This Universal Hair Treatment That'll Save You A Lot Of Space In Your Bathroom

If taking more than 10 minutes to style your hair is completely out of the question, we've got something in common. I'll happily spend two hours doing my makeup, but I find styling my hair to be an absolute drainer - that's why I always opt for multi-purpose products in my routine.

Now, when I say multi-purpose, I usually mean a product has 2-3 uses, but in this case, Redken's One United has a whopping 25 benefits to improve manageability, offer protection and enhance the hair's appearance. It has some serious space-saving potential (more space in your cupboard for skincare, perhaps?)

What's So Good About One United?

Did I mention it has 25 benefits? Aside from that, this lightweight, sulfate-free conditioning treatment is suitable for all hair types (yes, even yours) and can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out product - whatever floats your boat. But what are some of these 25 benefits, you ask?

  • One United nourishes and detangles the hair, boosting shine, softness & manageability

  • It helps to reduce dryness and breakage, controls frizz & preps the hair for styling

  • Helps to prevent damage caused by heat styling & environmental factors

  • Controls static hair, fly-aways & makes the process of blowdrying easier

  • Think of it as a heat protectant, leave-in conditioner, styling aid, frizz fighter & shine spray

This-Universal-Hair-Treatment-That'll-Save-You-A-Lot-Of-Space-In-Your-Bathroom haircare Redken-One-United 0006This-Universal-Hair-Treatment-That'll-Save-You-A-Lot-Of-Space-In-Your-Bathroom haircare Redken-One-United 0006

What's In It & Who's It For?

Firstly, let's cover what's not in this product. It's free from sulfates, parabens and heavy waxes that can weigh down finer hair types.

It contains a patented complex of positively charged ingredients which easily bind to the hair to condition, detangle, smooth and increase manageability. Coconut Oil offers nourishing benefits and adds shine, while Xylose offers protection from heat styling and breakage.

If you've got fine, straight hair, One United will protect your hair from breakage caused my styling and add shine without adding weight. For curly, frizzy hair types, this leave-in treatment will help you take control of your mane, reducing excess frizz & flyaways, and making styling quicker, easier and smoother.

Simply spray onto mid-lengths and ends of damp, clean hair, comb through and style as usual (or you can rinse out after a few minutes if you just want a lightweight conditioning effect).

This-Universal-Hair-Treatment-That'll-Save-You-A-Lot-Of-Space-In-Your-Bathroom haircare Redken-One-United 0023This-Universal-Hair-Treatment-That'll-Save-You-A-Lot-Of-Space-In-Your-Bathroom haircare Redken-One-United 0023

What's Everyone Saying About One United?

I absolutely love this spray.


I have thick, dyed hair that tends to be a bit frizzy, which I straighten on a semi-regular basis. I apply a few sprays to my hair after towel drying to use as my heat-protectant, frizz controller, leave-in conditioner (and essentially help with pretty much anything else that my hair is going to be exposed to that day). It leaves my hair feeling soft without feeling heavy or greasy. As if it could...
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Definitely recommend this product!


Let me just start out by saying, I LOVE this product. I have really thick, curly hair, so styling it everyday was an absolute pain. Eventually I slipped out of my normal hair routine, all i would do was wash it, brush it, and put it up in a bun. This ruined my hair, it was dry and frizzy and got matted. I was so embarrassed that I let my hair get matted. One United fixed my hair and I haven't a pr...
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Fantastic product for all hair types


My hair is highlighted and damaged, the all in one multi-benefit treatment has been the rescue remedy I needed. I have even skipped conditioner after the gym and used this instead and it the results are still amazing. The treatment leaves your hair soft, shiny, manageable with a lightweight feel. You won’t be disappointed.