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The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef


The Beauty Chef Advanced Glow Inner Beauty Powder is a new and improved bio-fermented super-food beauty blend with even more antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and extra probiotics designed to improve gut health and enhance the skin from the inside out.

Building upon the successful Glow formula, The new Beauty Chef Advanced Glow Inner Beauty Powder combines a blend of Certified Organic, naturally fermented ingredients to nourish and enhance skin from the inside-out. This natural supplement supports efficient digestion and a healthy gut, which naturally results in long-lasting skin health and radiance and is suitable for all skin types.

This drinkable tonic contains 24 carefully selected skin-loving ingredients, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and pre and probiotics, making it a powerhouse of nutrients in every 5g spoonful. Each jar contains thirty berry-flavoured servings which can be mixed with water or a smoothie for easy digestion. It is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, lactose, dairy, sugar and is suitable for vegans.  Once opened, the jar needs to be refrigerated.

The Beauty Chef products are not available for shipping outside Australia.

What are the benefits of The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder?

  • Drinkable tonic to improve gut health and skin
  • Contains 24 nutrient and vitamin-rich ingredients
  • Nourish skin from the inside, out
  • Berry flavoured
  • Can be mixed with water, juice or a smoothie
  • Suitable for everyone, including vegans and lactose and glucose intolerants
  • 30 servings

Caution: All of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Products are totally natural, highly nutritious, food-based supplements. However, because there haven't been any studies that specifically show them to be safe during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, we are not at this stage able to recommend their use during these times. We advise that you seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before taking.

Who should use The Beauty Chef Glow Powder?

The Glow Powder is perfect for anyone looking to begin their digestive health journey. It is packed full of probiotics, prebiotics and superfoods which are all fantastic for good digestive health and overall well-being. If you are looking for a product that you can take daily which will have you feeling better on the inside, and improve your skin on the outside then Glow is for you!


How do I use The Beauty Chef Glow Powder?

The delicious berry flavour of Glow tastes good in a variety of different things! Glow powder can be easily added to 200ml of water and stirred. It can also be added to smoothies or tastes great in fruit juice. You can even mix it with yogurt for a delicious, berry flavoured snack.

What are the key benefits of The Beauty Chef Glow Powder?

Glow is your essential daily beauty blend, an inner moisturiser that will give your skin that extra glow. Glow Powder will feed your skin all the right superfoods it needs in order to thrive and maintain good health. You may experience improvement in digestive discomfort, increased skin vitality, improvement in skin conditions such as eczema, a decrease in breakouts and much more!

What are the key ingredients in The Beauty Chef Glow Powder?

The Glow Powder formula is made up of 24 different organic and naturally fermented ingredients, but here are some highlights:

Dunaliella Salina: this powerful ingredient is a microalgae, known for giving the lakes of Western Australia their vibrant, pink colour. This is one of the most nutrient dense ingredients on the planet and contains a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and a high amount of provitamin A.

Queen Garnet Plum: this incredible ingredient has six times the antioxidants in blueberries! It also has five to ten times more anthocyanins than normal plum, making it a powerful, anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Saccharomyces Boulardii: studies have found that incorporating this good bacteria into your diet can improve digestive discomfort, not to mention it is fantastic for skin and digestive health.

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Worth it for your health! - 16-01-2019 by

Even though I physically cant see what its doing I know with all the great things in this product that my body will be thanking me. At first I seen a brown powder and thought I would hate it but it actually doesn't taste too bad its a blackcurrant or berry flavor. Already have notice small changes in my energy. I think this is 100% worth it.

Great results - 15-01-2019 by

This product is the reason I got hooked on Beauty Chef products. I got amazing results 1-2 weeks into using this. I mixed it with the antioxidant to make it taste nicer. The only thing I didn't like was the consistency as the powder doesn't really melt in cold water, but its worth the results!

CONVERTED - 10-01-2019 by

Initially a sceptic, but one no longer. This product does amazing things for irritated, inflamed skin. Packed with natural ingredients - this product really did teach me the benefits of inside out beauty.

Great for anyone with acne or inflamed 'angry' skin as I like to call it.
Works well in smoothies or on its own in a glass of water!

Not sure if it did anything - 04-01-2019 by

When I first started using the glow powder, my skin started to clear up and I loved it. I even re-ordered after I finished the first tub.

