Has Sun, Salt & Sand Wreaked Havoc On Your Scalp?

I think it's easy to forget that your scalp is your skin. And as a result, we often don't give the scalp as much attention as it deserves. I mean, think about it - we buy serums and exfoliants and moisturisers for the skin on our face, yet we only use a shampoo on our scalp.


What You Need To Know About Your Scalp:

Most important, healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp. If you're experiencing issues with your scalp, this can impact the growth (or healthy growth at least) of your hair.

Hairdresser and certified trichologist, Guy Parsons told Harper's Bazaar "the scalp is made up of cells which divide and continually work their way to the surface and then shed – as such, it is essential that dead skin is removed by brushing or washing, but also by weekly exfoliation."

At this point, your eyes might've widened, realising that you've never even considered exfoliating your scalp to improve the health of your hair. Don't worry, neither had I until recently.

This is especially relevant now - sunburned scalp, anyone?

Choosing A Scalp Scrub:

Not all scrubs are made equal, my friends. When searching for a scrub, you want to look for something without microbeads, that uses ingredients like sea salt or natural particles to provide an exfoliating effect. Here are some of our faves:

Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo

This vegan-friendly weekly exfoliating shampoo leaves the scalp feeling cleansed, clarified and refreshed. It's ideal to use before Olaplex No. 3 or other masks, and can be used on all hair types and textures experiencing flakiness or product build-up (especially if you use dry shampoo regularly). It also improves circulation and shine.

Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo

This purifying and soothing scrub will detox, cleanse and rebalance your scalp. It features Salicylic Acid to minimise build up on the scalp, optimise follicle health and removes dandruff flakes. The formula also features Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder which is a gentle yet effective naturally derived exfoliant, as well as Kaolin clay bsorbs excess oil, leaving hair with body and fullness.

This salt-free cooling shampoo helps to purify and soothe sensitive scalps gently with sugar, walnut shell powder and apple cider vinegar instead. This gluten-free and vegan formula also features walnut oil and peppermint oil to hydrate your hair and rebalance the scalp pH. You can expect a refreshed, reinvigorated scalp.

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