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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

4.4 of 50 reviews


4 instalments of $10.00


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4 instalments of $10.00


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This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. 

  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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Finish - Powders:

  • Full shimmer

Finish - Foundation:

  • Full shimmer

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4.4 of 50 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Super long wear! Even hard to remove.

Most Helpful Criticism

not sure about this


first time using a gel eyeliner, theres pros and cons, I like the texture, and it's easy to remove, but then you need a steady hand and a really thin brush to underline your eyes
  1. Caviar Ink


    This eyeliner has amazing staying power. I have purchased my second pot and the first one lasted me 2 years. It does have a tougher consistency compared to some gel eyeliners such as Maybelline however its worth the money spent!
  2. not sure about this


    first time using a gel eyeliner, theres pros and cons, I like the texture, and it's easy to remove, but then you need a steady hand and a really thin brush to underline your eyes
  3. Best gel eyeliner


    This is the best gel eyeliner I have ever tried and the least smudgy. Normally nearly all gel eyeliners smudge on me as my eyelids are oily. However gel eyeliner pots do dry up over time so make sure you don't forget to close the lid.
  4. Famous gel eyeliner but...


    I am sure this is the great product after reading so many reviews but not sure why this makes mark on and under my eyelid (think probably due to my eye shapes.) I even mentioned about this to Bobbi Brown lady at cosme counter and she agreed it doesn’t suit for everyone!
    I haven’t used for a while so not sure why the condition of gel is... recommend you try this on to see no mark under eyes.
  5. Great


    Amazing gel liner. I love this product so much! Have tried several shades and want to add one little tip. This little jar lasts a long time, but over time it hardens up. Solve the problem by dipping your eyeliner brush into your eye make-up remover (oily type) and then back into the eyeliner - just like opening up a new bottle!
  6. Applies easily and very pigmented


    This eyeliner goes on so smoothly, is an intense black and lasts the entire day!
  7. Jet black!


    So easy to use and manipulate once you get the hang of using a gel liner. The colour pay off is so dark and it lasts without smudging and running.
  8. Really long wear!


    It's not like using a typical eye-liner pen, does need some getting-used-to, but when you do, it really is long wear! Im so glad I finally bit the bullet, best beauty decision in a while!
  9. Great opaque black liner


    I bought this with the Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush and am really happy with it! It goes on amazing. I definitely prefer the gel over the liquid liner as I feel its easier to work with. Gives a great clean edge and solid black colour.
  10. Rich dark black gel liner that doesn't budge or smear


    If you're looking for a liner which wont bleed or begin to love after a few hours i would reccommend opting for a gel liner and this one is one of my top favourite gel pot liners. It's smooth, very black and lasts a long time if the lid is secured tightly.
  11. Creamy


    Creamy and easy to use. Definitely lasts in the original creamy form longer than other brands. Easy to do a solid black wing without skipping on the eye
  12. It's okay


    I am used to applying gel eyeliner and have tried a few different brands. I noticed that this one dries out when you get to the middle, making the consistency a bit on the dry side which is not to my liking. I felt like the 2nd part of the pot was wasted to be honest because of the dry out. It would have been better to produce a smaller pot with less waste. Don't get me wrong, at the first few weeks of use the product was great. Not my favourite Bobbi Brown product.
  13. The original great gel liner


    This gel liner was the first of its kind. It is dramatic and does not move all day. It is a statement eye liner- definitely recommend!
  14. Trusty Favourite


    Stays on great, no smearing or running all day! Took some practice learning to put it on correctly because it does dry a little on the quicker side, but it works so well once you get the hang. An amazing quality formulation.
  15. Awesome!


    I bought this simply because my favourite eyeliner gel was sold out and I am glad I tried it. It's beautiful and smooth to apply, it is defiantly long lasting - you will need a good eye makeup remover to take this baby off. I have sensitive eyes and find a lot of eye products irritating, with this product my eyes were fine. Huge bonus! Highly recommend.
  16. The best!