Now looking back, I don't think it was worth it. I thought my skin improved while I used it, but when I stopped taking it during an overseas trip, I saw no difference.

It's now been more than two months since I stopped using it and nothing has changed. I'm not sure whether my skin has improved due to other factors (e.g. skincare, exercise), but so far it's great without the Glow Powder.

Considering how pricey it is, I was hoping for a more substantial effect.

Tastes great! - 04-01-2019 by

I love taking this every morning in my smoothie. It has a great taste and not a chore to take it. It does take a while to see improvements on the outside - but I'm sure there are improvements in my gut that i cant see! The price point is a little hard to take but i know my health is an investment so I'm willing to do it.

Awesome! - 03-01-2019 by

This stuff is great! I honestly saw a really lovely glow and my skin is looking really clear! I take this and the collagen from the beauty chef as well, and together they are a winning combo!

love this - 01-01-2019 by

This is a great product for maintaining health both inside and out. I feel lighter, less bloated and my skin feels amazing! The taste is great too and easy to incorporate into smoothies

daily routine - 31-12-2018 by

this is now part of my daily routine and it tastes yum not like some other powders

GLOWING - 30-12-2018 by

I am using this product along with Collagen and Body. I love using this product mixed into my morning smoothies or oats. I noticed a difference in my skin from the first week of using this daily. I feel it works best with other products from the range so a good combo is defiantly Glow and Collagen.

Amazing - 28-12-2018 by

Amazing supplement! My nails grew so quickly and were so strong while using this! My skin also was glowing and It tastes delish!

Delicious - 21-12-2018 by

I mix this into a smoothie and also add the collagen beauty boost. It tastes delicious and I have found it soothing for my stomach. I think my complexion is brighter.

Great product - 21-12-2018 by

This powder has helped with my bloating instantly and slowly I'm seeing an improvement in my complexion.

Daily Essential - 19-12-2018 by

After around a month of using Glow I can honestly say WOW!
Such a wonderful and noticeable difference to my face!!
What I just love about this is the natural ingredients that are all designed to work in synergy with one another to bring out my best complexion from within!
My skin is significantly clearer and each day I look forward to taking it!
I personally mix Glow with filtered water to ensure there are no nasties!
Giving my body the Vitamins and Minerals plus the Probiotics it needs to form a healthy complexion from within has been better for me than any expensive salon treatment!

Effective - 19-12-2018 by

I have purchased this twice, and have noticed an improvement overall in my skin. I have also noticed my hair looking and feeling a lot more healthier as well. Overall, I’m satisfied with this product. Thanks

Can’t live without - 17-12-2018 by

I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop buying this because it’s quite expensive.... but I just can’t! I honestly feel like my skin is brighter since using this. I drink it every morning. I agree that it is a little gritty, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I put it in a water bottle and shake it up, and find that that works just fine. I have come to love the subtle berry flavour, and I find that it mixes really well with The Beauty Chef Body powder in either flavour.

Long term effort - 14-12-2018 by

I've been using this product for 7+/- months now and feel like it's made a difference. my boyfriend started to comment on my overall "glow" after about 3-4 months and I think he was right. Skin, nails and digestion all feeling and looking better.
I suspect you have to stick to using this long term and every day to see ongoing proper results. Ie you're not going to see magic happen overnight. Also helps that I'm getting an extra glass of water in everyday!

This is the best beauty powder - 13-12-2018 by

I have been using Glow in addition to collagen for about 7 months now. I love it. It’s helped with my skins overall clarity and I have less breakouts as well, bonus!!
I would also like to add that this powder is really good for your health and immunity, I used to get a flu in winter and be sick for weeks now within a few days my body just fights it off. Thanks to glow!!

Must Have Product - 12-12-2018 by

I have been using this product for over two years. It is certainly a must have if you care about your hair, skin, nails and gut. The taste is great!

Winner!! - 07-12-2018 by

Aside from the amazing benefits for my hair and skin, and my overall life gets from this fantastic product, it also saves my digestion. It aids in reducing bloating, and because I have so many food intolerances/problems, this product is a god-send! I recommend any woman trying it if they have skin problems, but also bloating or digestive issues. It is advertised as a powder, but it becomes a little gritty once added to water, amd you must ensure you mix thoroughly and drink immediately. I have been using this product for almost two years, and I will never stop taking it as long as I can. It tastes fruity but not strong, is easy to drink and the benefits are phenomenal. I also occasionally add some Hydration and Antioxidant liquid from Beauty Chef at the same time. Perfect combo!! Happy happy customer!!!

