Episode 4: The Link Between The Gut And Our Skin With Carla Oates

We're BACK with the much anticipated 4th episode of Beauty IQ Uncensored!

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What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Period Undies:

We bought ModiBodi period undies (full price, mind you) to give our honest verdict on whether they *actually* work, and Hannah gives us an insight into another one of her quirky hygiene habits along the way.

Gut Health:

We sit down with Carla Oates from The Beauty Chef to talk about gut health and its link to our skin and mental health - AND why Joanna's so obsessed with Glow Inner Beauty Powder. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can find Carla's books below:

Feeding Your Skin (2004)

The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing (2016)  

The Beauty Chef Gut Guide (2019)

The Product We Didn't Know We Needed:

Joanna’s product: Kiehl's Crème de Corps

Hannah’s product: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body Cloths


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

Producer/Editor: Mette Kortelainen

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Gut Health, Our Microbiome & Skin Inflammation With Carla Oats - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 4 Transcript


Welcome everybody to Beauty IQ the podcast.


I'm your host Joanna Fleming


and I am your co-host Hannah Furst. Oh my god guys, we are back in the studio and we can't believe it. But what happened?


We're shook


Yeah, we're totally shook


We went to number one on the podcast charts.


It was a strange night. I think we would have been really happy if it was what, just in like, the charts at all. And I was looking at my phone and all of a sudden it was number two and I was trying to text Jo and my fingers were like, shaking.


Hannah happened to be off sick on the day that we released the podcast


yes! I just, like I was, I had a migraine. I think all the stress was just built up. We were expecting maybe a few more like, neg comments like, "we don't want to hear about your..."


We thought we were gonna get trolled


"I don't want to hear about your anus"


turns out people do


Turns out you're all really interested. So, we're going to keep it up. I'm going to talk about my anus a lot. So, Jo, what's on today's episode?


So today we're talking about periods, specifically period undies because you and I between the last time we recorded and now, have both tried period undies. So, we're going to give our review on that. And we're also talking to a very special guest about gut health


and the products we didn't know we needed.


Of course


the most important.


So, let's get on to our first topic, period undies.


So, shout out to Tamara from the office who got me onto period undies. I did not even know these things existed until probably maybe four months ago. And she told me they were the best things ever, and I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. As most people listening to this would know, periods make you paranoid. So, I couldn't imagine myself wearing a pair of undies to work and feeling comfortable that I wouldn't leak, you know?


Even myself, I have a very light period. Even I was like, 'Oh, I don't know about this. How can it not leak?'


But as we've learnt, you're a risk-taker


Do you remember that day? Because ok, I don't have a period schedule... Let me tell the story, Jo! Stop laughing already. So, I came to work, and I never know when my period's coming. Literally. Never. And so, it'll just surprise me one day. And I came to work, and I was like "Oh no". And do you remember, I was like "Look at my jeans"


You turned around and you were like "I've leaked through my jeans"


My favourite Nobody jeans! I had to go straight home and spray them with that like, stain remover. It did come out. That's the only time that's happened to me though. You have a heavier flow, than I do


I do


So why don't you tell the people all about your experiences?


Well, I was just a bit paranoid to wear them to work, so I thought I'd wear them overnight because that's the time, because I wear tampons during the day. You don't. We can get onto that later. I wear tampons during the day, so I don't feel uncomfortable to have my period during the day. It's at night when I have to wear one of those giant nappy pads to bed and roll around in it, and it's just so uncomfortable


And you're still not guaranteed that it won't leak.


Well, that's where I find I leaked the most because that thing is so uncomfortable and rigid, and it just doesn't move with your body. Anyway so. I got a pair of ModiBodi undies and I wore them for the first night. Oh, my God. I'm hooked on these things and that is not sponsored. Like, we actually ordered them full price


We actually ordered them full price online, paid with my credit card and got them delivered like a couple of days later


Just so we could give you guys this review. Anyway, I'm obsessed with them because they're so comfortable. And I had no leakage, no odour or anything like that. They were just so comfy to wear. I didn't even, I kind of forgot I even had my period in the morning.


I felt the same way. So, I got my period quite soon after you did




We're in sync, that's how much time we spend together. I don't, can't wait tampons. I don't know why. And we've had this discussion in the office a few times.


Every time she tells someone this, they're like "you're not putting it up high enough", and she's like "I've tried!"


I've tried! I put it up as far as it could go. It won't go any further. It's like the end is like, my cervix. How much further can you go? Honestly. Honestly, it's not okay.


