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Benefit BADGal BANG! Volumising Mascara

4.5 of 83 reviews


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BADgals go BIG! BADgal BANG! volumizing mascara is a 36 HOUR* FULL-BLAST volumizing mascara that creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes.

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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Benefit BADGal BANG! Volumising Mascara Reviews

4.5 of 83 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The Best !!!


I use a lot of mascaras, not on me but on my daughters for stage performances. When I first got it I thought what a funny looking brush wand but oh my goodness with just one application it lengthens and coats the eyelashes like no other. It was so satisfying to use.

Most Helpful Criticism

Did not live up to the hype


I was so excited to try this mascara as there was so much hype about it on social media. I loved the packaging and the brush looked like it would be great, but unfortunately I was really disappointed with the formula. It goes on thick and clumpy and basically sticks all your eyelashes together - so they look stumpier than they really are. I found there was a lot of fall, so within a couple of hours I would have black marks and flakes under my eyes. Additionally, the brush is too thick to get into the little corners to coat the baby lashes. I found that the formula was so gluey and chunky after only a few weeks, as in it needed to be replaced within a month of purchase. I wouldn't recommend this product.
  1. The Best !!!


    I use a lot of mascaras, not on me but on my daughters for stage performances. When I first got it I thought what a funny looking brush wand but oh my goodness with just one application it lengthens and coats the eyelashes like no other. It was so satisfying to use.
  2. Great volume and length


    I recently received a sample of this product and was VERY pleasantly surprised! The volume and length it gives my lashes is incredible! It's up there with my fave Too Faced BTS mascara. It lasts well, doesn't flake or smudge, and is easy to remove at the end of the day. The wand is tapered so it's easy to get to the smaller lashes. I really like this, and will no doubt purchase the full size when ...
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    perfecting skin

    it does not clamp in my lashes and definitely increase the volume. my eyelashes are long but thin and this mascara increased the volume of my eye lashes and gave a beautiful finish to my eye makeup. i got this as a bonus gift with my purchase but i will definitely purchasing it again.
  4. awesome product


    I received this as a sample after purchasing they're real mascara and I actually prefer this so will have to order a full sized one now
  5. Amazing Mascara!


    I was very excited to try this mascara and I can happily say that it does live up to the hype! It gave my lashes instant volume, length and stayed in place all day long! Amazing quality, my new favourite mascara!
  6. Did not live up to the hype


    I was so excited to try this mascara as there was so much hype about it on social media. I loved the packaging and the brush looked like it would be great, but unfortunately I was really disappointed with the formula. It goes on thick and clumpy and basically sticks all your eyelashes together - so they look stumpier than they really are. I found there was a lot of fall, so within a couple of hour...
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  7. Better than average mascara


    This is the second one I've purchased, unfortunately this one left my eyelashes clumped and didn't lengthen like my first one. So hopefully it was just a bad batch because the first one was amazing.
  8. Best Mascara I've Ever Used


    I was introduced to this mascara when it first came out and I haven't looked back. Long wearing and provides length and volume without any nasty clumping or spiders legs. Great product for a great price.
  9. Perfect for long lashes

    Patrice S

    I tried this after my first fave mascara, Benefit - They’re real. This mascara is really good - it lengthens, and is a nice formula. The brush makes it easy to apply too. It does take a while to dry and it doesn’t wear well on me during the day - it transfers and smudges under my eyes which doesn’t happen with my other benefit mascara.
  10. Not for the price


    Good volume and didn't clump much, but it transfers. Price point implies better performance than this delivers
  11. Best mascara


    Amazing mascara! I’ve used so many in the past but this is the only one that has made my lashes look so long and thick. Definitely recommend


    This mascara is fabulous, it is easy to apply, doesn't clump, is smooth on your eyelashes and adds incredible volume!
  13. New HG Mascara


