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Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System - Pink

4.4 of 130 reviews

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4 instalments of $34.85

Or 4 instalments of $34.85 with LEARN MORE

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Introducing the extension of the best-selling Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System is here.

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System - Pink

Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System - Pink

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Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System - Pink Reviews

4.4 of 130 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

mia 2


really nice to get off makeup and sunscreen, but would caution against using this too frequently because it is physical exfoliation. good for a deep clean

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok if you replace the heads regularly, not for highly sensitive skin


I used this with the ultra sensitive brush head but found it was still too irritating on my skin. Having to replace the heads so frequently was also a hassle and an expense that adds up. It would be fine for less sensitive skin, or to use on the body, but I have other devices (epilator with interchangeable heads) which do just as good a job for body exfoliation.
  1. Addictive


    I was so addicted to this and uses it religiously every day. When my skin is drier due to weather I use it every other day. It feels like it makes the face wash work better and the skin care products that follows applies better. Bit pricey but worth it in your skin care regime.
  2. mia 2


    really nice to get off makeup and sunscreen, but would caution against using this too frequently because it is physical exfoliation. good for a deep clean
  3. Great


    Great tool for exfoliating and washing off a heavy face of make up. I've been using mine for five years now and it comes with me every where. The only down side is the replaceable brush heads and weight of the device.
    It's heavy to travel with and I feel like I'm creating unnecessary waste in the environment with the brush heads (they can't be recycled). When it gives out, I'll move onto a f...
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  4. Ok if you replace the heads regularly, not for highly sensitive skin


    I used this with the ultra sensitive brush head but found it was still too irritating on my skin. Having to replace the heads so frequently was also a hassle and an expense that adds up. It would be fine for less sensitive skin, or to use on the body, but I have other devices (epilator with interchangeable heads) which do just as good a job for body exfoliation.
  5. Great!


    I have had this brush for a year or so and find it really clears my pores and gets rid of dry skin! perfect for combination skin types
  6. A bit intense


    I have very sensitive skin and this is a bit intense. I can only use it once in a blue moon otherwise my face feels very abused. It's probably more suited for my body.
  7. Lifelong cleanser device


    I am a lifelong fan of the clarisonic, i purchased it about 5 years ago (the aria) and have used it ever since (changing brush heads about every 3 months). My skin is thoroughly cleansed each time. You can use any cleanser on it gel or cream and it works perfectly. It is expensive but I’ve had mine 5 years now and never look back! Would highly recommend the Clarisonic (Mia or Mia 2 too!)
  8. Great product


    I loved my Clarisonic - it recently died. While it was working it was fantastic and I will likely replace it, it just didnt last as long as what I would have hoped for. It is a great product though, my face always felt amazing.
  9. Cleanser's Little Helper


    I was worried before I bought it that it would be too rough but it is a good combo of gentle and thorough.

    At first I tried to use this everyday, I eventually got tired of it and stopped using it for a while.

    HOWEVER, I recently started using it again and now I use this almost every night when I cleanse, it really helps to get that extra build up off from the day. Espe...
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  10. Great!


    I've had my clarisonic for a few years now and I always go back to it. Its so easy to use and so satisfying seeing makeup on it when you thought you'd already washed your face. I have quite oily acne prone skin and I find using it 2-3 times a week can make such a difference in my skin! I wouldn't use it every day personally, only because I don't want to aggravate my acne prone skin.
  11. Holy grail for acne-prone skin!!!


    I have oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. When I used Clarisonic a few years ago I noticed it helped with preventing new acne. My skin feels cleaner and my acne is kept at bay! This is the best product I’ve used that helped with my acne problems. It gently exfoliates which helps with my acne scars and helps manage new acne from appearing! I never went back to cleansing my face using my hands si...
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  12. Getting harder and harder to find in Australia :(


    I really love this, my skins feels like I’ve had a facial afterwards.
    I use twice a week.
    My only concern is Clarisonic don’t seem to stock in many places anymore.
  13. Really helps break down my cystic acne!


