All The Cream Blushes We'd Ditch Our Powders For

Honestly, I’m not sure anything can beat starting your day with youthful/healthy, lit-from-within looking skin. You know that healthy type of skin that naturally glows and is normally best achieved via a meditation/yoga/green smoothie combo? Except I swear, you can achieve it via creamy makeup too – predominantly cream blushes and a killer au naturel base (no yoga needed).

Why Choose A Cream Over A Powder?

Cream blushes have come a long way. You see, a glowy finish is what life is about now and opting for a cream blush over a powder will equal less cakey-ness and give you a youthful finish too - especially if you’re a dry/dehydrated skin type. In fact, if dryness or dehydration is your skin concern, you’d be mad to keep using powdery hues.

Swapping to a cream blush will ensure your skin stays hydrated and plump throughout the day; while powder blush generally tends to be more transparent and better suited to oily skin types as they give more of a matte finish and won’t slide off your face the way a cream blush might.

All-The-Cream-Blushes-We'd-Ditch-Our-Powders-For Giorgio-Armani-Neo-Nude-A-Blush-Jane-Iredale-In-Touch-Cream-Blush-ICONIC-London-Blush 0129All-The-Cream-Blushes-We'd-Ditch-Our-Powders-For Giorgio-Armani-Neo-Nude-A-Blush-Jane-Iredale-In-Touch-Cream-Blush-ICONIC-London-Blush 0129

How Do You Apply A Cream Blush?

Cream blush is generally more pigmented and is easier to re-apply - all you need is a damp beauty blender or your fingertip and voila! You’ll be good to go. Seriously though, IMHO if you're a time poor woman with hands, I swear you’ll soon discover that applying cream blushes is way easier than using powders.

All you need to do is figure out where the apples of your cheeks are, which you’ll be able to easily do by smiling to yourself in the mirror (side note: this may feel weird to begin with, but work with me.) You see, once you can locate the apples of your cheeks, then all you do is dab your damp beauty blender (or just fingers if you’re in the car/or a rush - a la my life every morning) and blend upwards/outwards until you get the payoff and flushed glow you desire.

Plus, if you’re scared of going overboard, cream blushes are normally much easier to build up application with than powders. And for those of us that feel lazy when it comes to makeup or really CBF’d some days, cream blushes are incredible multipurpose products that will ensure they soon turn into a BFF (and semi make you feel like JLo every time you use one).

All-The-Cream-Blushes-We'd-Ditch-Our-Powders-For Giorgio-Armani-Neo-Nude-A-Blush-Jane-Iredale-In-Touch-Cream-Blush-ICONIC-London-Blush 0003-2All-The-Cream-Blushes-We'd-Ditch-Our-Powders-For Giorgio-Armani-Neo-Nude-A-Blush-Jane-Iredale-In-Touch-Cream-Blush-ICONIC-London-Blush 0003-2

How To Find The Right Cream Blush For You:

While formulas certainly have improved, there are still a ton of not so fab products on the market which will transfer, slide...or simply disappear like Houdini off your face before your day’s even begun. Which is why I’ve listed some of my fave long lasting, glowy blushes for you below. 

A liquid jelly formula that is intensely pigmented, this blush formula is highly versatile. Swirl it on a brush or your fingertips as a blush, swipe it over your lids as a warm-toned eye shadow or dab it onto your pout as a lip stain! The shades available in this range make it easy to do all of these things and more. In fact, it’s probably the most cost effective option to supermodel your skin.

For people who like to let their natural skin shine through, this blush is a little more watery than a cream although just as easy to apply. The pigment is also very easy to build up as you blend. The doe foot applicator will also make it easy to draw dots or lines where you want them to be making it a truly effortless product to use! It makes achieving a 'no makeup' makeup look super easy.


If longevity is your jam, this is the cream blush for you. It looks and feels like a second skin and is neither dewy or matte, but instead very natural looking. Plus, because it comes packaged in a refillable pan it is the simplest product to keep in your bag, car or even to travel with. It has a super creamy, blendable texture that lasts all day on the skin. Just make sure you buy a compact for the pan.

Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush  

For the green beauty junkies, you can’t go past Jane Iredale. Honestly one of the best mineral based makeup brands on the market, this cream blush delivers a soft, dewy finish in a super easy to use stick. Side note: some shades do contain a little shimmer so better for peeps who like a dewier or glowier overall look.

Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush  

Yads Cauchi is a Canberra-based beauty journalist, dermal therapist and mum of two. She's super passionate about skin health, and is currently completing her post grad in human nutrition to complement her in-clinic work. You can find Yads on Instagram here.


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