The Artist-Approved Dupe Of One Of Your Favourite Liquid Highlighters

Despite being a makeup artist for over a decade, I had never used Kryolan up until recently - which is bizarre, because a lot of artists use this brand during their makeup courses, but there was something that felt too “PRO” for me. But, to quote Pretty Woman, that was a big mistake. Big. Huge.

Why Kryolan Isn't *Just* For The Experts:

Although it’s marketed as a pro artist brand, Kryolan actually has some incredible products that are super wearable and can easily fit into your daily makeup routine, even if you're a novice. Think professional-level quality, yet easy to use product.

So with that perfect segue, I'd like you to meet the newest member of my everyday makeup look: Kryolan Shimmer Event in Golden Beige.

PSA: This is NOT a foundation.

Technically the product is called Shimmering Event Foundation, but it’s not a foundation. It’s just not. I would describe it as a glow-inducing liquid illuminator. This skin primer perfectly enhances your skin with radiance and creates a smooth base for foundation. I liken it to the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector which used to be my favourite (emphasis on used to be) but I feel like the Kryolan formula has slightly more pigment and shimmer. 

The-Artist-Approved-Dupe-Of-One-Of-Your-Favourite-Liquid-Highlighters Kryolan Shimmer-Event 0003The-Artist-Approved-Dupe-Of-One-Of-Your-Favourite-Liquid-Highlighters Kryolan Shimmer-Event 0003

Why I Love It? 

  • It’s a lightweight hydrating formula that glides onto my skin

  • Leaves my skin looking healthy, radiant and with a subtle golden glow

  • I can use it alone, mixed with foundation or as a liquid highlighter

  • I can even bush it onto my body, specifically my collarbones, for a little extra glam

  • Available in three different shades to compliment all skin types and tones

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge keeps this liquid illuminator in her makeup kit, so if it’s good enough for her, it is definitely good enough for me. If you're considering exploring the Kryolan range, Shimmer Event is the perfect first impression of this high-quality makeup brand.

The-Artist-Approved-Dupe-Of-One-Of-Your-Favourite-Liquid-Highlighters Kryolan Shimmer-Event 0006The-Artist-Approved-Dupe-Of-One-Of-Your-Favourite-Liquid-Highlighters Kryolan Shimmer-Event 0006

What Does Everyone Else Say About It?

Multi-use shimmery goodness


I *love* this product. It's a favourite of youtube's Arabia Felix, who uses it as an underbase for an all over dewiness. I've been doing that as well as adding it to my cheeks at the end of a makeup for really beautiful highlighting. I can also mix it with my foundation when I'm having a wear less makeup kind of day.

So many uses


I love using this! Especially in summer. I will use it as an under base to have a nice dewy finish, or mix it in with my foundation. Beautiful finish.

Great for thinning out full coverage foundations


This is a great product for use with full coverage foundation for creating a more luminous finish. I use this mixed in with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation when I want a more dewy finish. The product has a very creamy consistency similar to a body lotion. I'm 43 with oily to combination skin.