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Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate Serum 40ml

4.6 of 86 reviews


4 instalments of $12.25

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4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate Serum is a moisturising concentrate for dehydrated skin, this serum intensely moisturises and strengthens the skin thanks to the Aquagenium® Patent.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate Serum Reviews

4.6 of 86 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

life changer


Never used serums before this product and it is life changing! Absorbs so well and my skin always feels so hydrated, fresh and glowy

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad but not great


Not completely sold on this one. It’s passable but certainly not as impactful as some of the other reviews lead me to believe! Worth a try, but probably wouldn’t purchase again. Just didn’t seem to tick the box for my skin...
  1. life changer


    Never used serums before this product and it is life changing! Absorbs so well and my skin always feels so hydrated, fresh and glowy
  2. great


    I love the texture of this serum lightweight and absorbs beautifully
  3. Not bad but not great


    Not completely sold on this one. It’s passable but certainly not as impactful as some of the other reviews lead me to believe! Worth a try, but probably wouldn’t purchase again. Just didn’t seem to tick the box for my skin...
  4. great serum


    verified purchaser
    it doesnt have the same texture as normal serums, but it sinks into the skin nicely and has a silky texture. keeps my skin hydrated during winter. will be repurchasing.
  5. Hydrating and feels great!


    This product is lovely, and feels great. Not sure if the results last longer than a few hours though.
  6. Just.. okay?


    I used this hoping it would be similar to the DE B-Hydra (because it's a much more affordable price point!), but it didn't live up to expectations. It's in between a gel and serum consistency, and I found that it didn't really soak in and hydrate my skin. It seemed to sit on the surface a little bit. It was okay, but I wanted more moisture. If you have more oily than dry skin and you don't need as...
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  7. Very hydrating and nourishing


    verified purchaser
    I was able to try a deluxe sample of this and I enjoyed using it that I ordered a full size.

    It is very hydrating and nourishing. It is thicker than other hydrating serums, which makes it great for winter weather but it might be too much for warmer months. It has a slightly tacky texture that some may not appreciate but great for keeping your skin moisturised.
  8. Hydrating


    Quite a good serum that contains hyaluronic acid to retain moisture
  9. So hydrating & dewy

    Amy P

    verified purchaser
    Absolutely love this serum. I use it over the top of a vitamin c serum and it sits perfectly leaving skin dewy and very hydrated. I Also apply makeup directly on top once it’s soaked in a little and love the results.
  10. amazing for sensitive skin


    a lot of creams and serums irritate my skin but this just sinks right in and leaves my skin soft and supple
  11. Nice product but not sure where to fit in my routine


    I got this as a sample recently and whilst I enjoyed using the product I am not really clear what spot it would take in my usual routine as it's not quite hydrating enough to replace a moisturiser and a bit too heavy/sticky to be a serum before moisturiser. If you had quite oily skin it might suit but I found it just wasn't enough ffor my combo skin
  12. Not for very dry and sensitised skin


    Unfortunately I didn't get on well with this serum. My skin currently becomes very, very sensitive and irritated after using a prescribed retinol cream from the dermatologist. This serum didn't soothe my skin or provide it with extra hydration. Instead it feels like the gel texture just sits on top of my skin instead of absorbing. It also doesn't soothe it like I expected it would. Not for me and ...
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  13. sits very well under makeup


    I love using this under my moisturiser it really hydrates my skin
  14. hydration but non greasy


    It surprised me. It is easy to absorb, and even I use it after other serums. I love to use it as the last step of my daily skincare.
  15. Great Serum


    A great general hydration serum with a gel-like consistency.
  16. great for dry skin


    wears well under moisturiser and makeup and keeps my skin from drying out
  17. like it


    Makes my skin so soft, applied day and night on my skin and neck.
  18. I love this serum!


    The product stated that moisturisers very dehydrated, sensitive skin and that’s exactly what it does.
    I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft.
    It also causes no problems for my skin which is awesome.
  19. Beautiful and Cooling Moisturiser

    Amy B

    Got this as a sample, and loved the effects it had on my skin. I feel like my skin is more dewy, and healthy. Love this moisturiser and have now added it in to my skincare routine. Only thing is if you are sensitive to fragrance it does smell lovely, but not a natural smell.
  20. very moisturizing


    helps my skin out when I use this in the morning before my normal moisturiser :)
  21. works perfectly under makeup


    so nice and hydrating
  22. so hydrating


    loved using a sample I got of this and will buy the full size one day!
  23. Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate Serum


    A perfect day moisturiser that isnt too heavy and is easily absorbed. Use this in the morning and for extra moisture I pair it with the cream
  24. Good.


