Everything You Need To Know About Lash Curlers

I figure if you've found yourself reading this article, that you also belong to the Straight, Sparse Lash Club. It's an official place where those of us with dead straight eyelashes gather to discuss the mascaras we hate, and the lash technicians we love.

I am pretty much the chairwoman of this club, given my lashes are so straight that they can't be seen unless you're looking at my side profile.

Lash lifts are a regular service in my beauty routine every 8-10 weeks, and I had a recent addiction to lash extensions which I had to ween myself off after three refills. Honestly, who can afford to have their extensions refilled every two weeks?!

*I was kidding about the club but someone should really start one.

What Are Your Options If You Have Straight Lashes?

Firstly, we've got to establish a budget. What are you willing to pay for perfect lashes? My limit is about $80 every 8 weeks, but some of you out there are forking out $80 every 2 weeks for lash extension refills. And then there's some of us who'd rather spend our cash on a regular spray tan, or no beauty treatments at all.

That's where the trusty lash curler comes in. It's a one-off expense that promises curled, fluttery lashes every morning. However, if your lashes are like mine, lash curlers can be hit and miss. There are really expensive options, affordable options and heated options. Don't let the heated ones scare you, it's safer than heating your metal curler with your hairdryer (which is a much more common hack than you'd think).

Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lash-Curlers Tweezerman-ProCurl-Curler Mirenesse-iCurl-Twin-Heated-Gold-Lash-Curler 0055Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lash-Curlers Tweezerman-ProCurl-Curler Mirenesse-iCurl-Twin-Heated-Gold-Lash-Curler 0055

Common Eyelash Curling Mistakes:

Before we find the right lash curler for you, let's make sure you're not making any of these mistakes:

1) You're not changing the silicone or rubber pads on your lash curler

This is not only important for keeping bacteria at a minimum (nobody wants to get pink eye), but changing these pads every few months can also mean a more effective lash curl. As the pads become indented from constant use, the curler may become less effective.

2) You're not curling your lashes properly

I get it - lash curlers look like a scary contraption. They're like scissors...but not...and you're meant to put them on your eyelashes. I think that's why some of you are too scared to go close to the lash line, but that's where you should curl from to get the best lift. Curling lashes half way down may cause an unflattering kink in the lashes instead. Just be careful not to clamp your eyelid skin.

3) You're curling your lashes after you apply mascara

Curling should come before mascara. It really is personal preference, but a lot of makeup artists will insist that mascara is the last step. You do risk the lashes being sticky, and the lash curler gripping to them, and lashes being pulled out when you release the curler. Curling after your mascara can also cause the lashes to clump together, so it's best applied afterwards.

Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lash-Curlers Tweezerman-ProCurl-Curler Mirenesse-iCurl-Twin-Heated-Gold-Lash-Curler before-afterEverything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lash-Curlers Tweezerman-ProCurl-Curler Mirenesse-iCurl-Twin-Heated-Gold-Lash-Curler before-after

Which Lash Curler Is Right For Me?

This stylish rose gold curler has a narrow top bar and wide opening to reach every lash, plus a 60° angled design which is suited best to round-shaped eyes. It's a sturdry, high quality curler, and has a rounded hypoallergenic silicone pad for hygiene (you also get 3 replacement pads).

For just 6 bucks, this is your super affordable option. A great option if you don't want to take your expensive curler travelling, or use it on makeup clients, or just if you're budget conscious. The curved design angles to suit all eye shapes, and the rubber pad applies enough pressure to curl lashes naturally without damage.

This heated curler can transform stubborn straight lashes in just seconds with unique twin-heated curved silicone pads designed to cushion and curl. The pads change from red to clear so you know the curler is ready, and while still being gentle, it provides enough heat & pressure to give lashes a noticeable root to tip lift. In case you were wondering, it's powered by 2 replaceable AAA batteries.

This interesting-looking curler shapes lashes in seconds, delivering the precise amount of heat, while making it easy to reach even the tiniest lashes. The temperature control mechanism and protective contact guard ensures this tool is foolproof, and gives your lashes long-lasting curve.