The French Routine That Transforms Your Hair From Flat To Full

Flat, limp, lifeless: that's an accurate description of my hair prior to walking off a sunny Darlinghurst street into the open arms of Billie at QUE salon last week. She was tasked with giving my hair volume, which is not an easy feat, but she took on the challenge anyway.

I've got fine hair, and a lot of it. I've never been able to get significant volume in my hair for more than 10 minutes - believe me, I've tried (the countless "volume" products in my bathroom are proof). But on this particular afternoon at QUE, I was in for a real treat.

If you're also on the never-ending search for the right volumising routine, you might want to watch my personal transformation from flat to full hair below:

What Products Were Used?

I'm at the point where I'd pretty much trust Billie with my life. I mean, generally this kind of volume lasts for an hour or so after a blow wave, but the following day, my hair still had body and looked much fuller than its usual self. Want the good news? Everything used in my hair can also be used at home.

This unique rose-scented paste is enriched with Rhassoul Mineral Clay, which attracts and absorbs excess oil without drying the hair or scalp, giving you stunning, bouncy locks that won’t fall flat. The formula absorbs build-up that weighs down thin or fine hair without stripping or dehydrating delicate strands. It gives the hair volume, body, and shine - what more could you want?

This lightweight conditioner hydrates and repairs fine, thin hair, while strengthening, lifting and revitalising lacklustre locks in an instant. It gives hair shine, bounce and volume. It effectively detangles and prevents colour-fading, and definitely does not weigh down fine or flat hair types.

And the final step - don't be shy with this product. If you're scared of leave in products, you don't have to be with this one - the more the merrier. Applied through the roots and lengths of damp hair, this lightweight mist helps refresh and revive flat or fine hair, creating instant height without styling tools or thick, heavy product. It also protects against environmental damage, colour-fading and adds a delicate rose fragrance to the hair.

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