The Brush Staple For Every Pro And Amateur Makeup Artist

I'm not a professional makeup artist, but I sure do know a lot of them in my line of work. I'm sure any pros reading this will agree on some key frustrations:

  • Packing up (and down) your kit for each job in record time

  • Cleaning your huge collection of brushes (and then waiting for them to dry)

  • Lugging a very heavy suitcase of makeup around

Amongst other things, of course. But makeup artists are doers, and if there's a problem to be solved, they're on it. Which brings me to a makeup artist who has engineered a solution for travelling makeup artists like herself. Not only has Penny Antuar amassed a following of over 100k on Instagram, she's created a brand called Kitology.

What Is Kitology?

Put simply, this brand offers a minimalistic, yet efficient and space-optimising approach to kit organisation with a collection of storage products, as well as sponges (which, we all know need to be replaced regularly, especially if used on clients).

But this range isn't just for professionals; makeup students and beauty junkies alike may find these storage solutions helpful. As I mentioned, I'm no makeup artist (although I like to think my skills are pretty good), and I've been eyeing off the Carry All Bag, which I think is the best product in Kitology's range. Actually, I take that back, this tissue dispensing pouch is my favourite.

What's The Carry All Bag For?

Designed primarily for transporting and housing makeup brushes, the Carry All Bag can also be used to transport kit essentials in each compartment, meaning you don't have to drag your entire kit to every job if you know what you'll be using, and your brushes are readily available to grab and go.

  • It's a versatile upright carry bag with perspex dividers & two mesh side pockets

  • The Carry All Bag is made from premium canvas, nylon webbing & heavy duty, easy to clean PVC

  • Features black metal accents, hooks & zips, plus a short carry handle & adjustable shoulder strap

  • The durable 4mm perspex dividers can be customised to form 4 or 6 compartments

  • It also has a thick elastic strap on the back to slide over an external suitcase handle

This bag is the best!


Two other makeup artists who I worked with today said the bag looked so practical and organised. It’s so sturdy and seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! This bag is the best!

Love it!


Your DAMN CARRY ALL BAG IS AMAZING. I’m about to sound like a bad TV ad… I used to use canister style brush holders but yours is a damn dream. Legit amazing. Sorry for gushing over a brush organiser but its so sturdy, looks amazing and is big without being too massive to carry around.