The Difference Between A Mist & A Toner, Explained

Before working at Adore Beauty, the closest I got to a face mist was walking past those water mist stations you see at the Australian Open on a 40 degree day. How good are those things, by the way?!

Anyway, I have since come to love this quiet achiever of the skincare world. I have about four different toners and mists on the go at any one time, swapping them out depending on my skin condition.  My skin moves between dry, to really dry, to sensitive and red, and adding this extra step to my skincare routine has really helped to soothe and hydrate my skin. But what, I hear you ask, is actually the difference between a mist and a toner? 

What's The Difference Between A Mist And A Toner?

Toners have been around forever, you might remember them from your teenage years when you wiped your poor face with the strongest toner you could find in an attempt to dry up your oily skin. But these days, toners have evolved to be much more gentle. Most no longer contain alcohol, and now they work to bring your skin back to its natural acidic state after cleansing, sweeping impurities away and helping your skin absorb your skincare products.

Face mists are newer on the scene than toners, but they are increasingly popular for their hydrating, calming, and skin-prepping qualities. Essentially, mists are liquids that you mist onto your skin via a spray bottle or atomizer. The most popular versions have hydrating and soothing ingredients like Rose and Aloe Vera. Mists are a bit more flexible, and can fit into your skincare routine, and your whole life really, whenever you feel like a pick me up. Oh, and they go great in the fridge throughout summer.

The-Difference-Between-A-Mist-&-A-Toner,-Explained Pai-Lotus-&-Orange-Blossom-BioAffinity-Tonic-KORA-Organics---Calming-Lavender-Mist-Eco-Tan-Super-Fruit-Toner-Mukti-Organics-Rose-Blossom-Hydrating-Mist 0068The-Difference-Between-A-Mist-&-A-Toner,-Explained Pai-Lotus-&-Orange-Blossom-BioAffinity-Tonic-KORA-Organics---Calming-Lavender-Mist-Eco-Tan-Super-Fruit-Toner-Mukti-Organics-Rose-Blossom-Hydrating-Mist 0068

When To Tone, And Why? 

Toner is designed to be used after cleansing your face and before your serums and moisturisers. Think of you freshly cleansed skin as a dry sponge. You can put a thick layer of detergent on that sponge and it will sink in a little, but mostly just sit on the surface.  Now imagine lightly wetting the sponge; the detergent is going to skin in much more deeply and spread more evenly.  

When applying a toner you can soak a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face neck and decolletage, or lightly pour the toner onto your hands and then press into your skin with your palms.   

When To Mist, And Why?

Unlike toners, you can apply a mist whenever you like.  They are great to keep on your desk or take on a plane for a quick skin refresh.  You can spritz your face before applying make up for a smoother and more hydrated canvas, or use throughout your skincare routine to lock in moisture; they work nicely in between cleanser and serum, or even before and after moisturiser.  

Here Are Some Of My Favourite Mists And Toners...

The citrus smell of this product is so fresh and zingy it really wakes me up and makes me feel energised in the morning. This toner is chock full of Vitamins A, B and C, so it’s great for great for brightening dull skin and clearing breakouts. It also includes hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to your skin.  And all of this goodness at such an excellent price point too!

Don’t be confused by the name, tonic is another name for a toner. This is the product I use when my skin is feeling sensitive and irritated. Lotus root water, a source of vitamins and antioxidants, helps soothe reactive skin while probiotics moisturise and reinforce your skin’s barrier, leaving the skin less sensitised.  

The soft rose scent of this mist is heaven.  And the ultra-fine mist application gives a soft and gentle spray, it is like walking through a beautiful rose cloud!  Rose provides essential hydration, and Australian native botanicals help to firm and brighten skin. I like to use this mist at night to calm my skin after a long day of sun, wind and air conditioning.  

KORA Organics Calming Lavender Mist

This is my travel go to. The Certified Organic lavender flower water and ultra calming for your skin, and your mind. I spritz during long haul flights, to help soothe irritation, dryness and inflammation. And then spray my face before bed for restful sleep and a calm mood.  

KORA Organics Calming Lavender Mist

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