    I received a travel size tube of this serum as part of a free gift with order. This is a decent hydrating serum. If it didn’t contain fragrance it would great. It also balls up under the sunscreen I’m currently using so I only use it at night but I’ve been waking up with very soft skin. Not sure if I’ll buy again or not.
  25. Lovely and creamy


    A lovely hydrating serum, really does boost your skins moisture levels and leaves it feeling soft, hydrated and really nourished
  26. Good


    Got this as a free sample and tried it for a week. I have oil skin but it works for me. Moisturizing without feeling greasy.
  27. feels incredible


    its like a glass of water for your skin
  28. Very moisturizing


    This is very good for sensitive dry skin. I have oily skin but it can be dehydrated and flaky and times and this is quite light but it moisturises nicely. It does not irritate my skin at all and feels very good underneath my moisturiser.
  29. Hydration station!


    First time trying a Bioderma product and very impressed! This serum glides on and absorbs nicely leaving my skin feeling very hydrated and soft. I have combination skin and it doesn't make my skin look shiny or greasy. The product itself smells clean and fresh, it goes really well under make up and keeps my skin hydrated all day. Would purchase again.
  30. perfect serum for sensitive skin


    I absolutely love this. wow.

    so light and hydrating and makes my makeup look amazing because my skin is no longer dry!
  31. Sample


    Tried a sample and found it to have some decent short term hydration but nothing long term in my opinion. I did enjoy the smooth plumping effects
  32. Gift with purchase


    Great light weight serum! Easily absorbed into the skin and provides great hydration. I have combination skin and this works really well for me in days I’m feeling a little dry. On days I’m on the oiler side I replace my moisturiser with this.
  33. Just amazing


    Nothing else quite like this, just makes my skin feel amazing and it’s unlikely I’ll ever switch from this again. It’s great for dry, sensitive skin and makes my skin feel like a babys bum. I usually use it as moisturister after other thinner serums.
  34. Hydrating


    Got a sample of this and have to say I love Bioderma skincare! It is intensely hydrating without feeling heavy. Leaves my skin with a gorgeous glow and dewiness
  35. Not for very dry skin


    Tried a sample of this serum, and I was not impressed.It is not moisturising enough for me.
  36. Hydrating and moisturising


    This face serum really hydrates the skin and gives it a lovely glow. I would recommend this serum if you were looking for one that deeply moisturises the skin.
  37. Game Changer


    This serum changed my skin's flaky and oily complexion completely after about 3 wks use; I noticed a small changes almost instantly. I highly recommend this for other people with oily flaky skin.
  38. Really nice


    Nice consistency, really moisturising without being greasy and sticky. Feels and smells really fresh
    I have really reactive sensitive skin and this was great, didn’t irritate me or make me red
    Would buy again
  39. Good


    This moisturising serum is really good for dehydrated skin. Made my skin feel very smooth and hydrated
  40. Good


    This serum changed my skin's flaky and oily complexion completely after about 3 wks use; I noticed a small changes almost instantly. I highly recommend this for other people with oily flaky skin.
  41. Nourishing


    I have always loved the cult of Bioderma through their micellar water but thought I would delve into their skincare. As it is winter my skin can feel dehydrated and this was lovely, simple no frills does what it says on the tin.
  42. Lightweight but very moisturising


    I love this serum. I have dehydrated skin that gets oily but also flaky in parts during the winter. I need something very moisturising but struggle to find a moisturiser that is light enough but also moisturising enough. This is perfect as it is light but very moisturising. It doesn't make me breakout. I use this and then just a very simple moisturiser over to seal it in.
  43. Beautiful Serum!


    This serum is lightweight and goes perfectly under your makeup! I have extremely dry skin so makeup tends to turn flakey throughout the day but applying this serum before my foundation gives me a more dewy makeup look. If you have dry skin this is definitely the product for you, I saw real results within the first 2 weeks of using it.
  44. Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate Serum


    I like this product, but I found it to be like any other moisturiser. I don't think it made the biggest difference to my skin, but it did feel nice. My skin can be sensitive and this didn't irritate it.
  45. love love love.


    love this! it hydrated your skin so much and creates a perfect base for powder foundation, takes away the cakey look that I get when I use powder on dry skin. perfect product with no fragrance or irritants!
  46. Very hydrating


    I found this to work amazing on my skin! It looks so beautiful and hydrated after I use it. Seems to work well with all my other products too.
  47. Good


    This serum changed my skin's flaky and oily complexion completely after about 3 wks use; I noticed a small changes almost instantly. I highly recommend this for other people with oily flaky skin.
  48. Good for eczema.


