The Lip Stain That Actually Looks Like I'm Wearing Nothing (But Better)

If you follow us on Instagram, you might've seen I recently cleaned out my handbag and discovered 12 lip products in there. That might sound like a lot, but I've counted 16 before. I generally clear out my bag in frustration when I can't find a particular lipstick, and usually I discover it at the bottom, underneath 3 lip liners, a gloss and two balms.

But it's not so much about the quantity, more about the quality of the lip products I choose to carry around. One of the staples I keep in my bag at all times is YSL's Vernis À Lèvres Water Stain in the shade Flot De Fuchsia.

TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0032TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0032

Tell Me More:

This shade might seem like it's super bright and not up your alley, but the first time I used it, I was pleasantly surprised by how subtle it was. It's all in the application, of course.

  • These long-lasting, lightweight lip stains can be highly pigmented or subtle in colour

  • You can easily customise your depth of pigment depending on your application

  • They provide a shiny, healthy-looking finish to the lips with a non-sticky texture

  • True to being a 'stain', they do last really well on the lips while remaining comfortable

  • Fragranced with a sweet, fruity scent & available in 13 shades from reds, berries & pinks

  • This product has an easy-to-use wave-shaped applicator wand

TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0020TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0020

How To Use:

I've got a hell of a lot of lipsticks as we've already established, so when I'm not looking for a full opaque colour, THIS is the product I reach for. I just tap a small amount of the product onto my lips with the wand, then pat it in with my fingertips. Plus, I usually layer a hydrating balm like Lanolips underneath.

This technique allows me to mimic my natural lip colour, enhancing my own shade in a really natural way. However, in saying all this, it is totally possible to get highly pigmented colour payoff from this lip stain too. Just apply it more generously directly to your lips with the wand applicator and build up the colour as desired.

Pro Tip: You can also use this shade as a blush. Tap the a small amount onto the back of your hand, and use your fingertips to gently pat it into the apples of your cheeks, sweeping up towards the temples.

TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0005TheLipStainThatActuallyLooksLikeImWearingNothing--To-EyeshadowYSL Water-Stain---608-Fuchsia 0005

The Reviews:

Love the texture!


Seriously the texture is everything for me. I don’t like and can’t use lipsticks or any lip products that are velvety or matte as it is just too bothersome and my lips always feel heavy and looks not smooth. But this product feels very light, is a tad bit sticky but not so much it is annoying. It makes my lips look very moisturised and it is easy to apply. I am loving the product so far. Thinking ...
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Excellent staying power


I tried the shade 603 in berry deep a cross between a red/ pink shade, I wasn’t disappointed. The gloss applies beautifully with the attached applicator, it’s not sticky like other glosses and leaves the lips stained with colour. During the course of the day I felt lipstick free with its light weight formula, my lip colour stayed intact too. Brilliant staying power even after eating and drinking. ...
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I tried colour 603, a vibrant berry shade with a hint of blackcurrant. This lipstick really is fabulous, it glides onto the lips and produces a smooth, sheer colour but full of intense colour, despite its water like consistancy. Unlike some long lasting stains, there really is no tight feeling after applying at all....and this lasts on my lips easily for 8 hrs, whilst eating and drinking Martini's...
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