    Holy crap so good! Makes my eyelashes look like falsies in the best possible way! If you're on the fence try the travel size, you won't regret it ladies.
  14. Makes your eyes pop


    Great mascara, all the reviews are true! Worth the money next best thing to extensions
  15. Best Mascara


    I LOVE this mascara. Makes my lashes so long and it doesn't seem to clump for me at all. Worth the money 100%
  16. Very dark colour and elongates lashes


    This is pretty good, the colour is definitely very black and it elongates the lashes nicely. It takes a while to dry down but it stays on well once it is 'set'. It doesn't feel as light as it claims to be but I don't mind that too much.
  17. Great Length, does flake


    I don't have long eyelashes that is why I bought this product looking for a volumizing mascara. It does that job well and makes my eyelashes long and my eyes look a lot more awake.
    However it does flake and leave residue on my upper eyelids/lower eyelids. So not a great mascara for summer/exercising as it does come off easily.
  18. ok


    It definitely lengthens and voluminises your lashes, but i found the formula very wet and it got all over my eyelids, so not sure if it is worth that mess! If your eyelashes are shorter and don't touch your eyelids or you don't have hooded lids, this could work quite well for you.
  19. Seems to clump and flake


    I found there to be way way too much product on the spooly brush when it comes out- the brush looks great after you wipe the mass amounts of excess product off it (talk about a waste of product). I have thin lashes and found that this product clumped them all together and the more I try to work on it to get them to seperate (even with a seperate lash spooly with no product on it) the more it cause...
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  20. BadASS Mascara


    I purchased this in the travel size as I have always wanted to try a Benefit mascara but wasn’t quite ready to commit to the full size price. I had heard great reviews so I thought I would give it a go.
    One word: AMAZEBALLS!
    Creates full and long lashes and doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day, which is very rare for me!
    I will be buying the full size when I run out of the ...
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  21. Spider lashes


    I already have extremely long lashes and am only looking for products that can volumize. This does that, but it doesn't seperate, which just leaves my lashes in huge spidery clumps.
  22. great mascara


    l have very short lashes and even tried a lash lift for a lot of money but it did not do anything for my short lashes but this mascara is brilliant and does make your lashes seem a lot longer and fuller. l would highly recommend this over and lash lift this is a wonderful mascara and 10 out of 10 for volume and lift and fullness. Don't waste your money on a lash lift just purchase this mascara you...
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  23. A Little Disappointed..


    I was super excited to use this mascara to create some lusciously dark eyes for my evening look, however it just didn't seem to work on my lashes. I have thin, naturally long lashes and it just instantly all clumped and stuck all my lashes together - and I couldn't fix it. I have attempted to use it a couple of times now with no improvement, though there are so many positive reviews that I am wond...
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  24. Lift + Lengthen + Volumize


    Due to the hype this product received upon release, I had to try it.. I was not disappointed! The brush enables you to apply the product right to the edge of the eyelashes which lifts and lengthens, while adding an impressive amount of volume. I have found the formula to be a little wet, but nothing a q-tip can't fix.
  25. Volume for sure


    Gives great volume i use after roller lash for more definition and volume. Only con is after a few hours does start to flake.
  26. I love this so much


    This is my favourite mascara. With naturally thick lashes, I manage to accomplish the false lash look with the product alone. Rarely ever clumps. Long lasting.

    Due to the cost, I save it for weekend wear as opposed to every day.

    I didn't think benefit mascaras could get any better yet here we are!
  27. Does volumise but flakes off my eyelashes


    Volume-great but only lasts a couple of hours and then it starts to flake
  28. Works well


    Easy to apply and a good size wand. Makes lashes dark and appear longer.
    Bought this to replace bad gal waterproof and even though I can't really see any difference appearance wise, this does smudge incredibly easily - e.g. Tears, rubbing eyes when tired. So not as good as bad gal waterproof as I can't wear this all the time . Eg going running after work, or swimming needs removed first
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  29. Flakey


    I have always been a Benefit mascara lover and was hopeful that this would replace my favourite Roller Lash! But I was disappointed to find that it consistently flakes during the day! Don’t get me wrong, I love the overall effect- amazing volume and length- but it just doesn’t wear well during the day.
  30. Best Mascara


    Hands down the BEST mascara I have ever used! Makes my lashes look so long and thick. It doesn't cause any smudging or flaking and I find I don't need to touch up through out the day. I've been recommending this to all my friends and family. I absolutely love it!!
  31. Awesome mascara!