Can I just say, just so that people listening to this know, we have male bosses who have to listen to this? We do the most for you guys.


Exactly. We really do. I think what it is, is that I don't, I have a very light period




Like almost non-existent. And it only lasts a couple of days. Most of those days I can wear a panty liner only, maybe one or two days, I have to wear like, a regular pad. So, I think it, the tampon issue is that it's like, not filling up all the way




And it probably just feels a little bit uncomfortable.


Ahh, I get what you mean now.


I don't know if that's actually really what's happening


but when your period finishes and you use a tampon like, it's kind of hard to get out.


Yeah, exactly.


Well, tell us about your experience with period undies then, because that was a game changer


It was a total game changer. I wore them to work cause I'm the beauty risk taker. I didn't wear them to bed first, but also because I know...


She's wild


Yeah, wild


I would never do that


And I wore them with light blue jeans as well.


You did. What's wrong with you?


And throughout the day, I kept saying to people "Can you check my pants? Can you check my pants?" and they're like "you're fine". What I was really surprised about is they're not bulky


Yeah, not at all


And they're not this, I was expecting like a big nappy and it's not at all.


Because they're heavy overnight absorbency. So, it's like two or three tampons worth.


It's quite crazy, and I was really impressed, and I think the only thing, and look what I really like about it is it's environmentally friendly. I think that's such a plus. The only thing I'll say that I'm like 'ehh', was like, you have to rinse them before you put them in.


It's a bit gross


Which is a bit gross, but it's not really gross because you just, I literally just put it into my bathroom sink and I just put warm water and waited until it went clear and that was it


I think some people might find it a bit gross. I personally didn't have an issue with it, and when I told my friends I was obsessed with them they were like "it's a bit gross", but I don't think it's gross. It's your own blood. Like, who cares? Also, if you're used to wearing pads or tampons, you're kind of used to handling those items


I'm already used to it because yeah, you're already using. I had requested Joanna to also try the, what are they called again? the diva cup.


Yeah. A menstrual cup


A menstrual cup. And...


that was a hell no from me.


I got a text message from her and she just said "Look, I just can't get it up there"


I didn't even attempt it because I was trying to fold it into quarters.


I think you might have had the wrong size; we think.


Yeah so, I sent it to my friends and my friend that actually used one wrote back "You've got the maternity size". Like shit, of course it's not going to go up there


Ok so, I'm quite impressed that you still tried.


Yeah well, I just tried to fold because everyone's like "you just fold it and then you just put it up there."


So, I think what we'll do for the next time that we talk about periods, we'll get someone in that's actually used it or we'll get the right size for you, Jo.


Thank you.


I don't know that I could use a menstrual cup. I don't think there'd be enough.


Look, to be honest with you...


It wouldn't fill up.


Oh yeah you probably wouldn't need to but anyone with like a regular to heavy period would probably benefit from it. But I was shocked at how many girls in our office actually used them.




I didn't know they were so popular. I had no idea


So, what we love about what this podcast has done in our office, and this is what we hope it does at your office too, is it's opened up conversation that we maybe were a little bit embarrassed to talk about. So, Jo and I will be like "Guys we need, we need your advice. Who uses a menstrual cup?" and then it just like, we were so surprised, it was probably 50% of our office were using menstrual cups.


In fairness, we are a very environmentally friendly office. There's lots of vegans. So, everyone's kind of conscious of the fact that...


Um, Jo you're so... not that vegan means that you're environmentally conscious.


I think it does. Most people are vegan for the environmental impact.


Yeah, that's true.


In general, though, we are environmentally friendly.


We are.


We use keep cups and all that jazz


Yeah. So, I think the demographic in our office is probably more likely to be concerned with the environmental impact of female hygiene products like tampons and pads and what that does to landfill and things like that


Now you're making me feel bad about my daily...


Yeah, you should feel bad. Hannah uses a panty liner every day, even when she's not on her period.


I know


Does anybody else do this? Because I thought it was weird.


So, the weirdest part about it all is I have a particular brand that I like, which is from Aldi. I do not like any other panty liner of any other brand. And when I go overseas, So the last time I went overseas for an extended period, I took over two boxes in Ziplock bags, and then my dad came and met me, and he had to bring a...


He did not


He had brought a... I said "Mum, can you make? Can you go get those Aldi panty liners?" And Dad was like "Here are your panty liners" and they were in like, zip lock bags to get me through another month of travel


Hannah, you'd be saving so much space in your backpack


I know and I had a tiny, tiny backpack as well. And I took about 100 panty liners.