    This is the most amazing cleansing tool! I get hormonal acne around my jawline and this product is so gentle, but really manages to get into my pores and clean everything out, and so quickly! Would highly recommend!
  14. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS (caps needed)

    Shaina - Adore Beauty Staff

    I have been using a Clarisonic for years and raving about them to all my friends so I felt it was finally time to write a review.
    I use my Clarisonic every night. I am very religious about this as the consequences of not doing this are too great.
    I am almost obsessive with this - I used in when I stayed in a Bedouin tent last year and I am that person who even at 3am has to use this. ...
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  15. Unsure


    Good for physical exfoliation, and can use in the shower. Haven’t needed to recharge yet. Just unsure what the point of the vibration is. I would think a high quality facial brush used manually would do the same job. I purchased thinking it had a 360 rotation function (it doesn’t). I’ve stopped using because I’ve been over exfoliating. Feel like it was a waste of money :(
  16. worth every penny


    Actually love the product and makes a real difference with my skin care routine.
  17. Great


    This product helps to effectively remove impurities, makeup, sunscreen, and excess oils.
  18. Good exfoliator!


    I've got sensitive skin and when I first got this I used it everyday which was way too harsh for my skin. This is a great exfoliator and deeply cleanses the skin, I use it twice a week and it's much better than when I used it everyday.
  19. Great

    Chele Pagno

    Awesome product, great quality. I noticed a difference in the skin on my face literally after the first usage, and few days later I couldn't be happier with my Mia 2. Highly recommend the product!
  20. Converted!


    I tried a couple of different brands before this one trying to avoid the cost, but in the end I bought one of these and I so wish I hadn't bothered with the others! It's gets all my make up off and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I break out within 2-3 days of not using it. I also got a 5 head pack when I bought mine here so haven't even needed to buy and replacements yet!
  21. Amazing


    This is so gentle yet effective on the skin. I love using this to massage my face and to get rid of my makeup and dirt from the day. It is worth the money.
  22. Deeply cleansing but harsh on sensitive skin


    I used the Clarisonic for a number of years before switching to the Foreo earlier this year. I found that whilst it thoroughly cleansed my skin free of makeup and daily build up, I found it too harsh and caused me to breakout excessively even with the use of the sensitive brush head. The brush bristles also don’t remain soft for long and the heads need to be replaced often.
  23. The best one


    I originally bought the Mia fit and it stopped charging after a few months. I was actually a bit turned of the brand after that but decided to give this one a go... and I'm glad I did. It much easier to hold in the shower and I haven't need to charge it for literally two months! And it was the cheapest... wins all round
  24. Deep clean


    I love my Clarisonic. Every time I use it I feel like my face is squeaky clean. Only downside is I struggle to wash my face for as long as it requires and I often turn it off early. My products feel much more effective once I’ve washed my face with this! It’s a good investment into your skincare regime
  25. Very Deep Clean


    The clarisonic is good product if you have issues with getting rid of your makeup or have oil build up, for me however i found it was a bit harsh (even with the sensitive brush head) on my normal to dry skin.

    I do love this for a once a week deep clean but definately not an everyday product for me.

  26. sorry not for me


    don't really like it, it just made my skin drier and irritates.
  27. good for body polish not for face


    I have a thin sensitive skin on my face. I used it on my face once but it broke my skin straight away. Now I use it on my knees and elbows, quick good. It removes all the dead skin and the body lotion is easy to absorb in after using it. If you have sensitive skin like me, do not use on the face.
  28. Love

    Kylie Q

    Love this device gives such a good clean, no other machine compares
  29. Best cleansing brush


    Gets rid of any makeup left on the face swell as cleansing! soft brush that does not irritate skin
  30. deep cleanse the skin but not suits for everyday


    I bought the machine 10 years ago. I love to use it in my 20s, and it really deeply cleansed my skin after removing my makeups. I still keep the machine until now, it is really worthy. I couldn't use iton my face now, coz my skin type changed after giving birth. Now I use it on my body, my elbows and knees, to remove the hard skin. It still works very well after 10 years, and I replace the head ev...
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  31. Really, REALLY not worth it.


    I'd spent quite a few years weighing up the options of buying this and since my skin has gotten worse, I decided to finally buy it which I deeply regret. It really doesn't change anything for me and I got it to try and stop my break outs but I broke out immediately which I know happens, but it really put me off from using it again.
    This is not worth the price tag and I wouldn't recommend it...
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  32. The best of the best


    Don’t know how I lived without this before. I see some major change in my skin!! Love it
  33. Clarisonic Mia 2


    Great product, it indicates how long to brush in each area and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
  34. Never has my skin felt so clean!


