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Benefit Roller Lash Mini Curling Mascara

4.5 of 270 reviews


4 instalments of $6.00

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4 instalments of $6.00

Or 4 instalments of $6.00 with LEARN MORE

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Benefit Roller Lash Mini Curling Mascara Reviews

4.5 of 270 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail


I have used this a lot of time and hands down my fave . It has such great formula and the wand is super easy to use and gives a great lash lift and curl for someone with very straight lashes. Highly recommended and mini size is great lasts me long time

Most Helpful Criticism



this is overpriced for the quality, nothing amazing at all, cheaper mascaras have been a lot better
  1. Holy grail


    verified purchaser
    I have used this a lot of time and hands down my fave . It has such great formula and the wand is super easy to use and gives a great lash lift and curl for someone with very straight lashes. Highly recommended and mini size is great lasts me long time
  2. Non-Clumping Mascara!


    verified purchaser
    I purchased the mini as a safe bet just incase I wouldn't like it, but to my surprise it's a great mascara! I have tried many brands over the years and never really stuck to a certain mascara, but I think this is the one. It goes on wet and smooth with ease and does not clump, no smudging throughout the day and lasts!
  3. Length and volume in spades


    Can't believe I hadn't tried this OG mascara until now! It really does give volume and length to my lashes. The different length bristles on the wand really help you get every little lash. I did find it smudged a little under my eyes, but I haven't been wearing foundation or concealer, and therefore not powdering under my eyes, so I think that could be it. Definitely a mascara I will keep in my la...
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  4. Lovely mascara although I didn't notice the curl


    verified purchaser
    I really liked this mascara, it made my lashes look thick, long and glossy without that lumpy, cluggy look. I can't say it made my eye lashes curl- it might be that I wasn't applying it properly.
    Despite this, I would certainly buy this again, it was definitely one of the better mascaras I've used.
  5. The best so far


    My favorite mascara of 2019. Very nice, natural, not clumpy, not runny. Just great. I know it is pricey, but you pay for a good thing here
  6. I regret buying it


    I curled my lashes very well with an eyelash curler but once I applied this mascara my lashes will be straight again, I’m pretty sure it’s because of this mascara as all other mascaras work for me. The only good thing is the small brush makes it easy to apply to lower lash line.
  7. Curly and full


    verified purchaser
    Leaves my lashes curled and full. Easy to use and the brush shape means I can skip curling my lashes. Doesn’t flake or dry and lasts all day without smudging.
  8. overpriced


    this is overpriced for the quality, nothing amazing at all, cheaper mascaras have been a lot better
  9. The Best Ever


    verified purchaser
    I was looking for a really good mascara, have tried quite a few over the years ! saw this one and read the reviews and decided to give it a try...I"m loving it!, easy application, eyelashes look amazing, no smudgyness , very black...bought the Mini Benefit Curler..Next time I will purchase the big one!
  10. Holy Grail Mascara


    The only mascara I’ve re-purchased 10+ times. The wand is the perfect shape to create big curls and the formula feels light on my lashes.
  11. Best for travel!


    I’m obsessed with this mascara and I buy every time I travel, it lasts so long and really does lift your lashes and curl!
  12. Good


    I received a sample/gift of this and it's actual pretty good. Gives a good volume and doesn't go clumpy.
  13. im on my 5th tube!


    I keep going back to buy this mascara, its the best! It makes my lashes look so much longer and fuller!
  14. Great


    This really coats my lashes very well and my lashes look curled all day. No smudging or fallouts
  15. Not sure


    I can't decide with this mascara. Although the brush is amazing, it doesn't stay on all day. I mostly use this for the lower lashes as it works better on those.

  16. LOVE


    i absolutely love this mascara. it doesn't clump on my lashes and i can take it away for travelling too. it gives volume to the lashes too
  17. very cute


    Very cute packaging. This mascara doesn't clump my lashes and gives that cruel to the lashes. Also very black
  18. curls and lengthens


    i have very short and straight lashes and find most mascaras only add a bit of length to my lashes but this product worked so well to curl them and give them some shape! definitely going to be buying the full size when i run out
  19. Great


    THis makes my lashes look really long and curled. Love it
  20. Meh ...


