The Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips That Actually Work (We Tried Them)

I'm usually not one to opt for a quick fix for blackheads. I get asked what the secret is to getting rid of blackheads all the time, and my answer is usually a) make sure you're cleansing properly, and b) get onto a product that contains salicylic acid if you want to get on top of them. But, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures (or you're just having a slumber party and want to use pore strips, which is totally fair enough).

If we're getting serious about blackhead pore strips, I'd like to divert your eyes over to one of the more superior blackhead pore strips on the market that you won't find at your local pharmacy - HydroPeptide Bambusa Blackhead Banisher Pore Perfecting Nose Mask. A long name for what is a pretty straightforward product.

TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0045TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0045

Tell Me More:

Much like the pore strips you're used to, you dampen this strip and apply it directly to your nose. It's what's actually in the Hydropeptide strips that differentiate them.

  • These blackhead banishing nose strips are packed full of natural extracts to soothe & protect

  • They target impurities & congestion particularly around the nose

  • The ingredients hydrate, purify & promote healing in the area

  • Removes dirt & excess oil trapped at the surface of the pore

  • Visible results are noticeable after just one use

  • There's 8 strips in each pack (perfect for slumber parties or a weekly pamper sesh)

TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0029TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0029

What's In These Pore Strips?

Rather than just being an adhesive that pulls at the skin, these pore strips are infused with a blend of skin-perfecting ingredients including:

Pure charcoal to help draw out impurities & congestion from the pores

Volcanic ash which has antibacterial and purifying properties

Bamboo extracts protect the skin & help to improve the healing speed the skin

Aloe vera hydrates & helps to reduce redness in the area

Allantoin is a soothing extract from comfrey root which also helps to heal

Lotus flower offers antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors

Hydropeptide's Bambusa Blackhead Banishers are vegan, cruelty free and don't contain any parabens or sulfates.

TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0066TheBlackheadBanishingPoreStripsThatActuallyWorkWeTriedThem HydroPeptideBambusaBlackheadBanisherPorePerfectingNoseMask 0066

But Do Pore Strips Actually Work?

In a long term sense, no. Pore strips are designed to remove a very superficial layer of the skin, which includes a build up of dead skin cells, dirt and oil (and blackheads sitting on the surface). While you might find some (very satisfying) gunk on your pore strip once you remove it, they aren't designed to deliver long-term results or prevent blackheads in the long run, however you can use them weekly as maintenance.

In between your HydroPeptide Bambusa Blackhead Banisher Pore Perfecting Nose Mask, I'd recommend double cleansing each night, using an active exfoliating cleanser like Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 200ml and a blackhead fighting serum like asap radiance serum for the best results.

These actually work!


I cannot rave about these strips enough! My nose feels smooth, blackhead free and hydrated for days after use. Best nose strips on the market and also affordable!