All Our Fave At-Home Skincare Devices

There has never been more of a collision between the technology and the skincare world than right now. In fact, it honestly feels that while people have (and hopefully will always continue to) love their serums, lotions and potions, all the extra time, coupled with stressed out "iso skin", has just made everyone want to try ALL the things. Which seems pretty fitting for any skin savvy, product obsessed person if you ask me. 

Innovation in the beauty world is where it’s at right now so we need to chat about the latest at-home and affordable skincare tools that can help transform our skin – and in turn, the way we live (or at least how long we commit to our ever-evolving skincare routines).

So let’s check out some of our favourite skincare devices to land in Australia below.

Lonvitalite Dermal Roller

Ok, so first let’s get one thing straight: at-home derma rolling is not equivalent to in-clinic needling treatments. They are two different things and will both deliver different results.

However, including a lil’ derma roller action in your at-home routine can stimulate new collagen and elastin and in turn, be a handy anti-ageing tool for most skin types (except for anybody who has irritated or broken skin.)

Anyway, a derma roller is essentially used to step up your existing regime and help your current serum work deeper into the skin. This one has a depth of 0.3mm which is very safe for at-home use too. All you have to do is roll it back and forth, horizontally, vertically and diagonally 5-10 times over your entire face post-cleansing with your favourite hydrating or gentle correcting serum and voila!

You can also concentrate on smaller areas such as acne scars to help minimise their appearance. First-time users should start by incorporating it into their routine once a week. Then slowly build up to two-three times a week max.

Safety notes:

  • Always remember to use medical alcohol to disinfect the derma roller after every use. 

  • This derma roller only lasts 15 uses (although I’d personally throw one out every six months, no matter how many times you’ve used it)

  • Devices with a needle depth 0.5mm or higher should be left to the professionals. Longer needle depths can increase the risk of scarring - especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Using active or exfoliating ingredients post derma rolling such as any form or retinol, AHA’s, BHA’s or benzoyl peroxide should be avoided as they can actually cause an inflammatory response in the skin - tread with caution!

  • Best not to roll needles over active acne lesions.

Dermalist SkinWand Facial Cleansing Brush 

The easiest tool to up the ante on your daily cleanse as it helps your cleansing products work deeper and more effectively to remove your makeup than your hands or standard facial cloth ever would.

All you do is add your cleanser to the facial cleansing brush and work into the skin. There’s also a vibrating button on the tool so you can increase the intensity of your cleanse - and it’s all waterproof! Unlike other cleansing devices on the market, it's got a handle, making it easy to effectively cleanse without it slipping around in your hands, and it's significantly cheaper than most others.

It'll provide a mild exfoliating effect too. Just be careful with overuse - you can read my article on over-exfoliating here.

FOREO Espada

Are you a fan of blue light LED in-clinic treatments to help with your acne? Well, now you can harness the power of those blue light treatments at home (not exactly at the equivalent level of course but it’s better than nothing).

You see, blue light is known for its ability to kill p. acne bacteria in the skin (the bacteria that can cause it to spread in the first place). So while this might not be as strong, as soon as you feel a blind pimple coming on, or have any random bursts of acne, I’d cleanse and zap them with this, and your blemishes should visibly improve.

Plus, LED treatments for acne are amazing so if you’re yet to jump on the bandwagon this might be a good way to try it out for yourself - just ask content creator and makeup artist Maddie Edwards.

Hunter LAB Aura Sculpting Tool

Microcurrent devices are set to be huge and this is a newbie to the Australian market. It’s designed to harness your skin’s natural metabolic process and in turn, help your skin cells work more effectively.

Plus continued microcurrent use is said to lead to more youthful, healthier-looking skin. In fact, it’ll feel like a super gentle facial massage, that energises the facial muscles – while you do very minimal work.

This one by Hunter LAB is even more unique because it's solar-powered. Yep, that's right. No electricity needed. And if you're into the whole gua sha trend, this handheld tool is shaped like one to give you that snatched, sculpted look you're after.