Our Editor Can't Stop Raving About This Haircare Brand

It's pretty common for me to walk around the office raving about skincare - but haircare? Well, a shampoo isn't usually as noteworthy as a serum that transforms your skin overnight. With that said, there's one particular haircare brand that has had me stumbling over my words recently, trying to describe how much I love it.

That brand, my friends, is ILES Formula. Never heard of it? Yeah, I hadn't either, but since I started using it, I haven't shut up about it. ILES Formula is a relatively undiscovered gem, but I have a feeling it's going to be BIG. And for the record, they aren't paying me to say this.

What You Need To Know:

This range is well and truly slipping under the radar, so I'm taking it upon myself to spruik it for what it's worth. ILES Formula was created by acclaimed Australian-born hair stylist Wendy Iles, who happens to call Heidi Klum, Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson clients. I don't mean to name drop, but she's kind of a big deal.

Wendy developed ILES Formula after years of using her own unlabeled concoction on celebrities and models to soften and add shine to the hair. And that it does. In fact, the biggest selling point about this range is that it's for EVERY hair type. Fine, frizzy, thick, course - you name it, this range can manage it.

HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0039 (1)HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0039 (1)

My Verdict:

I've got fine hair (but a lot of it), and in my personal experience with the Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Serum, I've noticed the following:

  • Firstly, everything smells bloody amazing which I really like in a shampoo & conditioner

  • You only need a very small amount of each product (including the shampoo)

  • My hair feels healthier, smoother and definitely looks shinier after I've washed it

  • My fine hair doesn't feel weighed down or oily (which can happen with leave-in serums)

  • The frizz I get after blow-drying has been drastically reduced (I'm also using the Hair Turban)

  • The shelf in my shower looks stylish AF with these products on it

I usually use the Finishing Serum on damp hair before drying it as my hair gets super knotty, but I also used it on my mum's naturally curly, thick hair after straightening it for her, and it was SO smooth and shiny. Two completely different hair types, same result. Believe me now?

HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0055 (1)HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0055 (1)

Now To The Products:

The hero ingredient of the ILES Formula products is silk.  Silk proteins help to improve elasticity while also forming a protective barrier on the hair.  This barrier improves shine while also preventing moisture loss.

This gentle shampoo is suitable for daily use and is ideal for all hair types. It's free from sulphates, silicones and parabens. It immediately detangles while enhancing manageability and adding silky texture.

This repairing and hydrating conditioner helps to restore softness, shine and bounce to the hair. It targets dullness and frizz, leaving the hair smooth and shiny thanks to the silk proteins in the formula.

This lightweigh hair serum protects against UV damage, humidity, chemical and environmental damage while adding smoothness and softness. It helps to reduce colour fading and split ends while strengthening stressed strands.

I get it, if you're not used to spending big bucks on haircare, these prices might feel like a punch in the guts. So if you're desperate to try it but you can't shell out more than $50, there's a sachet sample set to give you a taste of what you're missing out on. Find it here, or grab yourself the full-size set below.

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