The Concealer I Was *Not* Expecting To Love

Having come from an artistry background, I have fielded a lot of different makeup questions in my time, but two questions I get asked the most are “What is the most full coverage concealer?” and “Why does my concealer crease under my eyes?”

Ironically, the question is kind of also the answer; you are most likely trying to cover discolouration by layering too much of the wrong product. If you are struggling to cover up blemishes effectively, or stubborn under-eye darkness and can't seem to combat creasing, keep reading.

The Secret To Concealing Correctly...

Many people assume that the more concealer you put over the top of redness or dark circles, the more flawless your skin will appear. News flash: This is not always the case. In fact, it's almost never the case, especially if there's texture involved (like fine lines or blemishes).

Using less product, in the right correctional tone can totally neutralise the pigment you wish to cover, while still achieving that natural look you have been wanting. This is where I introduce one of my favourite products to use on clients: Kryolan's Concealer Wheel.

But why would you need so many different coloured concealers when you are just one person, right? The fact of the matter is, our face and body isn’t really just the one particular shade. Sometimes we lack radiance, breakout from time to time, develop bruising, experience broken capillaries and don’t get enough sleep. Using different tones around these areas will be an absolute game changer - trust me.

The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0002The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0002

What You Need To Know About Using A Concealer Wheel:

Now, Kryolan has been super generous with how much product is in this Concealer Wheel. However, it is a dryer formula than your usual concealer tube. This is so the product doesn’t move around on the skin once applied (Kryolan is technically a professional artistry brand, after all).

For the ultimate flawless finish, be sure to hydrate and prep your skin (especially your under eyes) to avoid creasing, separating and fading. A rich, creamy moisturiser or primer like Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base is ideal for keeping the top layers of the skin plump for the concealer to melt into. And yes, it's good for oily skin too. I recommend applying this product before foundation. For softer, lighter coverage, simply use a fluffy (clean) eyeshadow brush to apply the product to your areas of concern, or use a flat synthetic brush for more precise application.

The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0046The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0046

The Shade Breakdown:

Don't worry, I don't expect you to shell out for Kryolan's Concealer Wheel without knowing how to get the most out of it, so let's cover off what each shade is used for.

RN1: This shade is a light golden colour with a green undertone to neutralise redness caused by blemishes, post-acne marks, rosacea, broken capillaries and rosy flushes. Most suited to fair-medium skin tones.

RN2: More of a golden tan tone which corrects the same redness at RN1, but is more suited to medium-deep skin tones.

PH: This shade has a pinkish-salmon tone. It helps to conceal brown tones caused by pigmentation, sun damage, bruising, post acne-scarring and dark circles.

OH: A peachy tone which neutralises purple discolouration that may come from bruising, veins and under eye discolouration.

BN: A deep orange tone which neutralises blue tones also from bruising, veins and dark circles.

S.Y.H: A pastel yellow shade that brightens dull areas of the skin. It can be also be used as a highlighting shade to complement contouring.

The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0021The-Concealer-I-Was-Not-Expecting-To-Love Kryolan Concealer-Wheel 0021

What Does Everyone Say About It?

The best coverage


This concealer has the most amazing coverage! It covers up all my dull patches and blemishes. It colour corrects beautifully and blends so easily. I love how there is so many different colours so its perfect for different parts of the face and many different skin tones.

Fantastic for colour correcting


I love to use this under the eyes, on the forehead and around the nose. Great to combat redness and the shades mean I can use all year round. A bit expensive but its a few different products in one, so really worth the money.



Love the selection of peachy neutrals here - good for cancelling dark circles and darkness around the mouth. A favourite for sure - the creamy consistency is easy to blend and apply.

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