    Sure it holds curl but it is a bit gluggy and you need your lash comb for this one. It doesn’t leave panda eyes which is also good. Is it better than maybelline great lash? No. Is it worth the extra money? No.
  21. Meh ...


    Sure it holds curl but it is a bit gluggy and you need your lash comb for this one. It doesn’t leave panda eyes which is also good. Is it better than maybelline great lash? No. Is it worth the extra money? No.
  22. love


    I love how long these make my lashes look, not clumpy at all
  23. Curling


    Curls my lashes and holds them up. Some type of magic! Highly recommend trying the mini at least
  24. Amazing!


    I've used this for years now, it makes my lashes look big and curled but not clumpy, which is a huge plus.
  25. amazing mascara


    I've seen youtube talk about this is I ended up buying the mini and let me tell you it makes my lashes look longer which I love. so I brought the bigger one.
  26. My favourite mascara


    I have been using this mascara for years, tried others and this is still my number 1. It applies enough mascara without looking too much, and it never goes yuck like other mascaras. When I use other mascaras I still finish with my empty benefit mascara as the brush separates your lashes so well.
  27. Go to Mascara


    I have short eyelashes but whenever i use this mascara it makes my eye lashes look so long and full of volume. Totally worth a try.
  28. Mini curls


    this little mini curling mascara is so cute! so handy to keep in your handbag!
  29. Good Mascara


    I do find this product does a great job at curling my straight lashes, without clumping my lashes. It doesnt work well for adding volume, but that isnt what it is aimed to do, so that is okay.
    Also find the product does dry up quicker than some other mascaras I have.
  30. Great


    Amazing mascara. Benefit kills the mascara game and this is no different! Loving it right now.
  31. Good purchase


    Purchased the smaller size to try, and so far really like this mascara. Gives great length to your lashes without clumping them together or looking too thick. I did however find that it was a little heavy, so my lashes seemed to drop sooner that with other mascaras.
  32. Great


    This mascara keeps my lashes curled and full all day long. No smudging.
  33. THE BEST


    This is the best mascara. Such a good formula which lengthens, and great applicator which helps separate lashes.
  34. Favourite mascara


    Roller is my favourite mascara, so having the small version is perfect when I'm travelling or just for the handbag.
  35. Immovable


    This stuff stays on. Love the small size - it doesn't dry out before i have a chance to get to the end of the tube. Great brush that doesn't load on too much product, meaning no clumps on the lashes.
  36. Great


    This mascara keeps my stubborn lashes curled all day and it looks good even at the end of the day
  37. A mascara that does what it says!


    Finally a mascara that does what it says! I bought a mini version to try out and I am obsessed. Keeps my lashes curled all day. 100% recommend!
  38. Soooo good


    I got this as a sample and I am obsessed!!! It really does as it claims my lashes are separated and curled and lasts all day! No flaming or smudging and really curls so easily. Going to purchase full size once this mini runs out!
  39. I’ve found the one!


    I’ve been looking for a long time for a good mascara that isn’t clumpy and makes my long lashes go bam, and I’m happy to say that I have found it! I have always used Day To Night by Rimmel and I had found nothing that has came close to that Priceline steal... until now!
    If you are a gal with long lashes and doesn’t like clumpy mascaras then I highly recommend you try this product!
  40. Convenient


    This benefit mini really is the perfect size for on the go, it fits perfectly into a pencil case or purse and really saves space. The formula of the mascara itself is also amazing, it adds a lot of volume to sparse lashes and holds curls quite well. The only downside I can think of is that it is a bit pricey for that much mascara.
  41. Love a mini!


    Shanxo loves this, so I decided to give the mini a go and I understand why! Gives decent curl, lengths my lashes, last all day. Great stuff! Might get the full size when I run out
  42. Perfect for travelling!


