Can't Shake That Dandruff? Try This

Dandruff is the worst. Despite the fact that it’s super common and relatively easy to treat, it’s never a nice feeling to have an itchy or irritated scalp. And all those white flakes on your black clothing? Not fun. 

But thankfully, dandruff is usually a temporary condition that can be resolved by simply using the right hair products. After all, your scalp is a reflection over your overall hair health. 

“A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair,” explains celebrity hairstylist and the founder of Edwards & Co hair salons, Jaye Edwards. 

“I tell all my clients that it’s essential to nourish, soothe, and rebalance hair straight from the follicle.”

Figuring out how to cure dandruff permanently is about more than just avoiding embarrassment - it’s also super important for the long-term health of our hair. 

Leaving dandruff untreated can have some pretty unpleasant consequences. 

“Oil buildup, dryness and flakiness can all inhibit hair growth or even cause hair loss,” Jaye warns. 

“Plus if you are experiencing an itchy scalp, constant scratching can cause hair breakage.”

And nobody’s got time for that!

What Causes Dandruff?

Pinpointing the exact cause of a flaky scalp can be difficult, especially when trying to determine if you have dandruff vs dry scalp. Often in winter, the flakiness that looks like dandruff actually just comes from a dry scalp that’s exacerbated by cold, dry air. 

But if you experience dandruff all year round, it could be time to switch up your haircare routine. 

“The products you are using are likely the cause of the issue, so you need to move away from them in order to repair,” says Jaye. 

“Some things to look out for are products that are too harsh, which may be drying out your scalp. An optimally balanced product will ensure your scalp maintains balance between oily and dry, and remains flake-free.”

Jaye also says not washing your hair often enough is a common cause of dandruff. 

“Not shampooing enough can cause skin cells to accumulate and create flakes and itching, which is why an exfoliating scalp treatment is such an important part of your hair routine.”

What Dandruff Products Can Help?

I might be biased, because I'm obsessed with this haircare brand (you can read more about that obsession here), but there are two products from Virtue Labs that are designed specifically to treat dandruff. 

Virtue Labs Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

This deep-cleansing, exfoliating scalp scrub contains a brilliant two-in-one formula, because it conditions and treats your hair while also removing dead, flaky skin from your scalp. 

The scrub stimulates blood circulation and lifts dry, aged cells from the hair follicles via a combination of physical and chemical exfoliation, with the inclusion of BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids, like salicylic acid), fruit enzymes, plus a rice scrub. 

Natural coconut, melon and jojoba oils are added to nourish and soothe the hair, giving this product a glorious smell that feels super luxe and bougie. 

The non-irritating formula and absence of synthetic dyes is great for those with very sensitive scalps who find they often become sore and itchy. 

The scrub is also sulfate and paraben free, which will earn you massive brownie points with your hairdresser, because it won’t wash out your salon colour. 

Jaye recommends incorporating this scrub into your weekly hair routine, applying it “once or twice a week, after shampooing and rinsing your hair.” 

Once applied, massage the scalp gently for about a minute, then simply wash the product out as you would a conditioner or hair mask. 

Virtue Labs Refresh Topical Scalp Supplement

Just like we apply face serums to target specific skin concerns, we can do the same with our scalps. 

Think of this lightweight hair serum as skincare for your scalp, or a vitamin for your hair. It contains vitamins, peptides, prebiotics and Virtue’s signature ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku, an amazing pure human protein that repairs damaged hair - and your scalp.

Our hair already contains keratin. It’s the protein that helps strengthen hair and prevents breakage, heat damage and frizz - and it’s the key ingredient in every single Virtue Labs haircare product. 

“Alpha Keratin can seek out and find damage in your hair,” Jaye explains.

“Once it finds the damage, it binds to it and fills in any weak spots. It transforms hair that is damaged, in turn leaving you with beautiful and healthy hair.” 

This serum supplement is designed to be applied nightly, directly onto the scalp. Make sure your hair is dry, and then massage 5-7 drops into your scalp just before bed. Massage the serum in, and work it through to your ends. The serum will absorb within two minutes, so it won’t stain your sheets or pillowcase.