Moral of the story go out and buy yourself a pair of ModiBodi undies because they will change your life.


And also, can you dm me, if you use panty liners everyday so I don't feel alone? I would really appreciate it. And what would be even better if you like those Aldi panty liners, please let me know too.


Let's start a community.


I know, I'd be really interested like, to feel that I'm not so alone in some of my quirky habits.


So, thank you so much Carla for joining us. Tell us a bit about yourself.


So, my name's Carla Oates, and I am the founder and the CEO of the inner beauty brand, The Beauty Chef. And our philosophy is that beauty begins in the belly and we make bio fermented, probiotic, whole food powders and elixirs for gut health, skin health and wellbeing.


I think I owe you a thank you because you saved my life. Glow honestly made such a difference for me. Gut wise. I was having the biggest issues. I'd had all these investigative procedures as having all these tests done. No specialists could tell me what was wrong with me. It was, just it was so hard. It was debilitating, like I was having so many issues that I was it was giving me anxiety and then I did training for The Beauty Chef because we started stocking the brand and I thought, 'I'll just give it a go' like after I'd done the training. I thought 'it sounds pretty good; I'll just try it for a couple of weeks'. And within a week. Not even kidding. I was like, I feel 90% better. And then after a month, I was like 'I'm cured! She's a genius'


Thank you. I love that feedback. That's incredible. And I think that's the best part of my job. Is helping people find real solutions not only to skin issues, but also to gut issues and that, when people, and so many people in modern day society have gut issues and it could be related to poor diet, stress, medications, alcohol, cigarettes, pollution, a combination of things. And I think there's an epidemic of gut issues. So, and your gut health can affect everything from your skin to your physical health, to your overall wellbeing and how you feel. So, I love getting that feedback, so thank you. I'm so glad it could help


And based on Joanna's recommendation, because I feel like for some reason, I've started having some gut issues just bloating and just generally feeling sluggish or something like something doesn't feel right. So, I've just started using it, and I'm really excited to see what happens.


Welcome to the world of The Beauty Chef


I know, I didn't even know that supplements were kind of a thing before starting at Adore Beauty.


They're definitely a thing.


So, I think that kind of gets us on to our first question, which was What prompted you to start The Beauty Chef?


So, I'd had eczema and allergies as a child and my Mum had taken me to see a Naturopath, and she eliminated certain foods like gluten and dairy for my diet and introduced other foods and supplements. So, from a very young age I really understood the power of food as medicine and how what we consume can really impact our skin and our health. And I wrote a book called Feeding Your Skin With Penguins, So I've written thousands of articles on natural health and beauty, and then my daughter, who is 22 this year. But when she was about 10, so about 12 years ago, she also suffered from eczema and allergies, and I had done a whole lot of research into the correlation between gut health and skin health. And as I explored that link further went 'Wow, I think this is profound'. And so, I decided to put her on a gut healing protocol, and that included making lacto fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir, kombucha. And incorporating those foods into our diet. And I was using, eating lots of those foods and all my friends were like "your skin's looking amazing. What are you doing differently? What moisturiser are you using?" I'm like, I'm doing nothing differently. I'm just eating these lacto fermented foods. So, I did become like the local pusher for my friends and family and neighbours. Giving them all these amazing lacto fermented foods and so Glow Inner Beauty Powder was born. 24 bio fermented superfoods with pre and probiotics for gut health, skin health and wellbeing. And really, it evolved from a need. I wanted to find a real solution to skin issues, not just a band aid.


Yep, I think that's a really good point, because for Me it wasn't about skin, for Me I wasn't looking for something to fix my skin that I was looking for something to heal my gut, and that's exactly what it did. But people that come to me saying 'I've got acne or other inflammatory skin concerns like eczema', that's the first product I recommend that they get on and then accompany that with skin care as well. So, I think it's definitely that inner healing that needs to happen first, and then you can address it topically. It's yeah, I can't recommend it highly enough.


Thank you. And that's why I guess our philosophy is beauty begins in the belly because it really starts when you think about the gut and you know, what happens in the guts where we make and digest nutrients. It's where we regulate hormones, regulate detoxifying enzymes. It's where 70% of our immune system lies. So much happens it can influence, and effect, our skin and wellbeing if it's out of balance.


And so, I guess, leading onto what you just said. Could you tell us a bit more about the link between gut health and skin?