    This mini mascara is everything you could ever ask for and more! It makes my lashes so long, curly, thick and black! It gives them so much volume and doesn’t shatter at all! I love the size as well, it’s perfect for on the go and travelling! Definitely recommend
  43. Great mascara


    Definitely recommend the mini if you want to try before you purchase the full size. Separates and curls the lashes, and an all-round great mascara.
  44. New favourite


    Love this mascara! Makes my lashes stay curled all day. The mini is great for travel and lasts forever!
  45. I love this mascara and am so pleased it has a mini version


    I love this mascara and am so pleased it has a mini version. I think the only downfall with a smaller mascara is that they can be a bit harder to use. Outside of that, I recommend it, simply for the convenience.
  46. My holy grail mascara


    This is my holy grail mascara.
    I purchased this on a whim when my They're Real ran out.,

    This actually curls my lashes, and holds the curl all day.
    It does flake, cake or smear which is a revolution for me!

    I find mascara is such a personal preference and what works for you might not work for someone else.
    The mini size is perfect for tryi...
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  47. Worth it


    Bought this one before buying the larger size, it's a great size! Great for travelling and you get a lot out of it. If you don't wear makeup a lot i would recommend this size over the regular as it won't dry out and you'll be more likely to finish the tube.
  48. I love Benefit does minis!


    I really being able to try the small versions of best selling products in case I hate it or it doesn't work for me. So this was a blessing! I liked this product a lot and found it really did curl my eyelashes and open them up more ;)
  49. Great to try before buying full sized


    The original is great but this Is a good one to buy if you’re wanting to try it out before buying full sized. It gets all my lashes and makes them long and thick
  50. Mini is the way to go


    I love how this product comes in a mini size!
    It’s my go to every day Mascara that lasts me approximately 5 months. Therefore the mini size is great for me. Also perfect to travel with!
    I have straight short lashes, an eye lash curler is essential for me, I find this product holds the lift and curl with a natural appearance. It doesn’t provide dramatic thick lashes but a great work hor...
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  51. Targets all your lashes - even the hard to reach ones


    Thin comb wand gets all your lashes, even the inner and outer corner eyelashes. The curved wand brush also curls your lashes alot easier.
  52. Don’t even need a eyelash curler!


    This mascara is fantastic! I have very short and straight eyelashes so it’s hard to find a mascara that allows them to lengthen and stay curled. However, dollar lash does just that! This mascara curls my lashes and I don’t even need to touch a eyelash curler! It lengthens them, makes my black and just gives them a stunning look without leaving them clumpy! Definitely recommend!!
  53. Works well


    I found that this mascara tended to geynon my kids easily.
    My lashes are quite short and fine and this makes them natural and a little longer. No issues with it coming off during the day either or flaking!
  54. Pretty good, but not perfect


    This mascara has some really good points, but there's a few things I don't like about it too.

    *Lasts a long time before getting gluggy
    *Lengthens nicely
    *Looks good if I curl my lashes
    *Doesn't smear or smudge
    *The mini is good value if you are like me and find you never use full tubes of mascara up before they get gluggy
    *Doesn't clump
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  55. Not for me


    I found this very clumping and heavy feeling. I just couldn't wait to get home to wash this off, made my eyes feel terrible.

    I will recommend they're real mascara
  56. Amazing


    This is the best mascara ever!! Makes my eyelashes look so great
  57. Love it


    This mascara is amazing at giving you a voluminous false lash effect with out all the effort. With just one coat my lashes were curled and really popped. I hate using an eyelash curler and this is just so easy I’ll be sticking with it. I do have very thick dark lashes naturally but no other mascara has given me the false lash effect like this one does.
  58. An Amazing Mascara


    I bought this mascara for a friend, earlier this year, and she has not stopped talking about, she says that she loves the wand because it has so many little bristles that separate all her lashes and define them so much
  59. AH - MAZING


    I was recommended this mascara by a friend. Myself personally can only use a comb style mascara over a brush. my lashes with this mascara look like ive had eyelash extensions !!! i cannot fault this! you dont need to keep applying over and over. just one application a WOOOLLLAAAA amazing lashes.
    i bought the mini to try and ill be buying the big version over and over and maybe even 1 as a s...
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  60. Sticky and drying!