    I absolutely love this product, it seriously left my skin feeling so clean and fresh. I am so glad I made this investment, pairing it with the Clarisonic cleaner is definitely a wise choice :)
  35. Amazing


    The Clarisonic Mia 2 cleanses my skin beautifully, it’s cleared my skin up and feels great on the skin. The foundation brush is a game changer, it’s a must have for this device absolutely flawless foundation every time using a less product. Really love this!
  36. not worth the price tag


    I like using my Clarisonic for days where I wear a lot of make up as I feel it gives a deep cleanse. I have sensitive skin and found using this every day was too harsh so I only use it 3 times per week for a deep clean. Not sure if its worth all the hype and big price tag though
  37. Noticed a difference


    I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin using this daily compared to when I never used to. I think its played a major part in reducing the amount of acne I had.
  38. It’s great


    I used a Clarisonic when they first came out, and have recently gone back to using it after a break of a year. They work well - I use it once a day but sometimes less because I don’t want to overdo it. It is GREAT in smoothing out my T-zone but I never use it on my cheeks anymore. I don’t use the Clarisonic cleanser but instead use my own cleanser with it. This has been helpful for lessening my ...
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  39. Best christmas gift ever


    i received this as a Christmas gift from my MIL and i wish i had got one sooner! it really feels like it reaches deep in your pores, and definitely minimises the occurrence and number of breakups - absolutely obsessed!
  40. Didn't do much


    This does make my skin brighter but it also makes it feel itchy and dry after each use.
  41. Works well but important to keep brushes fresh


    I was obsessed with my Clarisonic Mia 2 for a long time. It really did keep my skin clear and clean. Unfortunately as I got older (I think?) I found it irritated my skin slightly and I ended up with red cheeks from it. But I think it's ideal for teenage / 20s skin to keep it ultra clean!
  42. love this !!!


    This brush has completely changed my skin -for the better. it has helped clear up congestion and deep cleans without being rough
  43. Changed my skin


    My Clarisonic has completely changed my skin - it has helped break through the congestion and deep cleans without being rough or abrasive. I was disappointed to see both department stores have stopped carrying the brand, however Adorebeauty has our backs as usual.
  44. i use it for years


    deep cleansing, and remove the blackheads. i use it on both my face and my body. It smoothes my skin and remove all dead rough skin. i love it
  45. Best gift ive ever received


    This product is amazing and has lasted me years. If i didnt receive as a gift i would be happy to spend my own money on it
  46. Works Wonders


    This has to be my favourite face brush, after trying many different face devices I have finally found a system that works wonders for my skin. Since I have started using the Mia 2 my skin has been clear and soft with visible improvements to my pore size. I can't wait to experiment with the different brush heads.
  47. can't live without it


    i received this as a birthday gift and i wish i had got one sooner! it really feels like it reaches deep in your pores, and definitely minimises the occurence of breakouts.
  48. Undecided


    I got this gifted for Christmas and I am glad I did because I would not pay for one myself. Whilst it does feel like it cleans my face well, it is bulky and annoying to use and does everything I could do with a face washer.
  49. Im obsessed!


    I got this for Christmas and have used it almost everyday since. I can see and feel the difference when I clean my face with this- it really gets any grime/make up off that hands, cloths or wipes miss. I also like the gentle exfoliation and massage you get every time you use it. Can't wait to try out more of the head attachments too.
  50. Great product


    I’ve been using this for years and it works really well at removing any residual makeup, cleaning the skin really well.
  51. love mine :)


    I love my Clarisonic! one of the best purchases ive ever made. much better than spending hundreds of dollars on expensive masks. my skin is so much smoother and cleaner since using this
  52. Cannot live without it, not the greatest quality for the price though


    As soon as I started using my Mia 2 I fell in love. Then I got a bit too excited & I was using it too much and as a result I broke out a lot, I have since minimised my use to once a day at night (to take the dirt off at the end of the day). The results from the radiance brush has been amazing for my skin, however my Mia 2 after 2 years has broken :( since I love the product so much I have purchase...
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  53. Great cleansing brush