Daily Essential - 05-12-2018 by

I have been using this product for several months & it has helped my tummy issues enormously over time. I had been staying interstate for a few weeks & had inadvertently left my Glow at home & it was only then did I come to the full realisation that I cannot live without this powder. A REAL MUST FOR ME! & purchasing from Adore Beauty is a no brainer with free, fast & efficient delivery. Thanks guys

Daily Essential - 05-12-2018 by

I have been using this product for several months & it has helped my tummy issues enormously over time. I had been staying interstate for a few weeks & had inadvertently left my Glow at home & it was only then did I come to the full realization that I cannot live without this powder. A REAL MUST FOR ME! & purchasing from Adore Beauty is a no brainer with free, fast & efficient delivery. Thanks guys

Great surprise find - 04-12-2018 by

I was really sceptical about this product at first and did not expect much. My skin is already quite good so I did not think this would do much for me. To my surprise, this really helped with my digestion and bloating. I am lactose intolerant with minor gluten intolerance. This has been so easy to take, I just add it to my morning breakfast smoothie, blends well with frozen fruits, fresh veggies and coconut water.

Cannot live without my Glow powder - 28-11-2018 by

I have been using the Glow powder for all of this year. It has improved my skin and nail health, but the most noticeable differences are less bloating and increased hair growth.

Since taking the glow powder regularly, I have not had any digestive bloating and my hair is growing so quickly and the quality of the hair has improved drastically.

You definitely need to keep taking the powder for at least a month to see results in your skin!

Great product - 27-11-2018 by

I came across The Beauty Chef brand in a natural store and tried the sachets before I purchased the bigger size. I have never drank a powder blend with excellent healthy beneficial ingredients. My first taste was with water and it tasted like warm berry drink. My next taste was in a smoothie and it is fantastic. After my first drink I had felt a lot calmer in my tummy and not bloated. I have seen an improvement in my complexion (I have dull combination skin prone to a few pimples for 16years arghh) This powder has worked wonders for me - I purchased the bigger size from Adore Beauty and its been less than 1 week, thankyou :-)

BEST PRODUCT - 26-11-2018 by

My skin would always be congested and have textual issues. I tried numerous skincare products but still was not happy. I used the GLOW powder and after 3 days noticed a massive difference. My skin was a lot smoother and had a great glow to it. I keep re purchasing this product and I swear by it!!

Improvement in skin texture - 26-11-2018 by

I have combination skin, with the occasional spot. However my main concern is small bumps on my forehead that never become pimples, but make my skin overall look not the best!

However, I have found that using glow every day has made a huge improvement in clearing up the bumps, and leaving my skin radiant.

The taste is sweet enough to enjoy in water, or in a berry smoothie to amp up the flavour.

Since using GLOW I have cut down my coffee down to only one per day, and have one teaspoon of glow in water if I'm feeling like something other than water.

Great ingredients - mixes well - 23-11-2018 by

Love this stuff. I take this every day in my morning smoothie with the collagen liquid for my skin but also for digestion. It helps my usually very difficult digestion and tastes great - together they add a subtle berry flavour to smoothies. I don't know if it's helped my skin - but for the first reason I will continue to take it every day.

Can't recommend highly enough - 22-11-2018 by

This stuff is amazing. Not only did it improve the appearance of my skin but it cured some digestive issues I've been having for years which I always though were stress related, but I think it was just that my gut flora was out of wack! If you're thinking about trying this, definitely do! Its now a regular part of my healthcare and I feel so much healthier for having it everyday.

Tastes great, has made a noticable improvement to my complexion - 22-11-2018 by

This product tastes great, even just mixed with water, and I actually look forward to drinking it in the morning. It has made a difference to my complexion after drinking each morning. I only use a teaspoon each day and so far my tub has lasted 2.5 months, so really great value for money too. Contains such great ingredients. 10/10 would purhcase again in fact - I don't think I can live without it now!

