Trying To Grow Out A Lob? Read This

Anyone who has ever attempted to grow out their hair knows it can be an achingly long, painstaking process. 

Thankfully, there are loads of simple tips and tricks we can implement to get gorgeous long, flowing locks, as well as some great hair products specifically designed to help you grow long hair quickly. 

How To Grow Your Hair Longer, Fast

Hairstylist and Redken’s artist educator Sheree Knobel says there are several factors to consider when trying to grow out your hair. 

The first and most important is your inner health. 

“Your diet and wellbeing show through your hair and skin. The healthier you are, the better quality your hair will be,” Sheree says. 

This means eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and seafood, nuts and wholegrains, and steering clear of too much processed and junk food. 

The second thing that will help hair grow quickly is regular trims at the salon. Getting a haircut every 8-12 weeks is ideal. 

While cutting your hair while you’re trying to grow it might sound counter-intuitive, it’s actually going to help your hair grow healthy and long, without split ends. 

“Just as grass grows faster the more you trim it, so does your hair,” Sheree explained. 

“I’m not talking about huge haircuts regularly, but rather tiny trims to remove split ends. If they’re not trimmed, split ends just keep splitting. Regular trims will definitely promote faster hair growth.”

Sheree added that damage caused to the hair by regular dyeing or use of heat tools can hinder its growth. 

“Are you being kind to your mane? Heat elements such as regular ironing or blow drying can damage the cuticle and cause the hair to split,” she warned. 

Of course, most of us aren’t about to stop colouring our hair or using our favourite heat styling tools anytime soon, so we must ensure we protect it from such damage. 

“I recommend using a heat protectant when styling and finding a great colourist to care for your hair’s health.”

Why Won’t My Hair Grow Past A Certain Length?

Sadly, just like how genetics affects our skin and body shape, it can also affect our hair. 

“It can come down to genetics. Yes, you can thank your ancestors for your hair quality. This is passed down from generations. Some people’s hair will just not grow past a certain length  no matter what you do,” Sheree said. 

If you’re wondering why everyone on your Instagram feed seems to be sporting gloriously long hair - how come Kim Kardashian can have a lob one day and then princess hair the next? - that’s usually thanks to a little assistance from some hair extensions. 

So try not to beat yourself up just because your hair doesn’t look super long in just a few weeks. Most celebrities have the assistance of professional hairstylists and a hair wardrobe full of extensions at their disposal. 

What Hair Products And Treatments Can Help Hair Grow Fast?

Haircare brand Redken, a favourite among many popular hairdressers, has a whole range of products dedicated to helping women grow out their hair quickly.

There are three key products in the Redken Extreme Lengths range, which are all designed to strengthen and repair hair, preventing split ends. 

The key ingredient in the range is biotin, a vitamin that plays an important role in the health of our hair, skin and nails. Our bodies need this vitamin to convert certain nutrients into energy. It’s found in many healthy wholefoods including eggs, almonds, cauliflower, cheese, mushrooms and sweet potato, which is why we’re encouraged to eat a diet filled with a range of vegetables. 

Sheree says she loves using the entire Redken Extreme range on clients looking to grow their hair and improve overall hair health. 

“The Redken Extreme Shampoo cleanses, strengthens and fortifies weakened areas and the conditioner restores and repairs hair while protecting hair's natural shine,” she says. 

If you’re looking for a great heat protectant, Shereen recommendans Redken’s Extreme Play Safe Leave-In Treatment.

“It’s a fortifying and heat protective 3-in-1 leave-in treatment for damaged hair,” she explained. 

“Formulated with plant protein and tourmaline, this innovative hair treatment reduces damage caused by hot tools, strengthens the hair fiber to reduce breakage, and protects hair from heat up to 230ºC.”

What Are Some Other Tips On How To Grow Longer Hair Fast And Avoid Split Ends?

There are some other things you can do to prevent breakage:

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