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Cosmedix Opti Crystal- Liquid Crystal Eye Serum 7g

4.4 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $38.00


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4 instalments of $38.00


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A liquid crystal serum that replenishes damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. Alpha lipoic acid, along with the repair properties of copper peptides, provide a lasting reduction in the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains coconut extract, a potent strengthening ingredient, delicate enough for sensitive eye tissue.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.4 of 43 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love love love


I love this cream! It’s a small tube but lasted approx 4 months. Suits well if you have semi dry skin with mimic wrinkles around the eyes. Already purchased my second tube.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s okay


Haven’t had amazing results unfortunately! Still good but nothing special whatsoever
  1. Love love love


    I love this cream! It’s a small tube but lasted approx 4 months. Suits well if you have semi dry skin with mimic wrinkles around the eyes. Already purchased my second tube.
  2. Great under makeup


    This eye cream is great, particularly under makeup. It’s very moisturising, yet not thick. It’s almost sticky but rubs into the skin well. I love the unicorn tear look it gives, it helps distract from my dark circles.
  3. LOVE!


    I adore this eye serum. I use it in the morning and found it has made a huge difference to my fine lines and darkness.
  4. What sorcery is this???


    I’m over 40 and I’m interested in results not gimmicks. I have been on a really disappointing journey to find an eye cream/serum to address fine lines, puffiness and loss of elasticity. I only bought this because I had tried pretty much everything else, was still searching, and the reviews were amazing. Everything about this eye serum screamed of hype and gimmicks. Except the results. I’m so happy with the visible improvement in my eye area. I will purchase this again and again. It looks radioactive and the texture is quite thick and a little sticky. Don’t let that put you off. This eye serum is amazing!
  5. Lovely


    Decent! I reach for my skinstitut one more than this but this ones still really nice!
  6. Amazingly Stunning Eye Cream


    This is not only the most beautiful eye cream (holographic), it is also a great product. It has thick, glossy consistency and stays exactly where you put it. I put it on straight after I hope out of the shower in the morning, let it soak in for a few minutes and then cover my whole face with my daily SPF moisturizer. My eyes seem fresher and more hydrated when I'm using this. Would definitely purchase again. It is also great to hydrate the thin skin on the lips.
  7. It’s okay


    Haven’t had amazing results unfortunately! Still good but nothing special whatsoever
  8. Tried a sample


    I've sampled this one and it's incredible after one use! It's just so expensive for what it is. I think that a strong skincare routine with cheaper brands is a better option. That said, it does seem worth the investment. I'm on the fence with this one.
  9. Cosmedix Opti Crystal- Liquid Crystal Eye Serum


    Left my skin feeling a little dry so 100% not for night & for the price point, could probably find something better for day wear.
  10. Life changing


    This is amazing!! I use at night, only need the tiniest amount. My old eyes are more hydrated than they have ever been. I’m impressed. This has had more effect than anything I’ve ever used, including products costing a lot more. It’s a deep hydration that lasts as opposed to surface only. Don’t apply make up over as it will sink into lines
  11. Hydrated


    Lasts for a long time and I do feel my skin hydrated after use. Can't say I've noticed long term effects, but have only been using for a month
  12. Worth the Investment


    Great eye serum - lasts a good 6+ months - and more importantly, it works! It is a slow-and-steady serum, with best results noticed with long-term consistent use, - but it has definitely addressed fine lines and because of it's beautiful 'unicorn tears' look, feels indulgent. I also love that this serum is very viscose, once on it doesn't budge; so it works great under creams, sunscreens, and concealers...etc.

    I have found one drop is enough, rubbed in circular motions between your rings fingers, and pat lightly around orbital bone, working your way up closer to the eye. As this is a serum, not an eye cream, it seems safe to do so.

  13. A little goes a long way


    Super hydrating and could see my under-eye area brightened with a few weeks of use. Dark circles are still there but easier to conceal because this product helps to moisturize, smooth and brighten the area
  14. defiantly spending the money on


    This product is very pricey, however that's expected with eye creams and honestly I've never spent my money on something better! I have very dry undereyes and eyelids and this product lived up to every one of my expectations and hydrated my eyes so much! I love it so much and it last for ages! definitely will be telling all my friends to buy it
  15. TINY


    I feel it is hard to judge just how good this product is as I was so annoyed by the size! I received bigger free samples with my order! Apart from the fact that it is not worth the money the texture actually does go on very nice and looks amazing when it comes out
    Have been using about every second day for over a month I haven’t seen drastic results yet but I am hopeful! You have to wear some form of makeup over this product as it does leave a slightly purpley shimmery tint
  16. Amazing


    This is amazing! All you need a little drop and it’s enough for under both eyes. Love the textures and the feel!
  17. Helps with wrinkles and puffiness


    This serum is really sticky so I only use it at night. Hasn't helped with the dark circles but seems quite good for wrinkles and reducing puffiness. Not sure if I would buy again though.
  18. Love it


    Definitely has improved my overall eye area . Looks brighter and healthier . Wish it wasn’t so exspensive but I guess you get what you pay for :)
  19. Unique product


    I love this serum for day use as it sits nicely under my make up and seems to illuminate the eye area somewhat. Its a cool opal/galaxy kinda colour! Pricey for such a small tube so I do tend to use it sparingly. I don't tend to use it all the time in winter as I require something more hydrating.
  20. Amazing all rounder serum - the tiny tube lasts forever!


