Here Are The Best Hair Oils For Every Hair Type

Whether your hair vice is over-colouring, going OTT with your heat/styling tools or even just forgetting to book in a trim appointment (you most desperately need), I think it’s safe to admit that most of our hair could do with a little extra TLC. Which is where a good hair oil comes in.

You see, a good hair oil can help strengthen and enhance your hair in so many ways, and while we’ve all probably tried one that’s weighed down our locks or made it look oily and gross (gaaah, especially after freshly washing our strands). When shopping for a new hair oil, the trick is to find the right one to suit your hair type.  

The Difference Between Hair Oils & Hair Serums:

Julianne McGuigan, Australia’s Lead Educator for Oribe additionally tells me that there’s a big difference between hair oils as opposed to hair serums and it pays for people to be aware.

“A hair oil is a great alternative to a cream leave in conditioner,” she says.

“They add rich high shine and silkiness while detangling and reducing frizz. Serums on the other hand, are used to fortify, moisturise and protect the hair and are quite often used as a primer and layered with other styling or moisturising products – much like the serums we layer under moisturiser on our skin.”

Hence why essentially the difference between a hair oil and a serum is the delivery into the hair and the way it’s used.

 Why It's Important To Tailor Your Oil To Your Hair Type:

These days, there are so many hair oils on the market and all of them tend to have a different weight or texture due to the type of oils in the ingredients.

“Some oils are better for fine hair such as jojoba and almond oil as they are finer oils and others such as olive oils are better for thick curly or coarse hair,” Julianne says.

“Coconut oil is also used broadly because it is quite universal in its benefits. It can be used on all hair types and is very high in protein which is strengthening and fortifying as well as moisturising.”

However, if you’re keen on trying a hair oil but don’t know where to start, the best place is and will always be with argan oil (aka, the oil that every hair type can use). Arguably one of the most overused oils in hair care – but also one of the best to combine other products/ingredients with and also one of the most effective.

What If I've Got Fine Hair?

Hair oils are a must for fine hair too, Julianne adds, insisting that a lightweight hair oil applied correctly to fine hair is the perfect protectant from heat and environmental damage.

“They absorb into the hair correctly and don’t weigh the hair down. All you need is a couple of drops rubbed into the palm of the hand and applied to freshly washed and conditioned mid lengths and ends. Hair will dry feeling shiny but still light and healthy.”

Soooo, are you keen on trying hair oil now? I for one CANNOT live without one. It’s a ride or die in my (damaged) hair routine and my hair would suffer and break without one. Hence why I’ve rounded up a few of my faves. for you to check out below. 

 My Fave Hair Oils:

The Oribe Gold Lust Oil is the best for thermal protection and it has a unique blend of several oils including argan, jasmine and cassis seed oil (super high in omega 6 and 3) to really soften and moisturise depleted hair. Definitely a hair oil every hair type could try. Oh, and everything Oribe smells freaking amazing, so you'll wanna use it as a perfume too.

Remember when Morrocanoil first came out? Ahhh what a time to be alive. A holy grail hair oil in my routine for a gazillion years, Moroccanoil paved the way for hair oils to explode onto the market. It’s a perfect oil to use pre-blow dry especially if your hair is damaged/frizzy like moi. Although it now comes in lighter formulas too which are better suited to finer hair. Whatever your hair type though, it’s a must try!

The middle ground in the hair oil world, this oil feels lightweight and can be used as either a heat protectant or a leave in conditioner – for when you can’t be bothered blow drying your hair. It also tends to feel like a more of a hybrid serum/oil making it perfect for finer hair or anybody scared of oils leaving their hair weighed down or looking oily.

Any hair product Shu Uemura make is a dream and this hair oil is no exception. Also the lightest from the lot making it an amazing option for finer hair. Infused with Japanese camellia oil, it will nourish and hydrate your strands and leave your hair looking super shiny when used pre-blow dry. However, it can also be used to create those sleek high shine looks our hair craves when it’s being hard to handle. A little pricey – but worth it if you’re after a multipurpose oil.

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