    I find gel eyeliners so much easier to apply than regular liquid liners and this one doesn't disappoint. Doesn't smudge at all, is nicely pigmented and is less dry and gritty than other similar products. Really does the trick!
  17. Doesn't stay put on me sadly


    I often have trouble with pencil liners staying put, so I was hoping this would work for me given it's a reputed brand - however it really doesn't stay put on my upper eyelid. I have the blackest colour and a taupe colour. Disappointing for the price. Although I do seem to have tricky eyelids to please
  18. Love Bronze Shimmer


    This lasts for ages! Can be a bit tricky to apply but a good brush makes it pretty easy. Doesn't dry out like some of the other gel liners I've tried
  19. Favourite Gel Eyeliner!


    This gel eyeliner definitely lives up to it's name - it really is long lasting and also doesn't budge all throughout the day! I would recommend to anyone who wants a long lasting liner!
  20. All day wear


    I love this gel pot! It has a more durable thick consistency and doesn’t smudge, stays on all day long. My go to eyeliner pot!
  21. Caviar Ink - a great everyday shade


    I was looking for a gel eyeliner that I could wear every day - black can be a bit too harsh for during the day but some browns are just too light. Caviar Ink is great - it's a very dark brown that is very wearable. However, there are better gel formulas out there that are more waterproof and longer-lasting; but this shade I'm really happy with. I wouldn't use this on the waterline (I prefer Makeup Atelier Paris and Marc Jacobs Gel Highliner for that) but it's great for a standard eyeliner. To make it longer-laster, set it with a deep brown powder eyeshadow. Use Bobbi Brown for the shade range but, for a standard black, look to another formula.
  22. Great product


    I bought this simply because my favourite eyeliner gel was sold out and I am glad I tried it. It's beautiful and smooth to apply, it is defiantly long lasting - you will need a good eye makeup remover to take this baby off. I have sensitive eyes and find a lot of eye products irritating, with this product my eyes were fine. Huge bonus! Highly recommend.
  23. Hard to apply


    This is very long lasting however I find it a bid hard to apply especially when I want to do a fine line. Bit of a hassle to use a brush and you really need to be precise in your drawing
  24. Long lasting but better options


    Yes it's a cult product for a reason. It is genuinely long lasting and the black is a true black. But it's just a bit of a pain to apply as you need the right brush and it's not really suitable for quick morning application before work. That being said, given you only need a small amount the pot will last forever though some say it can dry out.
  25. Dry


    I bought this in Espresso Ink. I don't know if it was just mine, but unfortunately within a few weeks it dried out so much and it does not apply very smoothly. I wouldn't buy it again, especially at the price point.
  26. Beautiful eyeliner


    Easily glides on! Beautiful consistency & super dark - just how you would want it!~
  27. Long lasting eyeliner


    Maybe i'm just not use to gels but I find it a bit hard to draw my winged liner using this. But I do love using it on my lower lashes. It's very long lasting and doesn't bleed.
  28. Gel eyeliner hero


    This is an excellent gel liner and I have yet to find a product that comes close to it. It’s easy to apply (especially with a ln Hourglass brand angled brush) and doesn’t “bleed” on the lid. Also easy to smudge out to a softer / Smokey look.
  29. The best gel liner


    My all time favourite eyeliner, fantastic staying power, doesn't move even when used in the water line! I will be buying this till i die.
  30. Best eyeliner


    Stays on great, no smearing or running all day! Took some practice learning to put it on correctly because it dries fairly fast. I had to use a finer brush for a thinner line. Now that I have the hang of it, I don't think I'll ever use anything else.
  31. Excellent gel eyeliner, good alternative to MAC


    I bought this in Black after MAC started testing on animals again and I'm really happy I went with the Bobbi Brown.
    Excellent quality. It is a little more emollient than the MAC Fluidline to start out with (which may make it easier for people to use), but over time it gets a bit drier. However, the MAC Fluidlines I have owned in the past (several) have all dried up much faster. I've had my Bobbi Brown for longer than I've had any of the MAC ones and it hasn't dried up and shrunk. It is a bit drier than it started out, but it's still easy to use.

