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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes 25 wipes

4.2 of 52 reviews


4 instalments of $5.25


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4 instalments of $5.25


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Sensibio H2O wipes: Cleansing and make-up removing wipes for sensitive to intolerant skin.

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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4.2 of 52 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good makeup remover


it is very gentle on skin and removes makeup very easily and fairly quickly as compared to other makeup removers. i have oily skin and it takes away the access oil too from the face.

Most Helpful Criticism

Love these but not for the rpice


These are great on my dry skin, but are not strong enough to remove eye makeup. While I love how my skin feels after using them, the price tag is too much for what the wipes can achieve.
  1. good makeup remover


    it is very gentle on skin and removes makeup very easily and fairly quickly as compared to other makeup removers. i have oily skin and it takes away the access oil too from the face.
  2. Love these but not for the rpice


    These are great on my dry skin, but are not strong enough to remove eye makeup. While I love how my skin feels after using them, the price tag is too much for what the wipes can achieve.
  3. perfect for travelling


    great to take with you when you don't want to risk having a leaky bottle!
  4. The easiest way to remove makeup


    These wipes are hands down the easiest way to remove makeup.
  5. handy!


    love having these in my handbag for when I go out or go away and don't feel like carrying the entire bottle of micellar water with me !
  6. Nice wipes


    These wipes are great for removing makeup. Remove all eye makeup easily and leave the skin feeling very soft and refreshed. Love using these to clean the skin before bed
  7. Good!


    These are good- they do what they say they will and are quite effective. However for the price i think I would go with cheaper in future..
  8. love this


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  9. Would recommend for travel


    Expensive at nearly $1/ wipe. Works well on the go, always moistened and never dries out. I love these for removing finicky eye makeup.
  10. Fresh and clean


    These wipes are perfect for removing make up and cleansing the face. They make my face feel so fresh and clean.
  11. So good


    These don't totally dry out your face, but the physical exfoliation of using wipes may be too much for some. It's a decent set of wipes, but not too cheap.
  12. Super convenient way to remove makeup


    A super convenient way to remove makeup, an excellent product to have on the go.
  13. Quality


    These don't dry out and work very well to remove eye makeup too! Great option from bioderma again - consistent quality with the micellar waters in their line
  14. The best face wipes!


    These are honestly the best, unlike most face wipes they won't dry your face out. Super hydrating and remove all traces of makeup
  15. Alright


    These wipes are pretty good. Doesn't really remove eyeliner and mascara very well considering the price tag. Probably could find a cheaper alternative
  16. Micellar wipes


    Very easy to use these micellar wipes on the go. They removed my makeup fairly well, but struggled a little with eyeliner and mascara. Very pricey though.
  17. amazing


    These are as good as their incredible micellar water, but more travel friendly! It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely natural scent afterwards
  18. Great


    Love this product it’s gentle and makes my skin soft and removes makeup leaving skin nice it’s great after a long day or night when you want an quick and easy way to remove makeup or cleanse your face it doesn’t make your face itchy like most products on the market
  19. adore these


    Cleans make up off so well! Very gentle on skin, great for sensitive skin types!
  20. great wipes


    These are so gentle on my super sensitive skin! It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I would recommend this to anyone!
  21. A good wipe but not as effective as the Bioderma micelar water


    Bought for a flight, I have normal to dry skin.
    I liked the micelar from the same brand and thought the wipes would be useful for long haul. They didn’t irritate my skin at all but were much more drying and less effective than the micelar else on cotton wool. I don’t think this will be a repeat purchase.
  22. Perfect for travelling!


    These are perfect for travelling when I'm on the go. And I love that they're so gentle on my super sensitive skin!
  23. So hydrating


    Love these wipes, I have used many through my lifetime and all of them seem to dry out my skin.. except for this one! I use it through the day to refresh my face as I can't stand the thought of any dirt on my face and it keeps me feeling fresh & hydrated. I would definitely recommend!
  24. I wanted to love these…


    I love Bioderma micellar water - I'm practically evangelical about the stuff. The main positive about these wipes is the quality of the micellar water they're infused with. They're gentle but effective on the skin.
    Unfortunately the wipes themselves are not great quality. It is hard to pull out just one - I end up with a handful of four or five each time. The package was difficult to open and near impossible to reseal. And the wipes themselves tear apart quite easily. I bought them for travel, and to use in my gym bag, but I don't think I will repurchase.
  25. Nice wipes


    Expensive for what they are, but very effective while still being gentle and don't leave any residue behind
  26. Great


    I normally don't use make-up wipes very often, mostly when travelling. For some reason all wipes I used before irritated and dried out my skin. These are the first wipes I really like. I will repurchase.
  27. Great for getting makeup off late at night


    I find these are great for getting my makeup off late at night, it just makes the process really easy.
  28. Work well


    I find these wipes are great for getting super heavy makeup.
  29. Great for travelling


    Great for travelling, good for cleaning sensitive skin. A necessity.
  30. on the go product


    These are the known great formula in a wipe form. great for travel to take off makeup and feel fresh.
  31. in love with them

    perfecting skin

    very refreshing and highly recommended for sensitive skin. i use them to take off my makeup when i am lazy to use a makeup remover. they never irritated my sensitive skin.
  32. handy for the handbag


    These wipes are a good alternative when the bottle isn't on hand. I do find them a bit on the pricey side for what they are and other cheaper bands can make a good substitute.
  33. No scent, no residue, very gentle but effective


    I really love these wipes for gently removing every trace of dirt and makeup from my skin. For reeeally lazy nights, I will use these wipes, then go over my skin with the Bioderma Micellar water. My skin is left feeling clean and fresh.
  34. Unsure


    These work good but not as great for makeup removal as some on the market. These are nice on sensitive skin however.