    There is quite alot of hype about this mascara but I found it to be very drying, my lashes felt like vinyl and clumped frequently. Removing this mascara was very irritating to my eyes, and it was hard to remove. Not my favourite!
  61. Awesome Mascara


    Applies really nicely on the lashes and makes my lashes look super long and thick!
  62. Good mascara


    I've never had a miss with benefit mascaras. I don't really think this one does much for curling my lashes but it is a really good formula.
  63. Awesome


    provides my lashes with curl, length and volume, highly recommend for people with short lashes
  64. Dried out too quickly!


    This didn't really work for my straight lashes. The mascara dried out after just a few weeks and barely any product came off the wand. It didn't really help with curling my lashes but it was great at separating them! I've heard great things about this mascara from other people so many I just received a dud!
  65. its good, not great


    great for a natural look. doesnt do much though. not an extreme mascara . would be good for work or a natural look. i use this on my bottom lashes and better than sex on my top lashes
  66. Amazing mascara


    This mascara is a total game changer for me. It provides my lashes with SO much length and call. You will definitely not be disappointed.


    THIS IS MY FAVORITE MASCARA EVER! Length length length
  68. Really curls your lashes


    This mascara does an incredible job at curling your lashes. It’s very black and is easier to come off than the they’re real one.
  69. Amazing mascara!


    5 stars for sure for roller lash! Seperates lashes so easily, doesnt leave them clumpy at all & the wand on this is a game changer for me. Love most benefit products in general but roller lash is def a favourite. I feel like it would easily cater to most people's needs as its easily built up with a second coat for the extra oomf but can also give a nice natural look with one coat. Worth the money,...
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  70. Love the applicator


    Great mascara for crazy volume and length
  71. Best I’ve ever used


    This mascara is sooo good. The applicator is great and seperate/coats my lashes evenly. It adds so much length and volume and it lasts all day without getting clumpy or smudging. Cannot recommend enough!
  72. Favourite ever


    Best mascara ever! Wouldn't touch anything else
  73. Favourite mascara


    This is my absolute favourite mascara ever. Benefit do great mascaras all round I find but this one is simply amazing. Really creates definition, length and makes my lashes just look great.
  74. love


    love the formula, great for keeping heavy straight lashes curled and doesnt smudge
  75. Love the wand


    I have very straight lashes that point down and I normally have to curl them and use waterproof mascara to hold them in place. This gives my lashes a natural curl and the formula is lightweight. The wand makes it easier to spread lashes and coat them evenly. Does transfer a little onto lids and lower lash line
  76. Great


    Adds volume to lashes! Easy brush for application and easy to remove
  77. Love this


    easy to apply, doesn't smudge and lasts forever.
  78. AMAZING!


    This is now my holy grail mascara! I've tried so many. I have long lashes and like them to look more defined and wispy, this is perfect! Helps me fill in the gaps of some of my lashes as well. It can have a little bit of flecking off but that's usually because I'm touching my eyes constantly from getting hairs or fluff in them. 10/10 would recommend.
  79. Amazing except one thing


    This mascara makes the biggest difference to my natural lashes that I have seen from any mascara. It lengthens, thickens without making them spidery or clumpy, adds curl and renders my false lashes useless BUT by the end of the day I end up with the black marks on my eyelids like the mascara has transferred.

    I will mention that I have very oily skin and eyelids - so this may be holy ...
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  80. amazing mascara

    perfecting skin

    amazing formula and it makes my eye lashes look so long and dense. cannot recommend it enough .
  81. the best!


    i have really short and tiny eyelashes and this wand allows me to get it all without being too clumpy!
  82. Beauty Bag Essential


    THIS. MASCARA. It is incredible. It gives length and volume without clumping or flaking. I HIGHLY recommend this product. It has a permanent place in my arsenal.
  83. Amazing mascara!


