What I Learnt From Natalie Portman’s Hair Colourist

Parisian celebrity hair colourist, Christophe Robin, recently graced us with his presence on Australian shores, and our CEO Kate Morris was lucky enough to indulge in a hair treatment by the French hair specialist.

So what did Kate learn from chatting to the man behind the successful hair care range?


Kate’s Verdict

“I’d say the hero product of my treatment was probably the Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender.

Just to give you an idea of how effective it is – I didn’t even require a conditioner after using this as the first step (which is something I’d never be able to leave out of my hair washing routine normally).

Christophe noted my hair was very dehydrated due to highlights, and recommended that I should be doing a treatment with the Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender once a week, leaving it in all day if possible and then using the Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon to wash it out.

A tip I learnt was to make sure you rinse your hair really really well – like for twice as long as you normally would.

Christophe told me most people don’t rinse properly and that’s why their hair gets greasy again in a day or two.

In my opinion, the most interesting thing about Christophe Robin’s range is that it’s not geared towards instant cosmetic results. His range is more like skincare for the hair, not makeup (if that makes sense?).

The ideal is achieving a healthy pH balance and a healthy scalp – rather than covering it up with silicones and other ingredients. His focus is to really make the hair healthy, instead of coating it with styling products."

The Benefits of the Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender:

  • It nourishes & repairs even the most sensitive of hair types

  • Leaves dry, dull hair looking shiny and revitalised

  • It’s so moisturising that it eliminates the need for a conditioner

  • It’s a multi-purpose treatment enriched with 97% natural oils

  • Can be used as an intensive repair treatment, UV protectant, or to prep for styling

  • Protects and revives dull hair colour for more vibrant, healthier-looking locks

  • Ideal for treating dry scalps, or to prevent damage during summer

  • It’s free from parabens, SLS, silicones, and alcohols

How To Use It:

Due to the rich oil content of the Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender, it can solidify a little bit in cooler temperatures which is totally normal. Simply run the bottle under hot water before use to liquefy the product again.

As A Treatment:

Apply onto dry hair and try to leave it in all day or overnight. If you don’t have the time, leaving it in for an hour will still benefit your hair. Rinse it out using the Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon, or just your regular shampoo.

For Protection:

This product has a rating of SPF6, therefore it does protect the hair and your colour from UV damage. It’s properties also prevent it from becoming super dry after being in chlorine and salt water during summer.

Prior To Styling:

Apply it sparingly to ends and/or mid-lengths to prepare and nourish the hair, while also aiding the styling and colouring process.

On Kate’s hair, Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with LavenderChristophe Robin Cleansing Mask with LemonChristophe Robin Shade Variation Care ? Golden Blond 250 and the Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave in Mist with Aloe Vera.