    I like how these wipes have less of the bad stuff in them than most wipes on the market, however, they do not work as well as I had hoped for in taking off my leftover mascara/eyeliner smudges that are left under my eye if I do not cleanse my face the night before. I have to work at it a bit and that causes some tugging on the skin, not good. Also, the wipes leave my undereye area feeling dry and tight, not like some wipes I have used that feel moisturizing. I will use these but plan to continue my quest for another one that I can alternate these with.
  36. Ok


    This is just a really basic makeup wipes that cleans the makeup and dirt off my face.
  37. Disappointing


    I use the micelle solution with a halo, which is the perfect combo for clean skin but these wipes were a disappointment. They felt dry and were far less effective than cheaper brands you can buy at the supermarket.
    I’m prone to breakouts if I don’t get all my makeup off and unfortunately these wipes just didn’t cut it - I broke out, something that never happens when I use the halo.
  38. exceptional


    I found these wipes are awesome removing all makeup and dirt plus an added bonus is the lovely aroma. Highly recommend them plus will reorder.
  39. Great


    Great wipes for removing make up gently. My skin always feels fresh after using this.
  40. Nice


    This is a nice set of wipes. Very good at removing makeup without irritating my skin
  41. Handy but won’t 100% cleanse


    Wipes are convenient but not as effective as the micellar formula. These are good for travelling or for taking the majority of your makeup off if you are to follow with a thorough cleanse. These are also pricey for wipes.
  42. Good for travelling


    I prefer the solution but sometimes wipes are easier when traveling especially if you can't fit in cotton pads and a big bottle of solution. Handy to carry in your bag too
  43. Great


    I wouldnt use this everyday as wipes are a little rough on my sensitive skin but these are a life saver when youre feeling lazy! I usually use the bioderma micellar water to remove my makeup every day but these are great when you dont have time.
  44. Good for a face wipe


    I don't usually like face wipes as I find them a bit harsh on my skin but these are good and not harsh on my skin
  45. Not For Me.


    I've been using the Bioderma Micellar Water since it was introduced into Australia and I LOVE IT. I also like makeup remover wipes for easy days and travel and thought these would be perfect. They're definitely not for me. I have extremely sensitive skin and these irritated my skin instantly.
    I've managed to buy a very expensive hand wipe when I thought I would have something brilliant for makeup removal especially when travelling. I do appreciate that something I can't use could be great for someone with less sensitive skin but as these are designed and targeted for SENSITIVE skin I expected wonders, which I certainly haven't got.
  46. Great makeup removing wipes


    These wipes are nothing short of amazing! They remove my industrial strength foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) in one sweep without leaving my skin red and irritated. Great purchase.
  47. lazy day life saver!


    I use these when i cant be bothered going through the whole double cleanse routine. I usually use the bioderma micellar water but when im feeling lazy these are a amazing to have on hand! They are also a great idea to take on holidays and on long haul flights.
  48. love bioderma


    this cleansing wipes is so gentle on my skin. it takes off my makeup easily and doesn't irritate my skin at all! sometimes my face would get a bit red but not with this one! definitely a repurchase
  49. Does the job


    You can never go wrong with make up remover wipes but these are amazing as they are very gentle on the skin and takes of my makeup in one wipe!
  50. Removed it all with no irritation


    I also got these from the four piece lucky dip in Adore beauty. They do exactly what they say they do! They are quite powerful when it comes to removing make up and unlike other brands I've used - didn't dry my skin or make it irritated. This is a great product for if you go traveling and cant quite keep to your beauty routine or if your feeling a bit lazy before bed, hehe. I would consider buying them for my next trip away.
  51. Amazing Wipes!


    I got these in my 4 piece lucky dip kit from Adore Beauty. They are fabulous! Completely remove my full face of makeup with no irritation. A little bit pricey but worth the splurge when your face needs a good clean.
  52. Perfect for my lazy days

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love looking after my skin. In fact, it's my job to know how to look after my skin!

    That being said, even I have days where it's just too much to do a whole double cleanse routine after getting home - if it's late and I just want my makeup off (and NOW) this is the perfect product.

    These wipes are super gentle on my sensitive skin, they don't sting or irritate like some wipes can, and do a really excellent job of removing my makeup. I keep a pack of these in my travel kit, and a pack in my bedside table (along with my emergency moisturiser) - just in case I've completely crashed in bed and can't be bothered hovering over the sink to get the job done.

    I love these!
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