Why Is This The Most Shoplifted Lipstick?

Luckily, as an online store, shoplifting isn’t high on our list of concerns. But Australia wide, shoplifting is on the rise, costing retailers $198.4 million a year.

While it’s not entirely clear why some consumers choose to steal, I’m pretty sure I know why YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick is the brand’s most stolen product.

I mean, this has to be the most bougie lipstick packaging on the market, right? I’m not surprised these lippies get swiped off display shelves more than any other product. According to Yves Saint Laurent, it’s that classic logo ring around the lipstick casing that people are after – and the formula itself is lust-worthy too.

WhyIsThisTheMostShopliftedLipstick YSL VolupteShine 0177-1024x731WhyIsThisTheMostShopliftedLipstick YSL VolupteShine 0177-1024x731

What You Need To Know:

  • Rouge Volupte Shine’s deeply hydrating formula is made up of 65% oils

  • The buildable texture is a blend between a lipstick & a balm

  • Combines a boost of moisture with pigmented shine that melts into lips

  • Works to protect & nourish the lips for all-day comfort

  • This lipstick features YSL’s signature mango scent

  • Adds a soft pop of colour & long-lasting hydration for up to 8 hours

WhyIsThisTheMostShopliftedLipstick YSL VolupteShine 0097-1024x731WhyIsThisTheMostShopliftedLipstick YSL VolupteShine 0097-1024x731

What’s In It?

Natural pomegranate and rosemary extracts provide antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals, while candelilla resin forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture and enhance colour and shine.

Hyaluronic acid spheres deliver long-lasting hydration while softening the lips and minimising the appearance of fine lines; and mineral pigments produce the bright and vibrant shades of the range.

What’s Everyone Saying About This Lipstick?

★★★★★ Great – Peta

“Can you ever go past a YSL lippy? The packaging itself just draws me back time and time again. I’ve used this in multiple shades and I just love it. It makes lips look juicy and you can apply a wash of colour or build it up to something more dramatic. So versatile, and I feel ultra luxe every time I pull it out of my purse!”

★★★★★ Favourite lipstick – Charlotte

“This is by far my favourite lipstick and definitely a luxury one at that! I will be honest and say I first bought it for the casing as they just look so luxurious and pretty but I absolutely fell in love with the lipstick!! Lovely colour long lasting and smells gorgeous.”

★★★★★ So moisturising – Kellee

“I have tried a lot of other luxury brands, but I keep coming back to YSL. This is a perfect everyday lipstick. It is as moisturising as a lip balm, and gives just enough colour for a natural office makeup. It has a very light pleasant scent that doesn’t bother me at all. Absolutely love the formula and will buy more shades.”