Is The Luminous Silk Concealer As Good As The Foundation?

First we had the iconic Luminous Silk Foundation, then we had the Luminous Silk Primer, and now Giorgio Armani is just spoiling us by adding a concealer to the family.

Now, if you've never used Luminous Silk (I don't blame you - dropping $100 on a foundation is a big commitment), you may be wondering why this foundation is so popular.

For starters, it happens to be a favourite of celeb makeup artist Patrick Ta, whose clients include Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian-West. Secondly, the coverage and the finish leave nothing to be desired. It has light yet buildable coverage, with a velvety satin finish that glides onto the skin for a very natural-looking, radiant complexion - even on more mature skin types.

So, What's The Concealer Like?

As you can probably imagine, the Luminous Silk Concealer has a lot of the same properties as the foundation. It's velvety, it easily and seamlessly blends, and it has a non-cakey, skin-like finish. Personally, that's exactly what I want from a concealer.

The negatives of a concealer for me include: a formula that's too full coverage and settles into lines, a formula that's drying and ages the appearance of the skin, and any textures that are difficult to blend.

Luckily, the Luminous Silk Concealer is pretty much the opposite of that.

  • It has a medium coverage, soft focus finish, much like its foundation counterpart

  • It has an ultra-blendable texture, so it camouflages perfectly on the skin without looking cakey

  • This multi-purpose product conceals and corrects, and can also be used to highlight

  • The hydrating formula keeps the skin looking bouncy and supple

  • It'll hide dark circles and unevenness, while still allowing for a natural-looking finish

Is The Luminous Silk Concealer As Good As The Foundation Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer 001Is The Luminous Silk Concealer As Good As The Foundation Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer 001

The Shades:

I find this is always the tricky part with buying a concealer - you're looking for something 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation, and it's gotta have the right undertone.

The Luminous Silk Foundation recently extended its range to 40 shades, and the concealer has launched with 20 shades - which, in my opinion, is very impressive for a concealer.

The colour spectrum ranges from very fair to deep, with varying undertones. I'm wearing the shade 5 in the Luminous Silk Concealer below, and usually wear shade 5 in the foundation, however I had a faux glow happening, so my skin tone was a little deeper than usual.

A good trick to find your shade is to colour match yourself using Findation on the Luminous Silk Foundation page, and then go a shade or two lighter in the concealer. It's a numbered shade spectrum which makes finding your shade a little easier.

What About The Ingredients?

Remember how I said the formula was hydrating? Well, I meant it. This stuff will not leave you feeling dry or flaky like some concealer formulas can, but I also haven't found it to be too dewy. I'd still set it with a touch of powder, but the satin finish is just perfect.

 The ingredients in this concealer include glycerin, a humectant, moisturising agent that draws moisture into the skin for long-lasting hydration; as well as caffeine, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to offer antioxidant protection, help to improve puffiness, and retain moisture in the skin.

What The Reviews Say:

Natural & long-wearing


I really love this product! It is not full coverage so if you're looking to *completely* conceal, this won't do it. I've been wearing it nonstop because of how hydrating and comfortable it is. It looks like I have perfect under eyes without much makeup. Very skin like and you don't need to set. Perfect for 'no makeup' makeup days.

Nice medium coverage concealer


This concealer really is impressing me. Shade match is good when I have a tan. It is not full coverage but I prefer more medium coverage concealers. LOVE the packaging! So nice and luxe.

Super smooth with perfect coverage


This concealer is exactly what I have been looking for. It's medium coverage so I can use it whether I am doing a natural look or a full face. I use the tip of the applicator to cover pimples and use the flat side to highlight. It's very smooth and there was no cakey look which is super important to me. I also love that I don't have to use a lot of product because a little goes a long way!

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