    Awwsome Benefit mascara - I love this mascara as it lengthens and gives volume to my eyelashes! Long-lasting as well :)
  32. Best mascara


    I purchased the little bottle to try and i love it. This is the best mascara i have ever used, it really does what it says. I have tried many mascaras and this is great. A bit time consuming to apply, is the only negative. I love the thin brush too. I just purchased the big bottle.
  33. lovely bambi lashs

    Carly ( Adore Beauty staff)

    I think this is benefits best mascara yet, delivers every promise.
    Long, thick, defined and lasts all day

    do your self a favour give it a go :)
  34. the best!


    Nothing compares to this mascara. I get awesome volume and length from this. The brush helps separate my lashes really well as it is such a great slim shape making it easy to get into the inner corners as well as the bottom lashes without making a mess. Non irritating and long lasting :)
  35. Absolute yes!

    Tamara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Benefit have proven themselves as legendary Mascara makers with the new BADGal Bang. This mascara perfectly lengthens my lashes with no clumping and no smudging. Honestly I still can't decide which Benefit mascara is my favorite as they are all SO GOOD. However BadGal Bang is a strong contender. Love it!
  36. Like but not love


    I've tried all of Benefits mascara and not sure if this is my favourite... I found that WAY too much comes out on the brush, which is easily remedied. With other mascaras I would normally let a layer dry but adding more / topping up later in the day - definitely don't do that with this though - you need to put on as much as you like in one go, otherwise it clumps and looks horrible. Once I got the...
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  37. Length & Volume

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mascara does almost everything it says it will. Upon application, my lashes looked extra long and full like I was wearing false lashes. The mascara doesn't clump, even after a few brushes onto the lash.The only reason I can't give BADGal BANG 5 stars is because it gives me so much lift that my eyelashes touch my lids and leaves me with smudges above my eyes, meaning I need to arm myself with ...
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    Deborah (Adore Beauty Sttaff)

    I love a big bold eye look and this mascara gave me big, voluminous, black lashes that lasted all day without flaking or smudging.
    Cannot rave about this mascara enough.
    Did I mention that I love it?
  39. Falsies?


    This is the best volumising mascara. Lashes are bold and separated. The brush is easy to maneuver and the product is smooth.
  40. Best new mascara I’ve tried in a while

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mascara does not lie. It separates and lengthens without clumping AND it does not smudge. My lashes looked thicker and longer but not clumpy. Love BADGal BANG.
  41. Yassss Benefit!

    Vanessa (Adore Beauty Staff)

    BENEFIT STRIKES AGAIN! Add extremes length and coats your lashes with the darkest of black pigment. This mascara will give you the appearances of false lashes.
  42. My new fave

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have really straight and sparse (but long) lashes, so a mascara that can volumise, hold curl plus lengthen and separate is hard to find. This is it. BADGal BANG! is the best mascara I've tried in a long time that does all of those things. I always reach for this one when I'm heading out as it gives them falsie-level volume and length. Highly recommend.
  43. LOVE


    Have always used they’re real mascara, and thought i’d try this one - this is my new holy grail! makes my eyelashes super long and thick!
  44. So damn good!


    Got this as a sample, but now I'm converted. I was using a Chanel mascara that would fall out everywhere but this is so much better! Gives great looking lashes with minimal fall out, definitely give this a go!
  45. Love it


    I've used Benefit Mascaras for years now and They're Real was my holy grail, that was until i received a sample of BADGal Bang.
    I will be buying the full size!
  46. Believe the hype!


