Blondes, This Product Could Completely Change The Way You Maintain Your Hair

Being blonde seems like it's all fun and games, doesn't it? That's until you're faced with the brassy reality of what being a blonde is actually like. As a current brunette, I can confirm blondes may have more fun, but brunettes certainly have more time on their hands.

It's a constant battle between dullness and brassiness, and every non-natural blonde will know how quickly this battle empties your bank account. But what if I told you there's a toner you can add to any other hair product, and leave it in? Sounds too good to be true, but IGK's Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops actually exist.

What's Different About This Product?

Most of the time, when I'm writing about toning products for blondes, they're all quite similar. They're either a mask or a shampoo, and require developing time to give you that clean, crisp, "just coloured" kind of blonde.

But Mixed Feelings has completely revolutionised toning. This little bottle of purple drops can be added to shampoo and conditioner to be washed out, OR added to leave-in styling products and left in to do its job for a more concentrated effect.

  • These drops instantly neutralise brassy tones in blonde, silver, and violet hair

  • Mixed Feelings allow you to tone your hair without changing your products or routine

  • They also add softness & shine to the hair, as well as offering a toning effect

  • You control the dose for customised toning depending on your preferences

  • Suitable for all hair types & textures

  • There's also a version for brunettes to cancel out orange tones

How To Use IGK Mixed Feelings Drops:

Don't worry, there's nothing complicated about these drops - it's as simple as following a little formula depending on which product you're adding your Mixed Feelings drops to.

  • When adding to shampoo or conditioner, use 3-6 drops for light blonde hair (you can use more drops the darker the shade of blonde).

  • If you're adding Mixed Feelings to a leave-in styling product, around 2-4 drops is recommended (you can check the guide on site for your exact recommendation).

I recommend starting off with less drops and building up depending on how well the drops take to your hair - more porous hair will mean a more intensified effect, so it's better to start off gradually.

What Does Everyone Say?

Love, love, love these magical drops!!!!


If only I had known about this product years ago! When my hairdresser first put these in I was not expecting such a noticeable result! I can put these drops in anything from my shampoo and conditioner to my leave-ins and sprays. Truly helps to tone your blonde whether your honey blonde or platinum. And can use as many or as little depending on how light you feel like being. Also takes away brassin...
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One of my holy grail products!


I need to use purple shampoo to keep my blonde highlights from going brassy, but most purple shampoo is too heavy for my fine hair. This stuff allows me to make all of my shampoo and conditioner into purple shampoo and I can control how much I want!

Can I just say wOw?!


I was both excited and apprehensive to try the Mixed Feelings Drops. My hair loves to get brassy on me. So this morning, I palmed my shampoo and added 4 drops of Mixed Feelings & washed my hair as per usual. I also added 2 drops to my IGK Mistress leave-in conditioner & applied it to my ends and let it air dry. After I straightened it, I was shocked. It actually worked! The blonde highlights are n...
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