advanced anti-aging body and facial cleansing brush.
  • Thoroughly and effectively cleanses skin.
  • Automatically adjusts power and speed to the skin for optimal results.
  • Massages the body for lifted and plumped skin.
  • Allows beauty products to absorb easily.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Waterproof for bath and shower use.
  • Brush head replacement notification.
  • Comes with 2 brush heads for face and body.
  • Stunning white design.


What are the main features of the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift?

The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift uses advanced smart technology to automatically detect the skin’s needs and adjust the power and speed of the cleanser accordingly. With 4 speed settings and a body Turbo mode, this device ensures the most efficient cleanse without causing dryness or irritation.


The Smart Profile Uplift also has an adjustable T-Timer, so you can keep on track with your cleansing, no matter your skin type. A brush head replacement notification helps you get the most out of your brush head and cleansing device.


Charged by universal-voltage USB and with a portable, waterproof design, the Smart Profile Uplift is the most advanced Clarisonic device yet.


How to use the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift;


  • Prior to use, charge for 24 hours.
  • Select either Smart mode for an automatic cleanse or Manual mode to choose your own power and speed.
  • Apply cleanser to the device or your skin.
  • Use on each section of the face or body for 20 seconds a time.
  • The timer will indicate when to move on to ensure even cleansing.
  • Use daily.


Who should use the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift?

The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift has been specifically designed for mature and aging skin. Advanced technology plus smart brush heads target the 15 signs of aging, including pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. The powerful combination of cleansing and massaging helps to rid skin of aging impurities and free radical damage as it stimulates skin for revitalised look and feel.


The Smart Profile Uplift is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and reactive skin, as the Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head is one of the softest available. This device can benefit anyone who wants to prevent and repair signs of aging, no matter how far along the aging process their skin is.


Which brush heads come with the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift?

The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift comes with the Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head for your face and the Firming Massage Head for your body. This device has an automatic brush replacement notification, which lets you know when to replace the brush for maximum results.


The Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head has ultrasoft bristles that are incredibly gentle on the skin, so it’s perfect for sensitive and reactive skin types. The Firming Massage Head has an innovative design that effortlessly glides over the contours of the body.


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2 in 1 - 20-05-2018 by

This product comes as the full package - cleanser and massager. 2 in 1 - could you ask for more?

Great for facial cleansing - 20-03-2018 by

I got my new Smart Profile Uplift Clarisonic about a year ago. It was one a huge special so I decided to replace my 3 year old Clarisonic Plus.
The Smart Profile is better in my opinion, I use it with the turbo brush and it cleans my skin like nothing else and also have made the pores smaller.
I used the massage head for about 3 months and maybe there was a little improvement but I found I had to charge my Clarisonic way more if using the massage (which I used on maximum setting).
I am happy with this unit, I use my Clarisonic daily, it has helped a lot with blackheads and breakouts.
I am giving it a 4 as opposed to a 5 because I am not sure its a whole lot better than the original - although the turbo brush is.

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