If You Love The Double Wear Foundation, I’ve Got A Concealer For You

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation is not only our best-selling foundation, but it boasts over 600 reviews on site, with many loyal wearers labeling it as the ultimate full coverage formula (they’re not wrong).

So, when I saw that Estée Lauder were releasing a Double Wear Concealer, I knew I had to be the first to tell you about it. Now, I know you’re probably thinking a full coverage concealer under the eyes ain’t pretty – but this isn’t just a full coverage concealer, my friends.

IfYouLoveTheDoubleWearFoundationIveGotAConcealerForYou EsteeLauder DoubleWearInstantFixConcealer - concealer lays flat next to gold earrings and ring and a brown leather hand bag - 1024x731IfYouLoveTheDoubleWearFoundationIveGotAConcealerForYou EsteeLauder DoubleWearInstantFixConcealer - concealer lays flat next to gold earrings and ring and a brown leather hand bag - 1024x731

Tell Me More:

As I mentioned, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Instant Fix 24H Concealer + Hydra Prep is more than just a concealer. It’s dual-ended. On one end you’ve got the Double Wear concealer formula, and on the other, you’ve got the Hydra Prep priming and hydrating formula.

Yaaas, that means dryness, crepiness and creasing are reduced under the eyes, while you’re still able to achieve a high level of coverage (I’d like to commend Estée Lauder for thinking of this). This product has been created with more mature skin types in mind, as well as those who struggle to perfect the finish of full coverage concealers.

Much like its foundation counterpart, this concealer is long-wearing and ultra-durable (I’m talking seriously sweat-proof), and it can be used both under the eyes and to spot conceal blemishes and imperfections.

What Does Hydra Prep Do?

This serum-like hydrating primer glides on so easily, and you can actually notice an instant difference in the texture of the skin, as well as the plumpness and smoothness of the area, making it a really great base for a full coverage product.

It essentially forms a barrier between the skin and the concealer, ensuring the formula doesn’t cling to dry areas or settle into fine lines. If you’ve got oilier skin, you might want to leave out the Hydra Prep step and just stick to the concealer.

IfYouLoveTheDoubleWearFoundationIveGotAConcealerForYou EsteeLauder DoubleWearInstantFixConcealer 0024-1024x731IfYouLoveTheDoubleWearFoundationIveGotAConcealerForYou EsteeLauder DoubleWearInstantFixConcealer 0024-1024x731

How To Use:

Simply use the Hydra Prep end of the wand and apply a few dots of the product directly onto the skin. Pat it into the area with your fingertip or a small brush, and allow a few seconds before going in with the Double Wear concealer.

How to Use Double Wear Concealer with Estée Lauder

As for shades, there are 22 colours in the range from very fair to very deep (and in case you didn’t know, Estée Lauder expanded their Double Wear shade range to over 60 colours).

★★★★★ Amazing – Lydia

“This is so beautiful. It didn’t crease and it didn’t dry out my eczema prone skin. This is so luminous. It isn’t the BEST full, full coverage for dark circles, but I’m starting to think that less coverage is better otherwise it highlights imperfections. This is so dewy. I’m a dryer skin so I didn’t need to set it with powder.”