    This has replaced my loreal 4D architect mascara as my holy grail! I love big bold dark lashes and this mascara does that for me! Never clumps and it separates my lashes beautifully. I've had so many compliments since wearing this mascara with people asking me if I've been wearing falsies to work! Will definitely be repurchasing.
  47. New holy grail mascara!


    This is my new holy grail mascara! So much pigment, lightweight and stays on all day without flaking or wearing off! I also use Roller Lash which I love, but Badgal Bang just has a little more 'oomph'. Best to use a lighter hand the first time you try it :)
  48. great pigment


    this mascara is good for getting solid black over all of your lashes, unfortunately it doesn't hold my curl after i use my eyelash curler. Its also takes quite a bit of brushing and combing out do get the lashes to stop sticking together.
  49. Worth the hype!


    I was hesitant to buy this because I thought the mascara I was already using was doing a good enough job and thought "Why do I need a mascara of this price?"
    I caved and bought it and WOW!! Honestly doubles the length of my lashes, doesn't make my lashes clump together but still adds so much volume.
    Hand on heart, best mascara I have ever used. So many people have been commenting on th...
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  50. INCREDIBLE !!!


    This product is beyond their 'They're real' mascara. Its at least 5 x better. Longer and thicker lashes. Perfect applicator that separates the lashes individually (now i can reach my bottom lashes without it getting messy!). Would recommend buying 100%


    Very impressed with this mascara, for me it lives up to the hype and has easily become one of my favourite mascaras. It did take me about 3 times until I liked it, but thats simply just getting used to the formula (it is bit wet at first) and how to make it work for you (same as any product) but Benefit have done it again with another holy grail product!
  52. Yeah nah


    I had such high hopes for this mascara after seeing all the hype but have sadly been disappointed. The formula is super thick and clumps lashes together. It takes a good few tries to get them nice and even (be sure to remove extra product off the wand). Also I noticed flaking towards the end of the day and doesn’t hold up all my lashes like it should. Also don’t use this if you have sensitive eyes...
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    this mascara replaced my holy grail i had been using for 6 years! It is so lengthening and volumising and it doesn't smudge under my eyes which was a big issue for every single other mascara i have previously tired. You need to give this a go for sure and the travel size lets you do that without the commitment


    this mascara replaced my holy grail i had been using for 6 years! It is so lengthening and volumising and it doesn't smudge under my eyes which was a big issue for every single other mascara i have previously tired. You need to give this a go for sure and the travel size lets you do that without the commitment
  55. Not too bad!


    I do like this mascara, it gave me length and blackened my lashes nicely. The only thing I didn't like was that it didn't seperate my lashes as well as other mascaras I've used; it was a little clumpy. I had to use another mascara on top to seperate my lashes the way I like them. Overall this is a good product.
  56. The best product


    Amazing mascara this is my far my favourite to use i only got the mini to try so I will definitely buy the bigger one too.
  57. Lengthens and doesn't smudge


    This mascara does lengthen, seperates, feels lightweight, is super black and it doesn't smudge. However, I don't find it to be very volumising, and I prefer the they're real mascara and roller lash over this.
  58. Lengthens and doesn't smudge


    This mascara does lengthen, seperates, feels lightweight, is super black and it doesn't smudge. However, I don't find it to be very volumising, and I prefer the they're real mascara and roller lash over this.
  59. Nailed it!


    Benefit absolutely nailed this mascara. After having eyelash extensions for 5 years I reluctantly decided it was time to have a break. My self esteem took a nose dive when I saw how bare my eyes looked without my extensions. I’d heard amazing things about this mascara and desperately jumped online to order it. I was a bit sceptical about whether it would be better than other mascaras so I only pur...
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  60. Stunning Results!