Great for general health - 20-11-2018 by

I've been using this for a few months and I love it. I'm often too busy to take proper care of my nutrition and I find this to be great supplement for my general wellbeing. I definitely notice a dip in energy (due to poor digestion) and a loss in skin 'glow' when I stop using it. I find the flavour quite pleasant and will keep trying to make sure I take it daily.

love this stuff - 20-11-2018 by

At first I thought this was a bit gimmicky but I had been sick for a long period of time with sinus problems and spent months on antibiotics. I felt like I needed something to heal from the inside and I came across glow.From the very 1st time trying this I felt better and more energised. I also fell like it curbs my sugar craving which is an absolute positive. I highly recommend this product and I will continue using it as i feel great.

So good but bit expensive - 19-11-2018 by

I must say, I've been taking this for 3 months now and definitely see a difference in my skin. As a student, it is a bit on the expensive side of things and hard to keep up (as it's basically $59.95 a month) and for that reason it loses a star, but 10% off with unidays, has helped a bit! Product wise, it's fantastic!

Great with collagen boost. - 16-11-2018 by

I take this along with the collagen boost from inner beauty chef in my smoothie and I have had improved skin since then. I have only taken it for a month now. Really happy with the results. I also don’t feel bloated as before. It is a must try.

Noticeable difference - 15-11-2018 by

This tastes really good, I usually just have it mixed with water in the morning and its tasty enough to have on its own. It can settle a little bit so you have to mix it up really well. It helped my stomach and was effective in helping clear my skin, after starting to use it I got a lot of people complimenting my skin!

It does works - 15-11-2018 by

Really does works I can see my skin looks clear and healthy my hair is bouncy ,my tummy feel good too.

Onto my second tub + loving it so far! - 12-11-2018 by

I generally have reddish skin and have noticed my skin seems a lot calmer since introducing Glow to my daily routine. The flavour is delicious, I find myself craving it as soon as I wake up in the morning. My boyfriend has also started using it on his cereal in the mornings + I can see a huge difference in the redness in his skin also! I would say however be sure to monitor how much you consume as a full teaspoon was too much for me and was making me slightly bloated. I read a recommendation to reduce my daily intake and so far so good. Have just ordered my second tub!

Lovely taste with the bonus of probiotics! - 12-11-2018 by

This powder tastes delicious and is a great way for me to boost my intake of probiotics and super foods. It is quite expensive but so are chemically manufactured supplements. At least this way I feel like I am getting an easily-absorbed natural multi-vitamin boost.

Great for the gut - 12-11-2018 by

I have been taking Glow for a few months my digestive probs cleared up. I have not taken Glow for a month and my digestion is not happy. I highly recommend Glow.

Great taste - 07-11-2018 by

This Is great to put in your morning smoothie or oats, tastes just like berries! Haven’t seen any visible results however but would recommend !

Tastes good, and actually does something. - 05-11-2018 by

This supplement truly does make your skin 'glow'. I consistently drank this every morning mixed into cold water, with the juice of half a lemon or grapefruit (I prefer a more sour taste - but on its own it has a very pleasant natural berry flavour). It does have a tendency to settle in the bottom though, so drink it with a straw and stir every so often. If you're consistent with it, you are likely to notice your skin will look smoother, brighter and clearer. I did enjoy this supplement and would definitely re-purchase.

So far so good - 02-11-2018 by

I decided to try this after it was recommended to me by my beautician. It took a couple of days for my body to get use to it and I felt a bit bloated and nauseous for the first couple of days of taking it. After 3 weeks congestion under my skin has cleared up which was my main reason for wanting to try this. I was hoping it would help with my psoriasis but am yet see any results. I would definitely recommend this as I’ve seen better results compared to other products I’ve tried in a lesser amount of time.

Amazing go-to product! - 02-11-2018 by

I have been using Carla Oates products and Glow is my favourite! It’s great for your skin and your gut, and I definitely notice the difference if I forget to take it. Highly recommend!!

Unsure if any difference - 31-10-2018 by

I went through two tubs of this product and I couldn't 100% say I saw a difference personally. It may have helped but there was nothing drastic or anything I thought was worth noting. It was a bummer as I had seen such amazing reviews of this product.