    I had the mia 2 for years and think it’s a great brush. It gives such a deep clean and really cleared up my skin. I’ve recently upgraded to the mia fit which I prefer but the mia 2 is $100 cheaper and works fantastically as well
  54. Very pricey for what it does


    I previously had a brush from another brand which i loved but it was discontinued so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this. For the first few weeks I wasn't really super happy with it, but now that I have found a brush head that works well for me it is great. The only downside is that it and the replacement heads cost so much.
  55. Clear skin


    Even when I used exfoliating scrubs (like skinstitut) I still find I get small blackheads and bumps. since using the Clarisonic brush my skin is a lot smoother. I don’t find I get as many blackheads and don’t break out like I used to. My skin feels deeply cleansed after every use and and masks or moisturisers used after soak in a lot better and give a better result.
  56. Amazing


    I finally gave in and purchased this product. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner. My skin has never felt so clean and looked so good. I am amazed at how good the Clarisonic cleanses my skin. The brush head is gentle for everyday use and it really gets in and cleanses my pores so thoroughly. I have more mature skin and can definitely notice the difference! I highly recommend this produ...
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  57. Has changed the game!


    I can't imagine my cleaning regime without my Clarisonic now! Although I don't use it every single day, I sort of had to work out how much my skin could take without absolutely freaking it out... I did find that everyday was a bit excessive for my skin. However it gives my skin a beautiful deep clean and I have noticed a surprising difference in the softness of my skin too. I have pretty normal sk...
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  58. A M A Z I N G


    I can't truly explain how happy I am with the Clarisonic Mia 2. Battling oil, blemished skin for some time, even with they heal, I am still left with block pores and uneven textures. On a whim I decided to try the Mai, and OMG where has this been all my adult life. My skin is so much softer, my blemishes are healing faster and the dead, flaky skin around my nose has vanished. This is my product of...
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  59. Excellent product!!!!!!!


    It was recommended by my dermatologist and worth every cent. I have dry skin and uneven tone and since I started using it has improved a lot. I tried lots of 'clean the skin products" and nothing worked as this beautiful tool. LOVE IT!!!
  60. absolutely brilliant


    amazing. this has changed my skin!!!!!
    I started using about a year ago and although I liked the results I got lazy and stopped. surely enough my skin went through a rough stage about a week ago and I started using my Clarisonic again, my skin is now smooth, clear and back to its normal self.
  61. Gamechanger!

    Sri Lyana

    I bought my first Clarisonic brush months ago, but the first week I used it I could already see and feel the difference in my skin. I was (still am) amazed at how deeply it cleanses the skin; no more rough exfoliating!!!!!

    I bought the foundation brush head about a month later and I truly enjoy how smooth my foundation looks every single time. Applying foundation has never been quicke...
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  62. Wow - pleasantly surprised!


    I asked for a Clarisonic for Xmas in 2018 after seeing MUA Amelia Webb do what I assume was a sponsored review on the new Mia Fit on her instagram story. Afterwards I did some research, watched/read other reviews online and even though everyone seemed to be a convert and positive, I was still sceptical. I asked my boyf to get me the Mia 2 as it was far cheaper than the Mia Fit and I couldn’t see a...
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  63. Wouldn’t be without it


    I’ve used my Clarisonic to wash my face in the shower nearly every day for about 5 years. I’m onto my second one after my first one was dropped in the shower and stopped working. The Mia 2 is great. I only need to charge it every 3 months or so even though I use it every day. It keeps my skin squeaky clean and you only need to use a very small amount of cleanser with it. Sometimes I leave it behin...
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  64. Good at giving smooth glowy skkn


    I would have describe my skin as combination, prone to hormonal breakouts, large pores. No issues with sensitivies.
    I didn't find it helped with my breakouts but definitely helped clear out my pores. I found this product left me with such smooth, glowy skin, so I would definitely say I was happy with that. The downside for me would be the cost of it then with the cost of replacing the heads...
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  65. Overcleansing

    Lilian D.

