This Could Be Your Secret To Glowing Skin This Summer

Here's a little peek behind the curtains: celebrities on the red carpet are almost always wearing body makeup. Yep, that's why their legs always look completely flawless, and have that freshly shaved sheen bouncing off their shins.

But don't worry, this isn't just reserved for celebrities on the red carpet. In fact, I'll be dipping into my supply of body makeup and illuminator for the silly season, including my ICONIC London Body Illuminator.

What Does A Body Illuminator Do?

Much like the illuminator you use for your face, ICONIC London's Body Illuminator is essentially just a super-fine all-over body shimmer in a lightweight silky gel formula that glides across the skin and blends in with no chunky bits of glitter.

This formula leaves zero streaks or stickiness on the skin, meaning you can get dressed straight away. The most notable feature are the light reflective fine pearl pigments that create a 'soft focus' effect (don't we all want that?)

You can expect this product to eliminate the appearance of blemishes, imperfections and uneven skin tone, as well as making the skin look smoother, and the legs appear more sculpted (especially in photos, I can vouch for that). It's best applied with ICONIC London's Body Brush.

How Do I Choose A Shade?

The good this about this product is that you can use it to complement an existing fake tan, add the illusion of a light tan, or just use it as a complexion enhancer.

It comes in two stunning shades, Original and Glow. Original is perfect for creating a dewy champagne sheen on fair to medium skin tones, while Glow is a warm golden bronze shimmer suited to medium to deep skin tones, or anyone who wants to deepen their complexion.

Or if you want the best of both worlds, you can mix the two together. And if you're wanting a more low key effect, you can mix the Body Illuminator with your favourite body moisturiser to dilute it for a subtle finish.

What Does Everyone Else Think About It?

Sheen over sparkle


An amazing product! I wanted something with sheen more than sparkle! With this you get both, and it’s beautiful! A little goes a very long way! Replaces Smashbox Illuminator which was discontinued years ago...been searching since and this is ‘the one’! I also use sparingly on my face too! Win win !!!

Can't find something better


Believe me guys, this is the best body illuminator, does not contain chunky glitter, is very natural and shiny in a nice way, fast-drying and doesn't transfer onto your clothes. It's amazing.



Looks amazing on top of existent fake (or real!) tan! Product is smooth/blends easy and doesn't look like a fake metal shine on skin, but a natural, radiant glow.