    This serum is perfect as an all rounder - sometimes I have a bit of puffiness, darkness and of course a few wrinkles and this tackles the lot. You only need the tiniest amount so the tube lasts forever which makes the price tag justifiable. The texture is quite sticky which was different to other eye products I’ve used but it keeps it in place. Have been using this for over 2 years now and I’m not turning back!
  21. Amazing


    I got a sample of this from my beauty therapist and omg!! Exy but worth it...so beautiful under eyes and sits perfect under makeup. Nourishing and brightening. It’s on my list of treats at tax time!!
  22. Keeps my under eyes firm and hydrated


    This does such a great job of reducing fine lines and dehydrated under eyes.
    I've noticed that this helps keep my under eyes plump and stops them from looking hollow. Although this seems expensive for such a small amount of product, it lasts so long because only the the tiniest amount is needed and I really think it's worth it.
  23. Wow


    This has really made a difference after just 2 weeks, I.oressed!
  24. Perfect


    People will tell you it’s very thick and difficult to spread. That’s what makes it number one. Stays where you put it, doesn’t leak into your eye and mascara like cream. Dab it on in pinhead amounts. Tap it around and it spreads as it warms. Does what it says - fine lines yes, moisturises yes, dark circles to a degree.
  25. Amazing


    I brought this product after reading some reviews highly recommend.Purchased more then 6 months ago I received it and started to use it straight away.
    Major difference after a week I noticed the fine , saggy lines under my eyes were almost gone and smoothed out.
    So after using this product for 2 months morning and night and you only need the smallest amount.I put it up in the cupboard and totally forgot about using it as underneath my eyes were so much better.
    Fast forward 2 months later and I start to notice my eyes are back the way they use to look so I have started to use the under eye cream again .I won’t stop using this product now as I’m 100% convinced it made such a massive difference to the point I thought I nolonger needed to use the cream :)
    Its going to be a keeper and used daily from now on it seems expensive but you only really need the smallest amount so it’s not that badly priced.
  26. The holy grail of eye creams


    Overall I have combination skin (sometimes dry skin, but consistently oily through the t-zone and prone to hormonal breakouts around the jawline) . When I started using this product I was 27 and using no anti-aging products. I was shocked when I saw a photo of myself with swollen, saggy bags under my eyes with crows feet appearing.

    After doing a lot of research I decided to invest in this product. I am so happy I did, as I no longer have bags under my eyes and all the crows feet and fine lines have disappeared. It took about one tube to notice the difference. I have consistently repurchased this product and don't think I will ever be able to part with it. The thick consistency feels like it nourishes your eye area while you sleep (I only use this product at night) This product truly delivers and I can't recommend it more.
  27. Great products come with a price


    I was very sceptical about this at first, I purchased this based on some intense research and varying reviews and took a leap of faith that well and truly paid off. My biggest concern at the time of purchase was crepey eyelids and those pesky corner lines, after religiously using this in the am and pm I noticed a significant improvement in my eyelids and it most certainly helps with crows feet. I’m about to hit the 55+ category and I’ve been extremely careful with the care of my skin and I’m very fortunate that I’ve got very few noticeable wrinkles at my age so I initially wasn’t sure if there would be dramatic change, but the diminished eyelid crepe factor has sold me on this. As you only use the smallest pin head size amount, tap it in with your ring finger, it goes quite a long ways. I’ve recommended this to people but warn them of the price point, but if you’re looking to use this for strictly undereye dark circles this probably isn’t the product you want as I’ve not seen change in that area, it’s definitely a wrinkle smoother serum, I use an under makeup eye cream over top of this as well and that combination is perfect.
  28. Heavy and over priced


    It's hard to find an eye cream that does what it says. i don't think this cream really does much. And its very expensive. Its very sticky and I would only recommend on very aged skin or your eyes really puff up.
  29. Best eye cream ever


    While this is quite expensive, for me, it is worth every cent and you only need a tiny amount so it lasts a very long time. I use it at night only. It's ultra hydrating and helps with dark circles. No need for concealer with this in your daily skincare routine. I've tried many different eye creams in the past and this is the only one that I think actually does anything.
  30. My First Eye Product


    Not one for eye products, however, This product is amazing I love the way it changes the tone of my undereye area
  31. Don't believe the hype


    This product came highly recommended to me by my facialist and as a fan and user of a number of Cosmedix products I was looking forward to trying this beauty out. I'm sorry to say nothing happened. Absolute zilch.