Yes, so more and more studies are showing where there's gut inflammation, there'll be skin inflammation. And most skin issues, for example, from rosacea to acne autoimmune skin issues like eczema and psoriasis are all fuelled by inflammation and in relation to premature ageing of the skin, inflammation is also one of the key drivers. And I guess you might have heard the term 'inflammaging' which is really fuelled by inflammation and poor gut health. Glow, we've seen amazing results. Glow really is a bio fermented powder with prebiotics and probiotics to help feed your microbiome. But for people who have significant gut issues, we've gone a step back and created a product called Gut Primer, which actually targets the lining of the gut to help prevent leaky guts. It's a listed medicine, and when they pair it with Glow, they're getting phenomenal results. So, it's super exciting.


And what are some of the results? Sort of. What kind of differences might I see? Not just in my gut, but in my skin.


We actually did a consumer trial, and 95% of the women who participated found that pre-existing skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, congestion improved. Really high figures like 94% found increase in luminosity and hydration and skin clarity. So, and the other thing feedback we get is 'Thank you so much. I've never been able to grow my nails. My nails are so much stronger. My hair is more lustrous and also I feel better'. And for me, beauty is wellness, and wellness is beauty. And I think they're inextricably linked and if you feel better, you're going to look better anyway. So, it's really a very holistic view of beauty.


So, I think I recall in training that it was mentioned there's a pretty big link between mental health and gut health and how that can impact conditions like anxiety. Can you expand a little bit more on that?


Yes. So, while there's a gut skin access is also a gut brain access, which is basically an information highway between your gut and your brain that can influence the way we feel in our moods. And it's interesting because 90% of our feel-good hormone serotonin is made in our gut. So, I guess if you've ever experienced, you know butterflies in your tummy or followed your gut instinct that's your gut brain access at work. So, there's more and more research between gut health, your microbiome and mental health. And it's exciting, because what I love is that while our genes are really important, you know, genetics are super important. I always believed that genetics load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger. And so, while we might be like, I'm predisposed to eczema. But because I look after my gut, it doesn't manifest. So, we actually have 150 times more microbial genes then we have human genes. So, our microbiome, our gut health could have such a huge impact on our skin, and our wellbeing, our mental health, energy levels and the way we feel.


I actually do have another question. This is probably just from my own personal experience at the moment. So, when I'm, I guess really feeling really healthy and exercising and eating well, I feel really good. And at the moment I'm probably just, just not in that space. It's like stress and all these different things that are happening. Do you think you know, taking Glow and taking all the supplements should be part of, I guess, a more holistic view of your diet and wellbeing?


Definitely. I think, you know, I'm such a big believer about how important it is to find balance. And I guess my balance is probably a bit extreme. I always say to people like '80/20. 80 good, 20 bad. I'm like, can we just make it 90/10. Like just push it a little bit more'. But the reality is, we're busy. It's hard, you know. We don't have gardens that we can grow our own vegetables and that sort of thing. So, we've got to be realistic. And I think it's about not being hard on yourself. And I have a lot of people say 'So I can just do that. And then I could go back to eating you know, crap.' And I'm like, try and see it is a lifestyle change. Introduce Beauty Chef into your life. You start to feel better. You start to make smaller changes. Maybe like, I'm not going to eat as much sugar. Maybe I'm going to try and have vegetables on my plate when I when I eat and you start to feel better and you almost become addicted to feeling you know, better. And your body being nourished and it really is about everybody's personal experience, what they can tolerate, what you know, they're happy to sort of put up with and how happy they are to feel, you know, put up with feeling crappy.


I'm exactly the same, and I find it so, it's so easy to go back. Like it's so hard, you get into a good routine, you feel amazing and you start to make all these really great changes in your life. And then it's just something like, you're really busy all of a sudden and then you just go straight back.


It's really important not to be hard on yourself because stress is terrible for your microbiome and we know that actually can compromise the gut lining. So, we don't want to be stressed. I think your points really true. I think what we don't, especially like come January we'll go 'Okay, this year. I'm going to not eat any sugar, and I'm not going to do this. And I'm only going to have green vegetables on my plate.' And the reality is that those sorts of long term, kind of, you have the best intentions, but they're very, very hard to keep those sorts of goals. So, when you reach goals, dopamine is released and so dopamine is another feel good hormone. So much better that we set ourselves those short-term goals we can actually achieve, our body rewards ourselves with dopamine release, we feel really good. Could just be, 'In the next couple of weeks, I'm just going to reduce, I'm not going to have that extra chocolate bar in the afternoon'. Maybe it's 'I'm going to make sure that the chocolate I buy is 70% Cacao and not milk chocolate with lots of sugar'


As Mars bars sit in front of us


I did notice those when I came in


We need sugar because we talk all day. And then we get tired.