Totally hooked! - 31-10-2018 by

I've been taking Glow for 2 months now and could not love it more. It was recommended to me by a friend who has enviable skin, and it has helped clear my blemishes and smooth my skin tone better than any topical treatment I've ever tried. The difference has (almost) made me feel confident enough to go make up free!

glowing skin - 31-10-2018 by

I love the glow powder. It has really made a difference to my complexion so much that I really notice if I've forgotten to have it for a few days. I have found the best way to have it is in a smoothie with the collagen, if I mix it with water it can settle on the bottom and take a few refills of water to get it all down.

amazing for digestion and bowel - 31-10-2018 by

It really work for constipation and digestion. The taste is just alright. I am not a big fan of matcha so i mix it with orange juice with pulp. IT blended well if mix with warm water. The only thing is i can not bring and travel with me as once you opened you have to keep it at fridge.
I am not sure about whether it helps with the complexion but i have ordered twice already because it did well on bowel.

Tastes good - 30-10-2018 by

I really like this powder, it tastes really great, although it is a little gritty. I can see a noticeable difference in my skin and actually helped with some digestive issues too!

Amazing for digestion & glowing skin - 30-10-2018 by

I have been using this product for 12mths, however within the first month of using I already had noticed glowing skin and a less upset stomach. I have suffered with digestion issues for a few years now and no other supplement has provided the same relief. Friends, family and even my acupuncturist have commented on my overall improved health and glowing skin. Plus it tastes delicious!

Love it! - 29-10-2018 by

I absolutely love this product! It doesn't taste that great in plain water, but im sure it'd taste better in a smoothie. After only a few days i noticed a definite difference in my skin, like it was glowing. I also felt a difference in my gut too. Would definitely recommend trying this product

Soothes my tummy - 25-10-2018 by

Love this blended with mixed berries and almond milk. Find it helps with my sugar cravings and helps with digestion.

This works! - 24-10-2018 by

I have been taking Glow for around 6 months and I have fallen in love with the product and swear by it. It definitely helps with clearing the skin, where it appears less inflamed and also with digestion. I suffer from rosacea and the Glow powder definitely helps to settle it. It has helped my overall complexion and also the texture of my skin, which is significantly smoother.

No notable difference - 23-10-2018 by

I didn't really find any benefit in using this product. After using daily for 30 days, The benefit I found was consciously drinking more water and feeling a sense of doing well for your body.

Other than that, no notable difference.

Great results - 23-10-2018 by

This really does improve skin and digestion. Skin is clearer and calmer. Use with the Collagen liquid. Taste is a little strange- stir well to dissolve!

Not sure - 22-10-2018 by

I feel as if my skin improved while I was using this I also paired it with the antioxidant inner beauty boost. The only reason I didn’t repurchase is because of the taste on its own I didn’t like it at all and it would separate and leave granulated pices and the bottom of the glass I sometimes mixed it into my morning smoothies and it was fine couldn’t taste it

Amazing! - 22-10-2018 by

I love this product! It really helped in clearing up my hormonal acne after going off the pill & people are always complimenting me on how much my ‘skin glows’

Surprisingly delicious! - 19-10-2018 by

I was a little concerned when I opened this at the colour of the brownish powder inside. However I mixed it with water and was surprised at how tasty it was! Not too much of a strong flavour and dissolves well in water so you don't get any gritty bits!

Looking forward to trying this in some other recipes and seeing the GLOW!

Amazing! - 16-10-2018 by

My skin had never been clearer. Really good for those who suffer from eczema/dermatitis too

Works great! - 12-10-2018 by

This works so well! It tastes amazing and you can definitely see and feel a difference from using this product. Skin looks brighter, clearer, gives your skin a radiance and makes it feel so soft. Highly recommend it!

Staple in my fridge... - 11-10-2018 by

I have been using Carla's products for many years now, and I ALWAYS have this in my fridge. I truly believe this helps to maintain digestive health and improves not just your skin, but your overall health, which is what gives you that coveted glow. I really don't like having this in plain water, but for some reason I find that it is delicious in cold coconut water! I alternate between this and the WelleCo products. It is really important not to dive in take too much when you first start using it, as it can cause bloating while your gut adjusts (this happened to my mum), and in the long term I have found that if I overdo this I have a negative reaction too. Moderation is key, and then it's amazing!

Must-Have Product - 05-10-2018 by

I love this Inner Glow powder so much. It's so versatile, I put it in smoothies, mix it into greek yogurt to have with berries, or just drink it in some soda water before bed.

