The Detox Shampoo That Won't Mess With Your Curls

Well, I’ve caught the bug.

After approximately four years of not changing a single thing about my hair care regimen, my curls have gotten curious. Not that there was anything wrong with my existing routine - I think I’d got it almost to a curly fine art - but I’ve been craving newness. It’s time to see other (hair) people. And by that, I mean curly hair shampoos and styling products.

Which is how the evo springsclean deep clean rinse ended up in my shower.

I don’t want to say it was purely just for the incredibly clever and funny copy on the packaging, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t contribute a tiny bit.

A star from the brand’s new range made specifically for curly hair, this product is a little different. It hasn’t exactly replaced a specific type of product I was already using but rather marked an entirely new category in my routine - a detox shampoo for curly hair.

What Is A Detox Shampoo?

Also known as the clarifying step, detox shampoos give hair a wash specifically to get rid of the buildup of product and oils from your hair and scalp that have increased over time from the environment, life and whatever products you’re using. 

“Curly hair is typically dry and therefore the least amount of cleansing to maintain natural oils is best. A detox is needed every now and then to deeply cleanse the scalp and hair,” explains evo Technical and Product Specialist, Melissa Chaplin.

It makes sense. When I think about the product that I apply to my hair on a weekly basis - shampoo, conditioner, mask, mousse, dry shampoo, curl spray…  no surprise that reinforcements are needed for a bit of a reset.

Springsclean works as a great curly hair clarifying shampoo - an important step in the curly girl method - for reviving flat or dull or just acting ‘different’ to normal hair that’s born to run. (I’m sorry, I had to!)

 Made for all curly hair types, it’s also vegan and gluten-free. It's packed with...

Jojoba seed oil: Helps moisturise and soften the hair, helping to reduce frizz

Avocado oil: Full of antioxidants to moisturise and strengthen hair

Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate: a gentle and sulfate-free cleanser to clean without stripping.

How Does A Detox Shampoo Fit Into Your Routine?

Although it’s a detox shampoo, it’s not designed to be a straight replacement for your usual shampoo.

“Springsclean is for when your hair is dirty, like super dirty. It isn’t your everyday product - more like once a week,” says Melissa.

Think of it as a high-grade cleanser, which will remove any product build-up, dirt and excess oil without going too far and stripping your colour, natural oils or hydration.

The hydrating ingredients support your natural curl shape and pattern and reduce frizz. The result? Cleaner, revived curls that make for easier styling.

  • On wet hair, apply directly to your scalp section by section.

  • Give yourself (and your hair) a really good massage. (You deserve it.)

  • Rinse.

For best results or if hair is really dirty, repeat the process.

“Finish with the evo Baby Got Bounce curl treatment to add back moisture,” advises Melissa.

You should be able to see and feel the difference - your hair and scalp should feel clean without being dry, and your curls back to their bouncy or wavy normal selves.

So What’s The Verdict?

As I wash my hair once or twice a week max (a small blessing of my dry and curly hair means it’s get-away-able for a few more days compared to thinner or oilier hair!) I’ve been using springsclean every fortnight. 

Admittedly, the first time I used it was a little confusing. Used to just squeezing a product in the palm of my hand and then massaging into my scalp, the sectioning instruction felt a little challenging and I’m not sure I quite got it where it needed to go to ensure a proper scalp deep clean rinse. However, after the second use (with a bit more patience!) I got it.

It felt like the hair equivalent of completing every single step of your skincare regimen and feeling thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and squeaky clean. When dry, my hair definitely felt and looked less weighed down which did my curls a favour too. 

I followed up with my faithful styling products which worked just as well as ever - with even less frizz to contend with than normal. And I didn’t have to be nervous about it leaving my hair super dry and stripped too thanks to the hydration-boosting ingredients. (If you’ve got really dry hair, following up with another nourishing product or treatment also helps with this.) The results also have me keen to try some of the other products in the range.

unnamed (3)unnamed (3)

I’m still working out exactly the winning combination of my existing hair products I use a detox shampoo like springsclean, but one thing is for sure: it’s earned a prized spot in my shower... and maybe increased the Springsteen songs on rotation in my shower karaoke set too.


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