    This product broke me out and gave me hyper pigmentation due to over cleansing and exfoliating. As much as I enjoyed the hype of a cleansing tool thoroughly cleaning my skin, i believe that this was the culprit of depleting my skin barrier. I thought that when used it at the start it was just a purging stage but boy was i wrong. Even with the sensitive brush i believe that this tool exfoliated my ...
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  66. Interesting Addition


    I've been looking at electronic facial cleansing tools for a little over a year, and decided to buy this one out of the blue. I've got a lot of acne and haven't seen much of a change in it since I began using the Clarisonic, but I definitely feel like my skin is being cleansed super well.
    If you've got the budget to spend $220 on just an additional part of your skincare routine, 100% go for ...
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  67. Removed residual make up, but didn't help clear my skin


    I used this for a while, in the hopes that it would help clear my congested skin, but have not continued. It did not make my skin worse, and I could see that it removed any residual make up or dirt from my skin, but it did not produce any noticeable results. I eventually stopped using it because I did not feel it was worth the extra money for the brush heads, or the extra cleaning time to ensure i...
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  68. Love it!


    I bought it after I received an email from Adore Beauty with one of their staff's use and review of it paired with La-roche acne treatment. I am hooked to it now, not obsessed but it's a part of daily routine because it has really made a difference in the 'quality' of my skin.
    With oily, acne prone (365 days) skin,besides acne there's congestion, bumps and what not. Have tried many differen...
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  69. LOVE this product


    I absolutely love this product and am just about to replace it after my dog destroyed it. It is really easy to use and works really well to remove any dry skin on your face while achieving a really thorough cleanse!
  70. Super clean skin!


    I have been using this for 6 months now and have not had any breakouts considering I wear foundation on a daily basis. This brush really takes cleansing to the next level and leaves your skin feeling super clean. I usually go for a bit longer in a circular action around my nose and cheeks for a thorough clean. Highly recommend!
  71. Improve your cleansing routine.


    I find a huge difference to my skin from just cleansing to using the clarisonic. If you wear make up and/or are prone to acne the clarisonic does the job. Your skin just feels so much cleaner. I go from break outs to nothing when I use the clarisonic.
  72. Undecided


    I was so excited to get this used it consistently for about three months but now honestly I never use it, I keep forgetting which means I didn’t really notice much of an impact that I remember it. Which is disappointing considering how much i spent. Tried few different heads too nothing really noteworthy to share.
  73. Great Product


    I got this for christmas a couple years ago and I'm so glad I did! It cleans the skin so well and I have found I use less cleanser with the clarisonic. A bit of a hefty price tag but can last years and years!
  74. I love my Clarisonic


    I love my Clarisonic. I have very sensitive skin so I use the gentle setting and the brush it came with and wow my skin is smooth, soft and so clean. Somehow it cleans my breakouts and they are gone in a day.
  75. Miracle worker!


    I was a bit wary of spending so much money on this product but after a surprisingly good tax return this year, I splashed out. I'm so glad I did. My skin is usually oil-prone but as I age, I'm losing some of the natural oils I used to produce. My T-Zone has always had issues with a bit of congestion, but since investing in my Clarisonic, it's noticeably clearer and smoother. At first I found t...
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  76. Impressed


    I always thought that spending so much money on a face brush was ridiculous... until I got one... I have honestly really enjoyed using the Clarisonic since I purchased it and can’t believe how deeply cleansed, plump and nice my combination skin feels. I think the sensitive brush head is a tad too harsh for my skin on a daily basis so I’ve ordered the delicate one, can’t wait to see long term resul...
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  77. Genius product!


    I am a huge fan of this little beauty. I introduced the Mia 2 into my routine approximately 18 months ago in addition to a complete overhaul of my skincare regime. It really helped clear up a lot of my concerns - in particular oiliness and congestion. I am exfoliating so much less because my skin is feeling so much cleaner and smoother for longer. The Clarisonic just really gives my skin the clean...
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  78. Makes such a difference!


