This Active Yet Gentle Mask Set Completely Changed My Mind About Clay Masks

Minenssey Australian Clay MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Mask

You should know, I'm not a fan of clay masks. At all.

Why? Because I find them drying, irritating and, anecdotally, I swear I wake up with more congested skin after using one... even though the whole point of a clay mask is to... help clear congestion.

Despite giving dozens of cult clay masks a chance, I was yet to meet a clay mask I didn't dislike... until I tried these new ones on Adore from Minenssey.

I never thought I'd say it, but they've officially changed my mind about clay masks. And if you usually hate clay masks too, let me tell you how and why.

What Is the Minenssey Australian Clay Mask Set?

Minenssey Australian Clay MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Mask

Minenssey is an Aussie-made natural beauty brand that specialises in performance-driven products made with botanical ingredients.

All the products look lush, but it was the Minenssey Australian Clay Mask Exploration Set 4x9ml that caught my clay mask-despising eye.

Inside this mask set, you'll find four individual masking pods containing four different clay masks suitable for all skin types - yep, even sensitive skin.

Each formula is made using Kaolin clay (rich in minerals silica, magnesium, selenium and zinc), and different ingredients to target various skin concerns. Here's the breakdown:

1. Minenssey Australian Clay Brightening Mask.

Minenssey Australian Clay Brightening MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Brightening Mask

What: Minenssey Australian Clay Brightening Mask  9x9ml - A brightening mask that rebalances and restores for that lit-from-within glow.

Best for: Dull, uneven or tired skin.

Key ingredients:

  • Black Clay (Kaolin clay + iron oxide CI 77499) - rich in minerals, removes impurities and improves the look of overall skin texture, tone and suppleness.

  • Snowflower - a native antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory ingredient full of phyto-actives.

  • Moonstone - a luminous mineral element that brightens and detoxifies the look of skin, and is said to possess 'an innate feminine energy'.

2. Minenssey Australian Clay Rejuvenating Mask.

Minenssey Australian Clay Rejuvenating MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Rejuvenating Mask

What: Minenssey Australian Clay Rejuvenating Mask  9x9ml - A rejuvenating mask that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts radiance at the same time.

Best for: Ageing, stressed or tired skin that needs a coffee, stat.

Key ingredients:

  • Australian Pink Clay (Kaolin clay + iron oxide CI 77491) - mineral and antioxidant-rich clay containing iron oxide and copper to soothe, comfort and calm stressed-out skin. It also has firming and hydrating properties.

  • Kakadu Plum - a native ingredient with high levels of vitamin C that brightens the skin, protects against free radical damage, reduces inflammation and minimises the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Pomegranate - a powerful source of antioxidants with anti-microbial and anti-ageing properties to help stimulate keratin and collagen production for improved skin elasticity and suppleness.

3. Minenssey Australian Clay Deep Cleansing Mask.

Minenssey Australian Clay Deep Cleansing MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Deep Cleansing Mask

What: Minenssey Australian Clay Deep Cleansing Mask 9x9ml - A purifying mask that draws out impurities clogging up congested skin.

Best for: Normal to oily skin types with congested or acne-prone skin. (If you like traditional clay masks, you'll love this one.)

Key ingredients:

  • Australian Green Kaolin Clay - a strong, astringent, mineral-rich clay that rebalances and softens the skin while boosting cell turnover and collagen production.

  • Pepper Berry - a native ingredient high in vitamin C that conditions and hydrates the skin, helps to promote collagen production and is a natural anti-blemish treatment.

  • Parsley Seed - rich in vitamin C with antibacterial and antifungal properties to exfoliate the skin, helping to prevent breakouts and minimise the appearance of inflammation.

4. Minenssey Australian Clay Hydrating Mask.

Minenssey Australian Clay Hydrating MaskMinenssey Australian Clay Hydrating Mask

What: Minenssey Australian Clay Hydrating Mask 9x9ml - A deeply hydrating mask that's a big drink of water for the face AND hair.

Best for: Dry, dehydrated or damaged skin (or hair!).

Key ingredients:

  • Mineral-rich White Kaolin Clay - (same as above!)

  • Flannel Flower - a native Australian coastal plant used to soothe, hydrate, assist with skin recovery and help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

  • Rosella - a potent natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to calm and soothe the appearance of acne-prone or irritated skin.

Plus, at $33 for the mini mask exploration set, it works out to be $8.25 per mask = great value.

My Minenssey Mask Review.

Because my skin was feeling a bit sad, I decided to road-test the rejuvenating mask from the exploration set first.

As instructed, I applied a thick layer all over my freshly-cleansed face (avoiding the eye area) and let it do its thing for 20-30 minutes.

Now, we've already established I really don't like using clay masks, but guys, these don't look like any clay mask I've seen before.

The texture is silky and creamy, like whipped butter, and glides onto the skin as easily as spreading a perfectly ripe avo on toast.

Minenssey Australian Clay Mask reviewMinenssey Australian Clay Mask review

As you can see in the photo above, probably the biggest difference between these masks and other clay masks I've used before is that they never fully dry or set.

Where other clay formulas make your face feel like it'll shatter into a million pieces if you move a muscle, these don't dry out at all thanks to the addition of hydrating ingredients.

They feel more like a very thick, semi-wet moisturiser than a mask on the skin, which means the ingredients can do their jobs, without damaging your skin barrier from stripping excess moisture and oils.

Minenssey Australian Clay Mask reviewMinenssey Australian Clay Mask review

I knew this mask was doing something because I felt a slight tingling sensation on my skin while wearing it. The proof is in my plump, juicy skin, which didn't feel dry, tight or irritated post-mask, just smooth, bouncy and soft.

I definitely noticed my face looked brighter and felt firmer after I rinsed off the rejuvenating mask with warm water.

Here's my skin immediately after washing the mask off, without any other skincare products on.

Minenssey Australian Clay Mask reviewMinenssey Australian Clay Mask review

A mini four-pack mask set like this one is brilliant for anyone like me who enjoys the idea of masking, but doesn't actually do it that often.

The recyclable pods keep the mask formulas from drying out, and are easy to chuck in your carry on for a holiday mask that takes up zero space.

If you fancy yourself a multi-masker, you can also pop different masks on different areas of the face to address specific concerns at the same time.

E.g. If I could be bothered, I'd slather the rejuvenating mask on my forehead to help soften the appearance of lines, the hydrating or brightening masks on my cheeks, and the deep cleansing mask on my nose and chin to sort out congestion.

So, I'm calling it: these are the ultimate clay masks for people who hate clay masks. Because life's too short to crack your face off, right?

P.S. You can learn more about different face masks in our bargain to bougie masks YouTube video below!

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