3 Vegan Skincare Products That Are Just as Good (or Better) Than My Old Favourites

clean skincare routineclean skincare routine

A few years ago, I started the process of replacing my beauty products with clean alternatives. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds.

I live a vegan, plant-based lifestyle, but I'm definitely not perfect. I'll admit, my makeup bag isn't 100 per cent clean because I just haven't found products that are as good as my current favourites... yet.

But for skin care, cruelty-free and vegan are non-negotiables. Even better if they're certified organic, too. I also want skincare products that work and can deliver results, not jars full of good vibes and empty promises.

Slowly but surely, I've been able to find clean skincare replacements for products in my routine. Here are three my skin and I are loving right now.

1. Salt by Hendrix Aurora Face Crème.

Salt by Hendrix Aurora Face CrèmeSalt by Hendrix Aurora Face Crème

Fast facts:

  • A moisturiser that's clean, cruelty-free, vegan and free from parabens and mineral oil.

  • Suitable for all skin types and contains ingredients like niacinamide (vitamin B3), squalane, mountain pepper leaf, finger lime, green coffee bean and hyaluronic acid.

  • Lightweight yet nourishing texture with a matte finish.

  • Can be used as a day moisturiser or night moisturiser.

Why it's so damn good:

You can’t look at this iridescent pink packaging and not think of a unicorn. But unlike the mythical creature, SALT BY HENDRIX Aurora Face Crème is real. The lightweight but nourishing texture absorbs quickly into my skin and leaves it feeling plump, glowy and hydrated.

The matte finish is perfect for wearing under makeup and sunscreen - when I've been working on set, makeup artists haven't seen fit to wipe it off. It's the ultimate hybrid of a moisturiser and primer, and my wallet likes that I can use it day and night. And it's just really pretty.

2. Mukti Age Defiance Night Serum.

Mukti Age Defiance Night SerumMukti Age Defiance Night Serum

Fast facts:

  • An active serum that targets pigmentation, discolouration and skin radiance.

  • Certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable and Australian-made.

  • Contains a form of vitamin A called HPR to help fade the appearance of dark spots and dullness.

  • Also contains plant proteolytic enzymes, niacinamide, kakadu plum and the brightening ingredient Chromabright.

  • Apply in the evening after cleansing and before other serums or moisturisers.

Why it's so damn good:

I'm relatively new to 'anti-ageing' skincare products and wondered if a 'clean' vitamin A serum could be as effective as traditional formulations. The scent and texture of Mukti Organics Age Defiance Night Serum are sensational; the subtle fragrance is sophisticated and earthy. And the packaging is very eco-luxe, which looks elegant and sleek in my bathroom cabinet.

I've been enjoying this serum applied at night time with the Salt by Hendrix moisturiser over the top. My skin looks glowy the morning after I use the product - I haven't been using it for long enough to speak to any of the long-term skin benefits - but I love how it ticks all the clean skincare boxes, without being hippy or woo woo.

3. Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant.

Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial ExfoliantGrown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant

Fast facts:

  • A granule-free, hydrating enzyme exfoliant suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitised skin.

  • Aussie-made, certified organic, cruelty-free and vegan, and comes in sustainable, BPA-free, 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

  • Contains fig enzymes to break down dead skin cells for skin that appears smoother and brighter.

  • Other ingredients include papain and amino complexes, an essential fatty acid called quandong, and antioxidant rutin.

  • Use at night by massaging a pea-sized amount into damp skin. Leave on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Why it's so damn good:

Honestly, the Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant 75ml had me with the chic black and white packaging. Then I opened it and the delicious fruit scent made me want to eat it. It smells like washing your hands with a luxe hand wash at a fancy friend's house, but more importantly, it left my skin feeling so soft and looking radiant.

I wear a lot of makeup for modelling work, so I love the feeling of using an exfoliating product to slough off dead skin cells and any extra makeup or grime. But I also don't like waiting around for a mask to work its magic. But if you want your skin to feel buffed and hydrated, leave this mask on for at least five minutes while you do other shower tasks. Or accidentally leave it on for an hour like I did recently while soaking in a hotel room bath.

Words of Wisdom from a Clean Skincare Convert.

If you're overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning to a fully 'clean' skincare routine, I'd suggest starting slowly. No need to tip your whole bathroom into the bin.

Rather than buying an entire 12-step clean routine, start by swapping in one product at a time when you run out of your current product. This is both economical and a good way not to waste products.

Now I've found my clean moisturiser, active serum and exfoliant, you can find me browsing Adore Beauty's clean beauty skincare category for my next finds.

Wanna watch what sustainability looks like at Adore? Follow our founder Kate Morris to see our sustainability initiatives in the warehouse in this YouTube video below!

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