    The weartime is good as well, I've worn it to work countless times and it never smudges or fades. It works well in the waterline as well.
  32. Easy to use


    I've got it in espresso ink. The colour is light but buildable and works well with my pale skin. Smudge proof but easy to remove and doesn't bother my sensitive eyes.
  33. LOVE


    this eyeliner doesnt go anywhere, and is so black, love it heaps!
  34. The best


    best Gel eyeliner I've ever purchased. So creamy and dries quickly enough so it does not transfer. Has great staying power and is a lovely inky black.
  35. Lovely


    I have been using this for a few years now and find it is a great eyeliner that stays put especially on the waterline where all other eyeliners have failed. Never smudges even when swimming although i sometimes need a top up on the waterline. Can't live without this one. Love it!
    Be sure to close the lid after using it though! It can dry out very quickly.
  36. Best formula


    This was recommended by a friend and I was really happy with the quality! I find it long wearing and love that it is jet black. Will be purchasing again!
  37. THE BEST!!!


    I love this eyeliner, it is absolutely perfect for tightlining to top lash and there is absolutely no transfer to the bottom lash line. It stays put!!!
  38. Holy grail


    This cult classic definitely lives up to its name. It is long-lasting and does not smear, applies smoothly with no gunks, and has strong colour payoff. Although it is on the pricier side, it is absolutely worth the investment.
  39. Fantastic Product!


    The Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is must product for everyday for me. It is not gluggy or hard to use. It stays on until I cleanse my face and that could be 17 hours later and the eyeliner will looks fresh and not faded.
  40. My holy grail gel eyeliner


    This is my go to gel eyeliner for either tightlining or a winged eye. This stuff will not budge. It doesn’t smear or flake off. More often than I’d like to admit, I’ve woken up the next morning with perfect winged liner still in place (even though the rest of my makeup has disintegrated).
    This has a great smooth texture that makes it easy to apply with either a fine tipped or angled eyeliner brush.
    Also, this won’t dry out in the jar like some other gel liners do. A pot of this will last you almost a full year with everyday use. Well worth the money.
  41. good product


    I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown products. I find this eyeliner lasts all day and is best for the eyelid not so much the water line. The bobbi brown eyeliner brush is amazing with this product though.
  42. Dried out after a short period of time


    I love Bobbi Brown products and had heard great things about this eye liner but unfortunately did not have a good experience with this product. It dried out after a couple of months which made it difficult to use.
  43. Easy to use


    This is a great eyeliner. Really easy to apply which is a plus for me when I'm in a rush in the mornings. It is still in perfect condition after a full day. Will buy again for sure!
  44. Does not budge


    Longest gel liner I've ever tried. The only gel liner that won't budge or transfer on my hooded eyes. Love it!!
  45. Amazing Gel Eyeliner!


    This is my Holy Grail Gel Eyeliner - it is of a very high quality and stays in place all day long and dosen't smudge! It has a smooth texture and applies well. Would reccommend to others!
  46. Long wearing gel liner


    Wanted to treat myself to a high end gel liner and purchased Sepia ink for an everyday liner. Really nice muted soft brown colour. Not too harsh looking on the upper lid. Nice formula and stays all day, ALL DAAAAAY! The only downside is that it drys out quickly! I have to use a teeny tiny bit of jojoba oil on my liner brush to get the product out. I want to try the classic black ink but AD doesn't seem to stock this cult favourite :/
  47. Amazing Product!

    Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love the chocolate shimmer, it looks amazing when it is smudged along the lash line once it has been applied. It is super long lasting also!
  48. Doesn't budge!


    Expensive but ridiculously long lasting and budge proof.
  49. Best Long Wear eyeliner


    I love Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel liner. Best product for the waterline. It doesnt smudge and it will stay on all day! I havent found another gel liner that is as good as this for the waterline.
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