The Only Face Palette You'll Need This Summer

If you've ever read any of my articles, you probably know I'm a sucker for a multipurpose product... and anything that promises luminous skin. With the summer months approaching, creating that effortless, natural-looking radiance has never been more in demand.

That's where the Eye of Horus Sacred Earth Palette comes in. The second I laid my eyes on this, I knew it'd be a summer staple in my routine (and would save some much-needed space in my makeup bag on holidays).


Tell Me More:

This all-in-one complexion palette has all your glowy complexion needs covered with a mineral pressed bronzer, illuminator, and two warm blush shades to suit all skin types and tones.

  • Covers everything you'll need for contouring, highlighting & adding a flush to your cheeks

  • Made from pure mineral pigments, this palette is organic & 100% naturally derived

  • The formula is vegan & cruelty-free, and made locally in Byron Bay

  • The powders are highly pigmented & long-lasting on the skin and eyes

  • Pure Desert Clay is used as a replacement to talc & maintains the depth of colour

  • Natural extracts like moringa, olive leaf & thyme offer antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties


How To Use:

Let's start off with the variety of shades in this palette. These colours allow you to customise your look and utilise all the shades in different ways. So we've got Luxor Light champagne highlighter, Sienna Blush which is pink-toned and Persian Peach which is a peach-toned blush, and Bronze Ochre luminous bronzer.

The blushes can be used individually or mixed together to create a custom blush or warm-toned eyeshadow, while Bronze Ochre can be used to contour the cheekbones, down the nose and add warmth around the hairline.

Luxor Light is probably the most versatile - this champagne shade can be used as an eyeshadow, inner corner highlight, or illuminating powder for the high points of the face. Trust me, this is the only complexion palette you'll need this season.


Beautiful & versatile


I absolutely adore the Sacred Earth palette! It simply beautiful and oh so versatile. It is so easy to blend and the colours go beautifully together as well as look amazing on the eye. The colours create a natural look and healthy glow and are exceptionally easy to apply. I have been using this product since I received it a week ago and each day of wearing it, I have received lovely compliments! T...
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