My skin has improved dramatically since using this, although I have also come off my IUD (hormonal birth control) which would likely have contributed to this as well.

I am currently 7 months pregnant and have had this cleared with my midwife as being okay to take while preg (obviously, check with your own dr if you are looking to do the same). But I feel like my whole system works better internally, and am really trying to ensure that my gut health is in a good state for when I have my baby.

I feel like the Inner Glow powder has really helped me with glowing skin, even since before getting pregnant, and people now comment on it ALL THE TIME. I have repurchased this product a number of times, and will continue to, because it's true what they say: good skin starts from within. If you're trying a zillion topical products to fix bad skin, try fixing what's going on inside first. Your acne is there for a reason, you just gotta figure out why your body has the imbalance... often, it's because of your gut!

Glowing gut health - 05-10-2018 by

I really like Glow It's pleasant tasting and seems to actually make my skin glow. I have pretty clear skin anyway but it definitely did seem to smooth it out. Along with the skin improvements, my gut health actually seemed to improve too! Which is a big thing for me - I'm forever bloating so easily and this actually helped!
I stir a tsp of the and Collagen in some water and have it in the morning. It's a nice start to the day!

No more cystic pimples! - 01-10-2018 by

Fixed my cystic acne and my skin is glowing!
For the past three years I've always had 1-2 huge cystic pimples that sit under the skin and stick around for 1-4 months. They often leave behind scars and I've tried multiple products with retinol, glycolic etc that helped but never completely stopped the pimples. I've been taking Glow every day for over 2 weeks now and not only is my skin glowing but I haven't gotten one single pimple, even around my period! My skin looks so good I've stopped wearing foundation! I always eat healthy and take a probiotic twice a week, but this product is next level! Would highly recommend and despite the expensive price tag, I will continue to purchase!

Great for my tummy! - 01-10-2018 by

I started using this because I had such bad bloating and no probiotic I could find really helped with it.the graininess is a bit gross but you get used to it. I have it every night before bed and I feel so much better on it. If I forget to take I notice it the next day for sure! Its pretty expensive but so are all other probiotics I have tried and I have a happier tummy so happy to pay for that! My skin is also clearer but I have started using a lot of new products lately to really look after it!

Great Product - 27-09-2018 by

I have now ordered my second tub for a great inner body spring clean. It will most definitely be on my list for a summer that makes me feel nice and clean. I recommend it as a refreshing drink in the morning as part of an ongoing routine for a happy belly and skin.

What a boost! - 25-09-2018 by

I’m onto my second purchase of Glow now! I really think it has made a difference to my overall health, picked up on calming my gut and is a pleasant tasting health food. I mix 1 tsp with a glass of water along with 1 tbsp of Collagen, I find it a yummy, satisfying supplement!

It is not worth the hype... - 24-09-2018 by

So I have waited until I finished the whole tub to give my honest review about this product. Now my Glow product is empty due to using it consistently on a daily basic ( I have this first thing in the morning when I just woke up on an empty stomach ). My skin does not see any noticeable changes, it can be somehow softer. But that’s it. Nothing more. However, I have experienced my body is feeling better during my period ( less bloatings, less cramps).
The reason I don’t give this item more stars is about its price. It is not reasonable comparing to the benefits the product brings. I have tried many probiotics with cheaper prices and they were doing exactly the same thing for my bloatings & cramps during my periods. I won’t repurchase.

Not too bad - 24-09-2018 by

I'm not a huge fan of the 'bits' in this when mixed on its own but it is perfect in a smoothie. It also does make me feel better after a long period of time of using.
Unsure whether it is completely worth the money tho...

Amazing!! - 20-09-2018 by

I LOVE this powder - tastes so good but you can actually see and feel a difference from using this product. Skin looks brighter, clearer, gives your skin a radiance and makes it feel so soft - I like to have it with almond milk and a bit of the Collagen Liquid Inner Boost. Amazing.

Love it! - 19-09-2018 by

I bought my first bottle of Glow over a year ago and have been using it daily ever since. I add a teaspoon to my smoothie every morning. It's definitely drinkable with just water, but I don't love the texture and taste so find it better mixed in with a smoothie.

My skin feels smoother and more hydrated. It also helps with stomach bloating as I had it quite bad before discovering Glow.

Would highly recommend!