    I am a mascara addict. I am super fussy. I will spend on mascara. I was a bit sceptical about this product fearing that it might be all hype but the hype is valid. This mascara is a winner because: a) It is easy to apply and build for lashes with a degree of definition AND amazing length; b) It doesn't slide down my face in the day due to my annoying watery eyes! c) It gives an amazing wide-eyed, ...
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  61. Life changing!!


    WOW! Just wow!!
    This mascara is the bomb.com! Amazing formula, very volumising and lengthening! Coats lashes beautifully and makes them very black! Seperates lashes and makes your lashes look full.
    Highly recommend! Also when I bought this product I got a mini sample version of it and gave it to my friend to try and she's in love aswell! We both think it's the best mascara we've ever...
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  62. Beautifully black, long, and voluminous lashes!!!


    I had heard a lot of positive reviews about this mascara within the beauty world, so when I tried it I had very high expectations. This has to be one of the best mascaras I have tried in recent times - it's super black, adds length and volume easily, and most importantly does not transfer throughout the day. Maybe not suitable for people who like a very natural, subtle look because it definitely a...
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  63. Love it!


    I got the mini version because I'm very fussy with mascaras. This one is a new favourite. It lengthens my lashes and makes them look alot fuller. It doesn't flake off or smudge and comes off easily. I have sensitive eyes and this one has been great!
  64. Got any BLACKER!


    I love big, bold and standout lashes with the sticky glue and fake lashes.. not to mention your eyelids sticking together ;). I believe Benefit Cosmetics want to achieve a standout product range that defines perfection and delivers what it sets out to achieve. I am extremely happy with product.
  65. Love It!

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Benefit weren't joking when they said this mascara was buildable without clumping! This is my new favourite everyday mascara - nice and black, good volume, a bit of length and it doesn't flake off throughout the day.

    The only thing to note is that if you like a bit of mascara on your lower lashes like me, this is probably too black and volumising for that, but otherwise I have nothin...
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  66. My new favourite mascara


    My search for a mascara that gives me beautiful long lashes is finally over! I have short lashes, and after trying so many mascaras that promised and then failed to deliver length and volume I had just about resigned myself to stumpy lashes for life. BADgal bang gives the appearance of full, longer lashes after just 1 coat! I love the applicator, I find it grabs each lash better that the average m...
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  67. Blown away


    I could not believe how good this mascara was. It’s like eye lash extensions in a tube. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting a false lash effect. The product was easy to apply, easy to remove and did not transfer. Hands down, the best mascara I have used, EVER!
  68. Completely worth the hype


    I've used the odd Benefits product when I've gone overseas,so I was interested when I saw this hyped as a must have product everywhere. All I can say is WORTH THE HYPE. I've got very blonde eyelashes, and they're not particularly long, and this gives really great volume and length. It's not clumpy, and has staying power. I never write reviews usually, or make recommendations, but I even recommende...
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  69. Fantastic!


    Personally, I have never found a mascara that doesn't smudge under my eyes and I couldn't believe it when I put this on, it dried and didn't move! I am so happy a mascara came out that wasn't clumpy but also gave me black long lashes that lasted all day. Will definitely be buying this again!
  70. Amazing!


    This is definitely my go to mascara! I have black, short lashes and the mascaras I've tried often don't give that extra length, volume and thickness that BADgal BANG does. For those looking for a bold falsie look, Benefit definitely outdoes itself with this one. The wand is a good size for easy application and it doesn't clump my lashes together. I only get a little bit of product under my eyes af...
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  71. The best Mascara I've ever used!


    To say this Mascara is amazing is not doing it justice! It's seriously so good! My eyelashes are almost touching my eye brows! I think this will be my new go to must have beauty product!
  72. Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara


    Omg this product is bloody amazing!
    I have tried many mascaras before and this one is off the charts!
    I’ve been contemplating getting eyelash extensions but always been a little bit unsure of it.
    Then I bought this Mascara off Adore Beauty and OMG! My lashes have never been so long! I’m not even joking!
    Definately highly recommend this product to anyone who wants super lon...
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  73. BADGal BANG mascara is da bomb!


