The Lip Treatments We Love For Super Dry Pouts

There's not many things that are more frustrating than chronically dry, chapped or peeling lips (trust me, I've been there). And if you've gone through this too, I bet you bought every lip balm on the market and have reapplied it 423 times throughout the day - but are you applying a treatment at night?


What Causes Chronically Dry Lips?

There are many reasons why the lips can become chronically dry. For starters, they don’t contain oil glands like other parts of our skin, meaning our lips are more susceptible to symptoms like dryness, flaking and peeling.

A lack of humidity in winter often causes our lips to dry out, paired with heating and environmental factors like wind or sharp changes in conditions (i.e going from your very warm office to freezing cold conditions outside). Sun exposure in the warmer months can also cause dry lips.

Another factor is licking your lips - which is often just a repetitive habit, but saliva can cause more moisture loss and worsen dry lips too, as well as certain medications like oral Vitamin A and medical treatments like chemotherapy.

So how can you combat the dryness aside from drinking more water and reapplying lip balm 20 times a day? I recommend trying an overnight lip mask.

Kiehl's Buttermask

This overnight treatment mask helps to restore your lip’s moisture barrier to help leave your lips soft and hydrated the next day. With a nourishing formula that contains Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter, this is the perfect lip treatment for distressed and dehydrated lips, but it can also be used just to rehydrate and plump.

Kiehl's Buttermask

This night time lip balm that contains 99.9% natural origin ingredients, and features six nourishing oils including Sunflower Seed, Rapeseed and Chamomile Flower, plus Jeju Green Tea extracts for antioxidant protection. This overnight balm leaves the lips softened, smoothed and comforted.

Aceology's Overnight Lip Mask is designed to keep your lips smooth, hydrated and plump. The nourishing, moisturising formula contains hero ingredients, coconut oil, olive oil and squalane to help restore the lipid barrier and reverse dryness. It helps to prevent your lips becoming parched overnight, but can also be used as a daily lip balm.

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