The Best Tip I've Ever Been Taught About False Eyelashes

Let's not kid ourselves, nobody really knows what they're doing when it comes to applying false lashes. Even the professionals make a mistake here or there, so you can't blame us regular people when a strip lash goes rogue.

While I love how individual lashes look, they're pretty much impossible to apply on yourself - so if you're trying to get a strip lash to behave, what's the best way to wrangle them? Celebrity makeup artist Monica Gingold spilled the tea on her trick.

The Key To Managing Strip Lashes:

Most of us know we need to trim strip lashes before applying - that's a cardinal rule of falsies. An oversized lash will not only look a little silly, but it's much more likely to lift off the eye, regardless of how well you've glued it.

I was surprised to learn that Monica, who also runs private makeup masterclasses in Melbourne, actually takes trimming to another level. In fact, if she's stuck with a strip lash and can't opt for individuals, she'll trim the lash into three sections and apply each section individually to the eye (obviously ensuring the shorter lashes remain on the inner corner of the eye).

So, if you always struggle with strip lashes lifting from the inner corner, or you just can't align them properly, Monica's little trick might save you a tantrum or two when you're doing your own makeup.

My Pick Of The Bunch:

My favourite strip lashes (and individuals, for that matter) are MODELROCK. Not only are they affordable, but they're high-quality and they have heaps of different styles, so you can customise your own look and also build out your kit with different variations if you're a makeup artist.

  • MODELROCK lashes are made from both human hair & synthetic silk fibres

  • Some variations feature a clear strip, making the band less noticeable on the eye

  • MODELROCK have double-layered, natural & wispy variations in their strip lashes

  • They're best applied with DUO glue, which is a favourite of industry professionals

  • My personal favourite styles are Allure (ultra-natural) and Wispy Flower (semi-natural)

But, if you insist on persisting with individual lashes, I've got a trick for that too. When applying individuals on yourself, hold a hand-held mirror at chest height in front of you so you're looking down at your reflection, instead of looking forward or upwards.

This will make it much easier to see where you're applying each lash on the upper lash line, and allow you to be more precise with your placement. Thank me later.

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