    I recently had a bad flare up of eczema on my face and nothing would stop it at all. I was using prescription steroid cream and moisturiser for over two weeks and there was no improvement. I had a sample of this from a previous order and thought I'd give it a go. Within a day my problem skin was almost completely cleared. This is so so hydrating and light, it's like nothing I've used before for hy...
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  49. Very light and hydrating


    I love this serum. It is very light but very hydrating. My skin gets congested very easily if I use anything too heavy but it is also dehydrated, so this perfect. My skin is also very sensitive and breaks out easily and this hasn't irritated it or made it break out. It is quite expensive but you don't need much so hopefully it should last a while.
  50. Does what it says!


    This was my first hyaluronic acid purchase. It definitely has a scent/fragrance which I initially thought was quite strong but now I enjoy. I have dry/dehydrated and at times sensitive skin and this has helped with locking in moisture. It absolutely does not cause any irritation for my sensitive skin and sits beautifully under facial oils and moisturiser. The texture is like a light lotion and spr...
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  51. Have to have


    I had a 15ml sample and was using it as a moisturiser, so I ran out within 3 days. Then when I went to buy the full size I actually realise it's a serum, d'oh! I love what this does to my skin. I have oily and congested prone skin. This is amazing, it's the first product I really noticed that helped with oil control and my skin feels so hydrated.
  52. Very hydrating serum


    This serum is extremely hydrating; i have slightly dry skin and this serum is amazing. It also helps to lower the redness I get on my cheeks and nose.
  53. One of the best serum for sensitive skin


    This one's always remain in my beauty routine. As someone who got extremely dry and highly sensitive skin I had so much trouble finding something that does not harm me. I never had any allergic reaction to this and yet it highly hydrates me skin.
    Amazing product and would recommend!
  54. Use at night


    I love this to sleep in as part of my routine. I always wakeup with baby soft skin. highly recommend
  55. Excellent product!


    I have normal-dry skin prone to hormonal breakouts. This product is beautiful. Its not oily, super hydrating, and makes my skin glow. It even feel okay over super irritated areas of my skin. I would definitely purchase this again.
  56. Hydrating to the max


    Love this product!! Don't even need moisturizer. So hydrating and you don't need much.
  57. GREAT


    This serum changed my skin's flaky and oily complexion completely after about 3 wks use; I noticed a small changes almost instantly. I highly recommend this for other people with oily flaky skin.
  58. Traveled Europe and only needed this and cleanser


    I went overseas for roughly 6 weeks. Used this am and pm after cleansing. My skin was super hydrated and never oily. I have very dehydrated and sensitive skin prone to redness and blemishes.
    Was perfect as an eye cream also!
  59. Very hydrating


    Used this in my everyday routine for quite some time and the product not once let me down. Although some products become less effective the more you use them, this one kept my skin hydrated with and without make-up used for the whole working day. My only qualm is that you have a lot left in the bottle even after the pump does not produce any... but that's a regular problem with pump applicators so...
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  60. good for everyday


    For sensitive skin this is the perfect serum. It soothes and hydrates. In warm months I get away with using this as a moisturiser!
  61. Glowing


    There is nothing worse than having oily skin but feeling like it is dry and adding moisturisers that just make you feel even more oily and causing you to break out. This product changed the game for me, it makes me skin nice and plump without causing me to get over oily or break out.
  62. Great everyday


    I wanted something thirst quenching enough for my sensitive dehydrated skin. This is perfect. I instantly feel hydrated and the feeling lasts. Its sinks in to your skin so easily and is a perfect serum before moisturising.
  63. Hydrated


    My skin is so hydrated after using this. So light but hydrates so well.
  64. Very hydrating and non-irritating


    This product has a gel texture. It feels quite light when spreading but it is very hydrating and nourishing. It does leave my skin a bit sticky after application but nothing unbearable. The thing I love most about this product is that it is completely non-irritating. I had a bad reaction with retinoid which left me two patches of red, inflamed skin. They sting even when I am just applying hyaluron...
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  65. Soaks into skin easily


    This is the best skin care product I own.
    Its also one of the hardest to find any stock of so when I find it I buy a couple.
    It is quite expensive but works a treat!
    This serum is not oily at all and the skin soaks it up almost immediately. It has a pleasant scent and the packaging is quite easy to use.
  66. loved this one


    made my skin feel so hydrated and plump without any sticky residue, lovely product!
  67. Love it!


    I was sent a sample of this product by Adore Beauty and I love it!! The product itself is a gel consistency. Love using on days my skin feels dry or needs a pick me up. My skin just drinks this product up and is left feeling smooth and plump! There is no sticky or oily residue. A little goes a long way.