Nourishing and tastes great - about to order again! - 19-09-2018 by

I bought this on a whim thinking I would give it a go due to the great reviews but didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprised!
I have serious gut issues (Crohns disease) and suffer from poor nutrient absorption resulting in deficiencies and major bloating.
I felt positive effects from around day 2-3 using Glow. I felt energized and less bloated, not to mention clearer skin. I use a teaspoon of this with the Collagen in my smoothies each morning. This is worth every cent!

Part of my daily routine :) - 17-09-2018 by

I purchased Glow Inner Beauty Powder after I began been using the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost. Within a week of adding Glow Powder to the Collagen Boost my mood and energy increased and my skin appeared smoother. I feel the two products really compliment each other. I mix my drink up first thing in the morning with filtered water. I love it!

Doesn’t have dramatic initial results but it definitely works! - 13-09-2018 by

I have been using the Glow Inner Beauty powder in conjunction with the Collagen liquid for a little while now. Initially I wasn’t sure it was making much difference but I ran out for a little while. That’s when I noticed it definitely DID make a difference! My skin lost its radiance and seemed to become saggy and dehydrated.

I re-purchased and won’t be letting myself run out again!

Tastes great and works - 11-09-2018 by

I always worry about buying supplements as they generally taste really bad. This one is great! I just mix in water and drink. My skin feels clearer and I think it has also helped with bloating- my tummy now feels settled after eating instead of grumbly and uncomfortable. It's a yes from me!

Tastes great, can’t wait to see the change in my skin - 07-09-2018 by

I have been adding this to my smoothie each morning for a week now. Love the taste and am slowly seeing the change in my skin - excited to see how my skin looks after 30 days of using this product

Amazing - 06-09-2018 by

amazing!! makes me feel so healthy!!! The taste is alright especially in smoothies

Great product! - 05-09-2018 by

Great product that I have re-purchsed multiple times. I use this product in my smoothies and find it tastes great. I have seen an improvement in my skin, giving it a nice glow in appearance. Would recommend to use in combination with a good cleansing routine.

Great Product - 04-09-2018 by

Started an inner Spring Clean and this is doing the trick. Great tasting, and my skin is glowing. Will continue to purchase regularly.

Tastes great and my skin glows! - 30-08-2018 by

I love this powder - it tastes delicious and I feel like my skin glows

Delicious and good for you... - 30-08-2018 by

I love this product... It actually tastes delicious and feels like it’s really doing good for your insides as well as your skin etc... I will definitely repurchase...

Can definitely feel and see the difference - 30-08-2018 by

I have just started using Glow for the past few weeks, and I am just startnig to see and feel the difference.

Works best paired with a good cleansing routine, but have noticed all my skin (not just my face) has a healthier elasticity and generally looks fresher.

A great Addition - 30-08-2018 by

I add this to smoothies or over my cereal and it has a very nice flavour. I think a lot of my friends commented that I was "glowing".

Not a fan - 27-08-2018 by

I must be the only person to have not liked this product. Didn't notice any difference in my skin/general wellbeing, and it gave me a sore stomach!

Good probiotic - 27-08-2018 by

I believe this product would only benefit someone who actually has bad or problematic skin. If you have relatively good skin to begin with, I highly doubt you will see a difference.

One thing I can say is that it has definitely decreased my digestive issues, as well as unexpectedly helped keep my cravings under control -- so I think it's safe to say I did have some sort of imbalance in my gut and this product has certainly improved this.

I have purchased this a couple of times now -- and use it in conjunction with their collagen elixir -- and will definitely continue to purchase.

But yeah, unless you have skin problems that result from poor gut health, or a diet lacking in nutrition, it's unlikely you will see visible changes in your skin.

Refreshing, cleansing and results you can see! - 24-08-2018 by

I have problems with cystic acne and pigmentation, and the powder really helps with calming my skin! I noticed a difference after a few days, and I also found it really helps settle my stomach as well. I mix mine with water and it has a great taste, only thing I find is it doesn't dissolve very well and you get a lot of sediment at the bottom of the glass which leaves a bit of an after taste! I would definitely repurchase this product.