    It is a very pretty, shimmery blue colour with a not- unpleasant, sticky honey-like formula. My main concern is dark circles and sadly they remain! People do rave about it though- maybe it helps with fine lines?
  32. Nice


    I tried a sample of this and it seems very luxe indeed. Given the price point I'm not sure I would buy the full size.
  33. The Best eye cream i have ever used!!!

    Meike (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Finally I have found my ultimate eye cream that wont irritate my sensitive and reactive eye area and works!
    It is ultra hydrating and helps with dark circles and small lines! So if you have red patches and get irritated from most eye creams this is the one for you.
    Hot tip - USE SPARINGLY - it goes along way hence the size of the tube!
    I use it as night treatment and only in the morning if I have time for it to soak in before doing my makeup.
  34. Not wowed


    Not going to lie, I do expect miracles from my eye cream - I am extremely unrealistic. I bought this hoping it would diminish my puffiness, but I think I just have to accept that nothing will cure the puffiness until I stop drinking wine. But it does feel nice, and keeps the fine lines at bay, and sits really nicely under makeup.
  35. Amazing


    Skin type: Oily/combination

    This product is amazing I love the way it changes the tone of my undereye area.
  36. Drab to Fab


    This small package has big surprises! It's so fab. I have used a lot of different eye creams in the past and I wouldn't use anything else. My dermal clinician recommended this to me as I have a few smile creases around my eyes. This eye serum hydrates the skin around my eyes ever so gently. The texture is a little sticky but I find that works really well as it leaves this amazing glow around my tired eyes. It also feels really beautiful and absorbs into the skin really effectively. It's really fantastic.
  37. Great


    Good product, i use this every second night before bed. Its a thick wax-like texture but it smooths out when you rub between your fingers before applying. Really hydrates the undereye area
  38. Still unsure!


    I’m still unsure about this product - have been using for 2 weeks now. It is kind of like a wax texture that you have to warm up in your fingers first to make it more spreadable. Even still, I feel like it drags on the skin. It says you only need a pin head sized amount, but I don’t think that covers the whole under eye area. I’m used to using a cream type of eye product. Maybe I’ll just have to get used to it! Time will tell if there is any positive results. It is very pretty in colour and comes in a good style of container.
  39. Actually works


    I have hereditary dark circles as well as fine lines under my eyes. This is the only product I've ever used which makes a visible difference. It successfully brightens and keeps my fine lines at bay.
  40. Beautiful


    You won’t understand the term unicorn tears until you get this eye cream. It reflects in rainbow pearl colours once applied. You only need a pin head sized amount. After a few weeks I really do think it’s helping to reduce my under eye fine lines. Will continue to use to see long term results.
  41. Still deciding!


    Not convinced of this one yet given the price. It feels great when it’s on but I’m not sure if I’ve noticed a change to the fine lines under my eyes.
  42. Highly recommend!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have tried many eye treatments but this the first one that I’ve used that actually works.
    You only need a pin size amount but boy does it pack a punch. Its hydrating and plumps any fines lines.
    I've been though one tube which lasted a long time and on to my 2nd.
    It has holographic pigments which is best described as mermaid tears, ever so pretty.
    I would definitely recommend this product.
  43. Best anti ageing eye product I've ever used


    This product has a cult following for a reason. It is such a great anti aging product and I believe it really helps to hold back the signs of aging in the eye area. It has lots of great high tech ingredients including several patented peptides such as Liquid Crystal which gives the product its name. . It has quite an interesting texture - like a thick viscous gel. You only use a pin head size amount for both eyes and you kind of have to pat it in, because you can't really smooth it in. That said, it's not a difficult product to use and it doesn't feel heavy, you just have to get used to it. If you find that it is too heavy for daytime use you can use it just at night and use a more standard "eye cream" for daytime. Mostly though when you start using Opti Crystal you won't want to use anything else. The next important thing to mention is the famous colour! This is what people always mention about Opti Crystal. Its nickname is "unicorn tears". When you dispense some out onto your fingertips you will see it is an amazing, pearly, holographic pinky purple blue green. It looks coloured when it goes onto the skin but it goes clear within about a minute. That said, I do wonder if it contains optical brighteners because the eye area does look brighter upon application.
    Long story short.....this is a holy grail eye product. Expensive but honestly worth every cent.
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