You need to have Body, our protein powder.


Yeah, that's true.


It is so good.


We should bring smoothies next time.


We should. So, thank you so much Carla for joining us. And thank you for saving my life.


Anytime. Thank you for having me.


And I'm really, really excited to try it now.


Yes, we'll put our review up on the podcast in a few weeks.


Thanks, girls. It's been a pleasure.


So now on to the product that we didn't know that we needed. Jo, you've talked a lot about a lot of products, so I'm going to get started. So, in the first episode, I talked about the Tan Luxe, the face drops. And Last night, we went to number one, and I was in a crazy, crazy mood. And I went, and I knew we were recording today, and I thought we might take some pics and I was like, quickly better put some Tan Luxe drops on. And so, I put them on. I was in such a crazy mood that I forgot to wash my hands, which is the first time that I've ever done it. And I got up this morning, got into the shower...


Can I read the text that you sent to me? 'Okay, cool. I might be running 15 minutes late. I was so out of it last night. I forgot to wash my hands after putting face tan on. I'm so embarrassed' and then she sent me a picture of them


and I literally have, I have white hands on the front. And then my palms are completely orange. And then in between my fingers


Yeah, it's the in between


Yeah it looks so funny. So, I thought that for today's episode, I would go with a really great tan remover. So, they are textured wipes. They exfoliate your skin. They're formulated with Alpha-H's bestselling liquid gold


Which is glycolic acid


Which is glycolic acid, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid.


I learnt something in our first episode. And they not only exfoliate the skin, but they prep it before fake tan which you know I love to do on a weekly basis. And they also help removing tan


from your hands, when you forget to wash them


Yes, when you forget to wash them, which has never happened to me before, surprisingly.


That is surprising.


I know, I think I've gone a little bit crazy. This podcast is sending me crazy. Too many hours in this stuffy room.


When I was younger, and fake tans weren't as good as they are now. I remember having to scrub my hands with Napisan after I'd applied fake tan. And also, I didn't have a glove when I was in my teen years.


So, what did you do?


I just used my hands




I think that's what the problem was probably


I have actually done that more recently. Sometimes I just forget.


I didn't know that gloves were a thing


Sometimes I just go 'ppff' and like put it on my hands and I'm like 'why did I just do that? I know that you should wear a glove', but I'm just, I just don't think sometimes. So, what's the products that you didn't know that you needed this week?


So, mine is the Kiehl’s Creme De Corps body moisturiser. Normally body moisturisers don't excite me that much, but this particular one is honestly the best in the biz. It is one of my absolute favourites.


It's also a celeb fave.


It is a celeb fave. Yes. So, it's really, really popular. It's super hydrating. I find it helps like, on the topic of tans. It helps my tan to last longer as well. You know, that itchy kind of feeling you get if you don't moisturise when you've done a tan.


I don't moisturise


Ugh, dear lord


I know, and like...


See what I'm dealing with everywhere.


It's like every single week I say to myself, I'm gonna eat healthy. I'm going to exercise, and I'm going to bloody well body moisturise and I have not done it.


And it doesn't happen.


It doesn't happen. I've done none of those things. It's something that I really want to get into. But I find it really time consuming. And also, in winter, it's too cold.


I know you just want to get out of the shower and put your jammies straight on




But it is, it honestly definitely pays off because I find that it helps your tan to last so much longer. For me like, if I put my tan on and I use that every single night, I could make it last for a week. And it's still be quite a good colour are at the end of it. But if I don't use that, I find it starts to get a bit yucky after a few days.


Great. Well, thanks.


Wait, okay. So, one more thing.




I get the big boy, which is the 500ml pump.


What have told you about innuendos Joanna


I'm really sorry to anyone who listened to my toothbrush product I didn't know I needed from the other week.


If you go back and listen to that now, you'll know what we're talking about.


We listened back to it as we were editing, and I was like, I did not mean for that to be sexual at all. And it really, really was.


So yeah, this body moisturiser has Squalene, Glycerin, like all these beautiful things as well as some really nourishing oils as well. So, it is really, really nice on the skin. It doesn't really have a smell, so it's not offensive in any way to anyone who doesn't like fragrance. And it's just the best. So, take my advice and go on by yourself one


Great. Well that wraps us up for another episode.


We'll be back next week.


We'll be back next week. God need to have some better endings.


I know. That's good enough.


Sorry guys.


See ya.




Thanks everyone for joining us today.


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