    I was very sceptical indeed before buying this mascara. It’s wand is rubber (YUK) and it’s super bendy ( DOUBLE YUK ), but I gotta tell ya I have been very very wrong being too judgy pre mascara purchase.
    BANG me Benefit BANG me! This mascara is THE BEST !!
    From the first swipe of the weird wand I knew I was going to fall in love with this product and I’ve fallen deep. I’ve had 3 comp...
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  74. Not sure about the hype


    This mascara was "meh". It made my lashes super black and gave them a bit of length, but I have had the same effect with drugstore mascaras. Wouldn't commit to this purchase again.
  75. I'm in love


    My favourite Mascara was always LÓreal False Lash Telescopic but have since changed to cruelty free products. I read a lot of great things about Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and purchased this to give it a try.I would say it is Ok but was not as good as the L'Oreal one. Anyhow I received with my Adore Beauty order a sample of the Benefit BADGal BANG Mascara and absolutely love it. Gives lengt...
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  76. Statement piece!


    I’ve always used Benefit’s Roller Lash but I was given this as a free gift with my last order (thank you Adore Beauty hehe). I really like this, it’s great for creating a real statement lash. My lashes were thicker and longer than when I use Roller Lash, I looked like a was wearing false eyelashes - so great for a night look, no clumps, and stayed completely waterproof. I still prefer Roller Lash ...
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  77. Amazing!


    I’ve never been a mascara type of girl, mainly because I have such tiny short lashes and I usually have extensions or just use glue on lashes. After watching so many YouTube videos of the Badgal mascara, I was totally amazed!! I NEEDED to try it for myself. I purchased the smaller size (Incase I didn’t really like it, plus it’s pretty expensive for the full size). I must say, it’s lived up to the ...
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  78. Best Mascara Ever


    I have very short straight eyelashes and have tried so many different mascaras and none have lived up to the hype. This does, it's amazing! I actually look like I have lashes, it does transfer easily onto the eyelid whilst drying but easy enough to clean. Love it.
  79. Best mascara!


    Best mascara I have ever used! As someone who has just given up lash extensions, I was looking for something that made my lashes look amazing without them and this is it! This mascara is light weight and provides so much extra length. Honestly worth all the hype, new holy grail product!
  80. Love love love


    With hooded eyes I’m always looking for my holy grail of mascara, I’m an addict who buys a new one every 2-3 weeks but after trying this I think I’ve found what I’m looking for! Lengthening, not clumpy, easy to apply without getting it all over my eyelids and looks like I have extensions when I have it on - I can’t ask for more and I’ll definitely be a repeat purchaser!
  81. New favourite mascara

    Taylah ( Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was really impressed with this mascara, I don't normally gravitate towards volume mascaras as I have small eyes and find the applicators to be very large and messy! However, this volume mascara has a tiny wand that coats the lashes from root to tip, and then beyond! I really loved how this mascara provided volume by thickening each lash as appose to clumping multiple together. The colour of the ...
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  82. Amazing lengthening mascara


    This mascara is a very light gel texture with an incredibly thin and flexible wand so you can easily bring the gel from roots to tip. As you bring it from the base of the lashes to the ends of the lashes it builds a lot of volume and length and creates an effect that looks like lash extensions. The only reason i didnt give 5 stars is because it is not beginner friendly and the mascara does transfe...
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  83. Bad, Gal, Bang = Buy, This, Now.


    Ummmmm.... wow. I've been a Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara girl for as long as I can remember but decided to give this a try after I watched my fav beauty bloggers fly overseas for the product launch. It is like instant eyelash extensions!! So lightweight and effective. Goodbye better than sex, hello bad gal bang!!!
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