This Could Be Your Perfect Summer Foundation

Heat, humidity and sweat: the trio of foundation-melting elements that plague most of us during the warmer months. I know that our instinct is usually to opt for a thick, matte foundation that'll stay put even on a hot day. The only problem is, it doesn't.

Wearing a thicker formula may not only expose you to the risk of your foundation separating, but it also may oxidise and turn patchy. For most skin types, you're better off wearing a lighter coverage and customising your primer and powdering technique to get a lasting finish.

The foundation I'll be reaching for as the weather heats up is Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF25.

Tell Me More:

I've got normal to dry skin, and I love dewy foundations - but that doesn't mean you can't use this foundation if you have an oilier skin type. If you're worried about shine, I'd recommend using a mattifying primer to prep, and powdering through your T-zone to keep any oil breakthrough at bay. Trust me, the natural coverage and finish of this foundation is worth it.

  • This foundation has a beautiful silky serum texture that glides onto the skin easily

  • It's packed with skincare ingredients to benefit the skin (plus SPF for sun protection)

  • It has a hydrating formula which helps to maintain the skin's moisture levels

  • The Intensive Skin Serum Foundation offers medium, natural-looking coverage

  • It leaves the skin looking radiant & luminous with a dewy finish

What's In It?

Firstly, I think this foundation is great for summer (or all year round) because it contains SPF25. No, your foundation doesn't offer enough protection, but it's better than nothing if you forget to slap on your SPF50 underneath, and offers additional protection if you did remember.

Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is also packed with a bunch of skin-loving ingredients like lychee and bamboo grass extracts to energise the skin, and Cordyceps mushroom and Artemia extracts which offer antioxidant protection. This formula also contains Argireline Peptide to help boost the skin’s natural collagen production.

Watch NYC makeup artist, Nam Vo's dewy dumpling makeup routine below using the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation.

What's Everyone Saying About This Foundation?

Beautiful foundation


I have dry/combination fair skin that suffers from redness. This foundation is a delight and gift to my skin! I love the bottle and the pump dispenses the right amount for a first layer all over. I add another half pump in areas I really need a little more coverage. It goes on smoothly and looks dewy and radiant on the skin. It makes me look like I've just had a facial. I find the wear to be good ...
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Love this foundation


It really is a mix of skincare and foundation in a bottle. It leave my dry skin moisturised and it doesn’t feel tight throughout the day. It leaves a really natural finish and super easy to apply.

Love the new bottle!


I have been using this for a while now, just recently bought it in the new bottle and I love it. It’s so much easier and less messy than the dropper bottle. Foundation is flawless, gives the most beautiful glow and just looks amazing.