From Serum to Eye Cream: Exactly How Much Skin Care You Really Should Be Using

how much skin care should i usehow much skin care should i use

When it comes to skin care, I feel like I talk endlessly about the correct products to use for your skin type and the ingredients. However, learning a little more about how to get the most out of our products never hurts.

For example, did you know you might be using too much of your favourite skincare products, or not enough?

You see, using the right amount of skin care will not only ensure you don't accidentally waste your expensive serums by using too much (this is especially important if your fave serum costs hundreds of dollars, sigh), but that they'll work properly, too.

You can learn more about how to build a beginners skincare routine in the YouTube video below!

I do want to say though, that while the amount of skin care you are using matters, the quality of it generally matters even more. Plus, there’s no science-backed golden rule regarding how much product you are exactly supposed to use.

But a lot of the time, people think using more of an active serum or a higher percentage of an active ingredient like retinols and hydroxy acids will get them better results, and faster. It won't.

If anything, using too much of these good things will probably end in redness/irritation or a severely impaired skin barrier. And a sad bank account from having to repurchase your products so often.

So, long story short, here are my recommendations on how much of each skincare product to use, so you can get the most out of your products. P.S. These are in order of how to structure your skincare steps, too.

How Much Cleanser Should I Use?

How Much Cleanser Should I Use?How Much Cleanser Should I Use?

Not using enough cleanser is crappy for your skin because you need to properly remove your makeup and sunscreen. Not doing so is basically Armageddon for the rest of your skincare routine and you’re likely to end up with clogged pores and breakouts.

For gel and cream cleansers, you just need a hazelnut-sized amount. If your cleanser is a foaming one, you just need one pump of it massaged into the skin.

The exception to the 'rule' is anti-acne cleansers or ones with exfoliating ingredients (glycolic acid, salicylic acid). These will leave your skin dry/irritated if over-used due to their active properties. Hence, why I tend to recommend a basic gel/cream cleanser most of the time (especially for your AM cleanse).

My current favourite: Medik8 Cream Cleanse 175ml - I love Medik8’s Cream Cleanser for the morning because it’s very gentle and doesn’t strip your skin.

How Much Eye Cream Should I Use?

how much eye cream should I usehow much eye cream should I use

There is no need to go overboard with your eye cream. Even if you're a perpetually sleep deprived parent like me (and rely on them as heavily as you do caffeine).

A pea-sized amount for each eye is all you need. If you use too much, you’ll probably get milia (hard little white dots under the eye) or irritate your eye area. Plus, eye creams and serums are usually expensive, so there's no point using more trying to get 'better' results.

My current favourite: Cosmedix Opti Crystal-Liquid Eye Serum - If you want a killer eye cream you can’t go overboard with, this is the bomb. It’s actually super hard to squeeze too much out of the tube and it’s more of a serum consistency which I love both for AM and PM use. Filled with copper peptides, it’s best if ageing is a concern.

How Much Serum Should I Use?

How Much Serum Should I Use?How Much Serum Should I Use?

A blueberry-sized amount is all you need when it comes to your serum. Are you shook? HA. I always tend to be heavy-handed with my serums because it just feels nice, but this is all your skin needs.

If you use more than this (especially with an active serum) over time, you will damage your skin barrier. And your bank account. Less than this and you won’t be using enough - predominantly making your product defunct.

My current favourite: Alpha-H Vitamin B - Alpha-H Vitamin B is a very good all-rounder serum that would suit all skin types. Dehydration, ageing, dullness and even ageing can be tackled with this serum.

How Much Moisturiser Should I Use?

How Much Moisturiser Should I Use?How Much Moisturiser Should I Use?

Obviously, the main goal of any moisturiser is to keep your skin adequately hydrated, however, using more will not equal more hydration. Two raisins perfectly describes how much moisturiser you need to use.

If your skin is still feeling dehydrated/dry after applying moisturiser, then you need to take a look at the rest of the products in your routine. If you're acne-prone or worried about congestion from heavy creams, switch to a gel based moisturiser.

My current favourite: Aspect Phytostat 9 - I have loved this product for years because it's basically like the perfect pair of jeans, but for your face. It's a little fragranced, but it doesn’t feel too thick or rich. Perfect if you’re feeling dehydrated or if ageing is a concern. Can also be used both morning and night so it’s very versatile.

How Much Sunscreen to Apply on Face?

How Much Sunscreen to Apply on Face?How Much Sunscreen to Apply on Face?

While the other amounts are generally ‘recommendations’, there’s no beating around the bush when it comes to how much *sunscreen to use for adequate protection.

In line with the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia (TGA), at least half a teaspoon for the face, neck and ears is the recommendation. Most people tend not to use enough sunscreen, which can lead to sunburn, sun damage, ageing or in worst case scenarios, skin cancer. Above, you can see what a full teaspoon of SPF measured out looks like.

If you're spending a lot of time outdoors it is important to re-apply every two hours. When it comes to SPF, it's impossible to use too much.

My current favourite: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ - My ride or die sunscreen/beauty product. This sunscreen works well under makeup, is super lightweight and is friendly to sensitive skin types. The watery texture also makes it feel like you're not wearing anything at all. Add. To. Cart.

Want more expert skincare advice from Yads? Check out her stories below!

*SPF is only one part of sun protection! Always seek shade, and wear sunnies, a hat and protective clothing. Use sufficient sunscreen for all unprotected areas and reapply sunscreen as directed. Always read the label. Relating to testimonial-like content around SPF products, these opinions are solely those of the individuals involved, and not of Adore Beauty as a business. Testimonial-style content around SPF, supplements and selected devices from Adore Beauty staff are in full compliance with TGA guidelines.

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