Receiving compliments - 24-08-2018 by

At 28 years old I have never received compliments on my complexion. Since using this product I have been receiving compliments on how clear and fresh my skin looks. I have found this product has noticeably cleared my skin and I have no pimples or blemishes. I like that the product is all natural and nothing synthetic. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Love this product! - 22-08-2018 by

I just finished my first bottle and my skin has never looked more healthy and smooth! I used to get an instant reaction (red rash which lasted for 3-4days) on my face from having the smallest amount of dairy and thought I was all of a sudden lactose intolerant, then my beautician recommended Glow powder and said that should help, and it has!!! I can now have dairy without having to worry and my hair and nails have gotten super healthy as well! Just purchased another bottle, you have a very happy customer! :)

Tastes great! - 20-08-2018 by

I’ve been adding this to my smoothies for a while now, tastes great and has stopped me needing to take daily probiotics.
Added bonus it’s great for healthy glowing skin!

Good One - 20-08-2018 by

i do like this product and i did notice a difference, i usually mix it in with greek yogurt and have it for breakfast, however im pretty lazy in religiously eating it because the taste gets old after a while

i would recommend this to people though

Delicious! - 17-08-2018 by

Love adding this to smoothies for added sweetness and if there is health benefits then that's amazing too! Can't say I have noticed physical differences but will keep using!

Happy with results after one week - 17-08-2018 by

I've been using this product for one week and have already noticed the texture of my skin is beginning to improve. I have breakouts on my chin and I'm noticing that this is starting to 'heal'. I feel better with my digestion too.

Love this product! - 13-08-2018 by

Have used this product for just over a year now, I feel it helps my gut with it's probiotics but haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin. Great to put in berry smoothies and even tastes great in water.

Delicious and best on the market - 13-08-2018 by

I have taken all sorts of probitics for over 15 years and this is the best tasting and I belive best quality product I have ever had. It is delicious, my kids love it and its a a delight to add to water juice or smoothies or even date and caco balls! Fermented foods are a must for a healthu gut so I do not think the price is even an issue...healthy gut healthy life its a no brainer for me!

taste is alright - 13-08-2018 by

i received a few samples of this product and have been using over the last few days. i haven't seen much change in my skin (though i haven't had any new breakouts). my review is purely to let you guys know about the taste. it isn't the best but it goes down and i'm very picky with this kinda stuff. towards the end it does get grainy, i just quickly swallowed and hoped for the best but for the majority of it i was sipping and i learnt to enjoy it. i feel after a few weeks of having this, you'd adapt to the taste and actually enjoy it but at first it is a bit different

Love! - 09-08-2018 by

I put this in my smoothie every morning and I love it! The taste is nice and it makes me feel great.

Boosting body function - 08-08-2018 by

I feel this did more for my stomach than skin because of the added pro biotics. Ive been having this every day for nearly 6 months and it helps with my stomach upsets. I’ve added beauty chef collagen to the mix (with water) as an added boost. I felt all round better in the stomach, and my skin wasn’t as dull from loss of nutrients.

Okay product - 08-08-2018 by

I am on my second tub, but haven't really honestly seen many changes for myself. Will see how I go at the end of this one. I may need more time. The product does taste great and easy to drink.

Brilliant product - 07-08-2018 by

I am 43 with a fair complexion and ex smokers skin and I love this product. I am not sure that I notice a difference in my gut, but I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I use it on a regular basis and have had other people notice too! I have found my skin looking plumper with a definite glow to it when I use this regularly.
It’s texture is grainy and it doesn’t dissolve completely but the taste is fine. I drink it mixed in water as I find it too sweet to mix with coconut water and didn’t like it in a smoothie. I have started adding hydrolzed beef collagen to it as well.

Great but expensive - 31-07-2018 by

I was a bit skeptical about this but I can definitely see a difference in my skin. When I use this my skin defiitely looks brighter and healthier, with fewer breakouts. The only downside is the price, but I don't know of another product out there like this so you've gotta do what you've gotta do I guess!

Amazing! - 30-07-2018 by

I have only used this for 2 months and already I can see a difference in my skin!!! Normally I have dull, uneven skin and am prone to breakouts, but my skin is genuinely glowing since using this product! Plus the taste is amazing, most of these drinks have a funny taste, but this is a delicious berry taste that is perfect first thing in the morning!!!

Tastes amazing - 27-07-2018 by

I feel so good after drinking this!! It tastes good and I my stomach feels better as I haven't gotten bloated in ages!! Overall feel very healthy and glowy

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