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Lip Care

Luxe Lip Care
Arguably, your lips move more and experience more than any other feature of your face. The youthful plumpness, rosy-red health, and distinctly traceable edges of your mouth are vulnerable to sunlight, wind, food and drink, kisses, and much more. Our Luxe lip care products weather the elements so your lips don't have to. With formulas tested in the harshest of conditions, our Luxe range of lip balms and moisturisers can save your lips from the chapping of winter and the brutal heat of summer. Whereas you once experienced dryness, dehydration, and cracking, you'll now experience lips as smooth and delectable as silk.
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Professional Lip Care
There's a Pro range product to treat every skin concern. We think you'll agree that lips by far have the most unique of concerns. Daily exposure to drinking, eating, speaking, and kissing makes lip care essential if you want to prevent peeling, cracking, chapping, and dryness. Do you find your lips taking on a dry, cracked appearance by day's end? For chronically chapped lips, be sure to integrate lip care products based on lanolin, beeswax, or petroleum. Do you wish your lips could weather a storm of years without telling their tales? Check for lip care formulas packed with firming multivitamins and moisture-plumping hyaluronic acid. Are you looking for the perfect pout all year round? Be sure to find a lip cream that pairs intensive hydration with gentle exfoliation. Remember: lip care is as to forget as it is to integrate. Be sure to carry your favourite Pro lip care product with you daily to top up the applications worn away by everyday activities.
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Essentials Lip Care
Lips are often forgotten when it comes to skincare—especially UV protection and routine exfoliation. Just as all of your skin is vulnerable to sunlight, dehydration, and dullness, so too are your lips, sometimes even more so. So how do you treat your lips? In exactly the same way as you'd treat your skin. Your lips require daily SPF protection, daily hydration, and weekly exfoliation. But which products should you use? Can you use a facial moisturiser or scrub on your lips? Our Essentials lip care products are specially formulated to go one step further than traditional facial products. Unlike your skin, your lips are constantly moistened and dried. Just as your skin would prune from too much time in the bathtub or pool, so too will your lips. Lip care products help to counteract this daily assault by focusing on emollient and occlusive ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, and lanolin. These ingredients provide a second layer of defence that's vital to your everyday lip health. Wave goodbye to lip skin that's cracked, chapped, and parched. Say hello to beautifully smooth, plump, and hydrated lips that are always picture-perfect.
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