    IM INLOVE!! i got this as a sample and i was a bit funny at the start about using it but i know and using the sample everyday and its lasted so long because a little bit goes a long way and it makes my skin amazing and soft and it soaks in immediately, ive fallen in love and defs going to buy the full product.
  69. Super hydrating without the breakouts


    I am very cautious of what moisturisers i use as 9 times out of 10 they cause my face to breakout, but this product is amazing! It made my skin feel so soft and smooth all day, and didn't cause me to breakout. I got this as a sample, but i will definitely be purchasing this product
  70. LOVE this


    The texture feels so silky smooth, and it makes my skin so plump, I like that this has no irritating ingredients in it and it doesn't clog pores or break me out! a great hydrating serum!
  71. So good!


    I’m a big fan of serums due to having a very oily t-zone. Most don’t really cut it. But this one goes on very light and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. A little goes a long way.
  72. I love this stuff


    I have extremely sensitive skin so I’m always careful with what I use in case it breaks me out or makes me red, this is so simple and it makes me feel really refreshed and clean. Kinda reminds me of aloe Vera gel
  73. A winter essential


    Really helps my dry skin in the cold winter months and doesn't break me out.
  74. LOVE THIS.


    omg one of my favourite products!
    it's basically like a glass of water for you skin. it has a sort of siloney texture and is very silky when you spread it on your phase, it has no fragrance which I love and it just keeps my face so soft and hydrated. it's just awesome !
  75. Wonderful on winter skin


    I received this as a deluxe sample and loved it so much I purchased a full size as soon as it ran out. I have combo skin that gets really dry in winter and this serum has brought back my summertime glow. My skin feels super smooth and looks fresh and hydrated. I ditched the hyaluronic serum I was previously using and now wear this under moisturiser. Not sure how it will go in summer but right now ...
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  76. Perfect


    A really good addition to any dry/normal/sensitive skin routine, sinks in quickly, does as advertised, doesn't break you out. Honestly I use this morning and night and in the morning this is now all I'll use as it works so well under makeup (if I wear any) I don't feel like I need another moisturiser product to go with it. Nighttime I'll use it before a night cream and it really helps it soak in a...
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  77. Light and hydrating


    Light serum that sinks instantly into skin, providing an extra boost of hydration for those with very dry skin. No fragrance so perfect for sensitive skin and you only need the tiniest amount so the bottle will last a long time. I definitely notice a difference when I use this compared to when I don't and just apply moisturiser. Overall good fuss-free, simple serum for that extra moisture kick. Di...
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  78. A great moisturising layer


    This is a good serum to layer under other moisturisers/oils in winter - it will depend on your skin type. My skin is quite dry and needs lots more moisture than this provides on its own. But it feels beautiful on the skin, sinks in quickly and smells nice. Ultimately I think there are better hydrating serums on the market, but if your skin isn't totally parched, this could be a good option.
  79. Smooth Skin


    I use this as one of my morning moisturizers and its amazing for any day, make up or make up free. Having oily skin this is great it hydrates and moisturizes my skin without making it break out!!
  80. Lovely lightweight moisturiser


    I received a sample of this moisturiser with my Adore Beauty order. It has a lightweight, gel-like consistency which works perfectly on my combination, easily congested skin. I like the inclusion of niacinimide, which is known to help improve barrier function. I find that this moisturiser absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I've been using it at night, but I think it would als...
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  81. So good!

    Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This product is crazy good and I’m loving it. It feels super hydrating and just keeps my skin looking smooth and plump. Dehydration lines disappear instantly and the scent is really pleasant. Would definitely recommend for everyone feeling like they need extra hydration. :-)
  82. The best thing ever


    It is so incredibly moisturizing,thin and absorbs quickly I love this so much and will never use another moisturiser again
  83. Feels fabulous on my skin!


    I received this product as a freebie and is recommended for dry skin. My skin is combination/oily. However, unable to resist a freebie, so I tried it. I found that it absorbed quickly, it did not irritate my skin, had a great fragrance without being too overpowering and that a little bit goes a long way! I only use it at night time as it does not have any SPF in it but it does a great job of keepi...
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  84. Very moisturising


    This is a thick gel cream that applies smoothly and absorbs very quickly.
    It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I apply this over a serum because to me, this is more moisturising than a typical serum and is more like a moisturiser.
    I apply this morning and night and my skin looks dewy and plumped up.
    Over time it looks and feels smoother and softer.
    It doesn't irrita...
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  85. Excellent product


    I also received this product as a sample from Adore. I found most moisturisers make me break out and as I'm in my 50's this is very depressing and embarrassing. This is the first product which didn't cause breakouts. It is very light, yet moisturising. I will continue to purchase this product.
  86. Fresh and moisturising


    I work in a hot, dry environment which leaves my skin very dry. This product is light, refreshing and very moisturising. You only need to use a little bit and it goes on beautifully. I love it.
  87. Brilliant!


    I received a sample of this with another purchase and I'm very impressed! I have very dry skin, especially in winter. This product works extremely well and a little bit goes a long way. Fantastic!
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