    This mascara is my favourite! It isn’t too runny or too dry it’s perfect and it makes my lashes super long and thick. It also curls them a bit too. Would highly recommend this
  84. Great mascara for short lashes


    I have short, straight lashes so I really rely on mascara - and this is the best one I've found. It add lots of length and doesn't clump (unless you put too much on - I use 2 coats absolute max). Only docking a star as it's quite difficult to remove, but hey at least it stays put in the daytime!
  85. What an underrated mascara!


    This mascara has been a holy grail of mine for years now, and I don't hear that many people speaking about it. I really like the wand, it dispenses the right amount of product onto your lashes without a) doing nothing and b) making them too clumpy. I would encourage those who use this to build up 2-3 layers, allowing drying time in between to get those beautiful long lashes!
  86. Tried and true repurchase


    I have dark hair so mascara isn’t a daily must have for me however now I’m 40+ I do like the eye definition this gives me. I love the formula in that it’s not too wet and thin, and I enjoy the small rubber brush that enables me to quickly apply the product without it touching my eyebrow etc making a mess. I can wear it without it transferring in all weather on my slightly oily skin. It is also not...
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  87. perfect for travelling

    perfecting skin

    i have the mini version of this mascara and i have been using it for a while now and still using it. it lasts very long time. also it is great for travelling and it gives volume as well as length to my lashes. totally recommended.


  89. Gorgeous mascara


    It does what it says. Lifts and curls the lashes, I applied a couple of coats and was very impressed. It lasted all day.
  90. Not Great for sensitive eyes


    I bought this after hearing rave reviews for the longest time but It irritates my eyes so much I can't use it. Application is great and it looks good but after 20 minutes I need to take it off :( I've had this with other benefit mascara's too so it's probably a brand formula thing.
  91. Incredible.


    Best mascara on the market. Leaves you with long, thick lashes without giving you panda eyes! Amazing.
  92. LOVE


    I absolutely adore this mascara, it defines and lengthens without ever clumping, drying or flaking. The wand is perfect for curling and covering all of your lashes without getting product everywhere.

    It stays beautiful all day and isn't difficult to remove, I couldn't recommend it enough. My all time favourite mascara!
  93. Its okay


    This is good but not my favorite. I always find myself wanting to rub my eyes after using this. But the look is good.
  94. Lashes For Days!


    I was really surprised with the natural finish on this mascara. I hate clumpy and overdone looking lashes so this product is my go to for a subtle yet sexy look!
  95. Great but rubs off slightly


    Love this mascara but I usually need to pair it with another benefit waterproof mascara over the top otherwise it gives me a bit of panda eye by the end of the day.

    Pros: This gives amazing lash separation and length (not so much thickness but you get a little). It's a more natural everyday sort of look I think.

    Cons: not waterproof, will smudge towards the end of the d...
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  96. Lifts lashes


    I remember the ad for this compared it to rollers for your lashes, and the special brush kind of hooked the lashes and pulled them up.
    I tgink it actually does do that. The brush really seems to pull the lashes up. My short straight lashes really look lifted and lengthened.
    The brush is curved and comb like, it's really easy to get all the lashes and coats them evenly.
    My lashes ...
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  97. Go to mascara


    This is my go to mascara. The roller lash has a perfect wand on it, making it easier to separate the lashes. This is my number 1 mascara. I highly recommend it.
  98. to make your lashes look longer

    perfecting skin

    this is an amazing product to add a bit of volume and to make your lashes look very long. it does not adds too much volume but it definitely makes your eyelashes look very long. i have gotten compliments after using this mascara. and a little goes long way.
  99. beautiful natural lashes


    i'm very picky with mascara. this mascara makes my lashes long & thick! not as thick and fluffy as BTS but! this mascara is so light you feel like you're not wearing mascara at all.. BTS feels very heavy and makes your eyes tired.
    give this a try if you are wearing it all day. oily eyelids (and skin) and didn't smudge on me!
    if its too natural looking for you just add one coat of somet...
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