    I could see a difference in my skin within the first week of using the Mia 2! My skin felt softer, looked smoother and the fine lines around my mouth, forehead & eyes are less noticeable. Would definitely recommend this as a "must-have" for anyone's skin regimen!
  79. i love it!!


    very good my face always feels so clean afterwards
  80. Love it


    This really improved my skin- made it a lot less dry and cleared some acne! I like the mia as it is smaller and more portable, and of course cheaper. Would recommend this.
  81. mia 2


    I am so unbelievably happy with my clarrisonic mia 2,I can't stop touching my face, because it's soooo soft, lol, I can't believe how clean my face gets, and I thought I was cleaning it before. thank you so much clarisonic for making the clarisonic mia 2
  82. Wouldnt recommend


    I have this product and dont feel the need to reach for it when cleansing my face. I receive the same results from cleansing and exfoliating my skin - i think the money could be better spent on good products.
  83. Fantastic


    Was hesitant to buy this product due to the high price point but after a week of using it, I know my money was well spent. My face feels so clean and I have had fewer breakouts. Don't think I can imagine my skincare routine without it.
  84. Really like it!


    I have combination skin, and, ever since purchasing the MIA 2, I have noticed such a big difference in my skin. I have owned facial brushes before but never a Clarisonic, and I love it! This doesn't strip my skin at all, it leaves my skin so soft and clean. This does exactly what it says, and I would definitely recommend it!
  85. Great product , too harsh for my skin


    I have very fine, sensitive skin prone to breakouts and pigmentation. I find using this too regularly worsens my skin tone however once or twice a week for a deep clean is great.
  86. Treat for the skin


    I bought the mia2 as a birthday present for myself and have been using it consistantly at night time for about 3 months. I have noticed an improvement in texture and my pores across my nose do appear clearer. I am sure regular exfoliation and masking would have similar effects, however, I do enjoy it. I am not 100% sold. It is an indulgence and not essential. I have sensitive skin and have suffere...
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  87. Not worth the hype


    I was given this as a gift, i was initially excited to use it, but can not honestly say it did anything special for my skin.
  88. Deep cleanse!


    I have sensitive skin and use this once a week with my daily cleanser(purity by philosophy) for an extra deep cleanse. I feel like after i use this my skin feels soft and gently exfoliates the dead skin cells sitting on the surface. it is expensive though but i believe it is worth it!
  89. You won't regret buying this


    Yes it costs a lot - but these last a lifetime! I've had my clarisonic for like 5 years now and haven't had any issues with it. I use it morning and night to cleanse and take makeup off. I've also just brought the foundation head attachment which is amazing. I know it might seem expensive but it's such good product and completely transforms the way you can cleanse your face!
  90. Extra clean!


    This leaves your face feeling extra clean. Foams up my face wash and feels like it really gets into all my pores and cleans out all the makeup leaving my skin feeling clean and soft
  91. Great cleanser


    I love this cleanser! I feel it really cleans the skin. I have had this for around 2 years and now can't live without it.
  92. Not for me


    I decided to purchase this after a friend recommended it. Its definitely seemed like good idea but I found it too rough on my skin (I did purchase the sensitive brush head). It does a great job of cleaning the skin but I did not notice any real benefit and wasn't for me. Definitely works for some people though.
  93. Love mine


    I always feel like this cleans my skin so much better than when I just use my hands, I sometimes get lazy and don't use it for a few weeks and I always notice my skin feels rougher and not as clear.
  94. Soft bristles


    This is great for acne, cleanses way better than rubbing cleanser into the skin as the bristles get into the pores and get the dirt one. perfect for adults with acne especially.
  95. Not completely necessary


    Had this product for a while now and wouldn't say it's improved my cleansing routine. I find it a step I try to skip as hasn't shown any benefit, compared to just applying and massaging my cleaner into my skin with fingers.
  96. My skin saviour!


    I received the Clarisonic Mia 2 for Christmas last year and after suffering from adult acne for years I definitely feel as though it has helped my skin clear up. I love the way it makes my skin feel so incredibly clean after using it. There is no way I could go back to cleansing without it.
  97. Good cleaning device


    Really good and easy facial cleaning. I am using that once a day (most days) and could not see any irritation of the skin, even if some acid products are to harsh for my skin. I am finding Clarisonic great especially if I need quick but proper cleanse as the skin feels clean and fresh just within a minute.
  98. Good Job


    I didn’t see much of an improvement with my skin though it does do a really good job at cleaning off all my make-up and making my face feel smooth.
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